How to get a drop down Medifast menu like

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My first question is How to get a drop down Medifast menu like Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question.. Hi Everyone,What is your opinion on microwaved popcorn.I eat a bag everyday regular buttered microwave popcorn,do you think gastric bypass patients should eat this.I want to lose about 10 more pounds,I have been staying the same weight now for about 3 weeks..

Thanks alot.


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

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Hi Kim,.

I am 3 months out and just started eating popcorn again. I do the mini bags and share it with my dogs. I don't eat it every day twice a week and no more than a cup at a time..

I'd be interested to know what others think on this subject..


Comment #2

I am 2 months out and I enjoy popcorn about once a month. It is so goooood. Good luck!!.


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I am 10 months post op and was told it's on the Medifast food list we shouldn't try til after 1 year post op. I guess some can obviously eat it with no problem. I have chosen not to eat it for now..


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All I can say is THANK GOODNESS FOR POPCORN. I would have lost my mind long ago had I not had this option once my pouch was relatively sound. Popcorn is considered a whole grain, so in that respect it is good for WLS patients. The fiber in it has also really helped with my ongoing battle with constipation. The problem is microwave popcorn in the bag has a lot of salt and basic crap in it. We use a special microwave popcorn bowl which makes it just like an air popper would. A small bowl with a little real butter and sea salt is gonna be better for you than the bag stuff any day...

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I agree that we have to be careful with the microwave popcorn. I read once that it contains a lot of artificial stuff. There's even a carcinogen that is released in the buttery flavored popcorn. Something I read a long time ago.. Anyway, I seem to be able to safely eat popcorn if I take the time to eat it slowly and chew it up well. My husband makes it with a little oil on the stove and tops it with a little bit of sea salt and real butter for taste.

I also like to eat about a cup full when we have it around the house. It fills me up pretty quick and it tastes sooooo yummy!..

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Hi Kim;.

I eat popcorn about once a week and then about a cup and a half only. Satisfies the need for a treat although I was also told that we should.


Too much...

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When I go to the movies I always have popcorn.. and will have them put butter on it if it's real butter. Thats the big issue with microwave popcorn.. the stuff they put on it is more like motor oild than anything close to real butter. I got a hot air popper for christmas.. but I know how that stuff turns out, drier than a popcort fart..and is like eating styrofoam packing peanuts, lol.

They do caution us to not eat the hulls or the harder portions of it.. especially early out when the seeds and hulls can irritate your pouch.. during the healing processs there are creases and folds in the pouch that are healing.. and we don't want anything stuck in there.. yikes...

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I'm sooo glad I read this....I thought popcorn was a NO NO! Not sure how I came up with that....just thought it I guess. I wonder about the 97% fat free microwave popcorn? It's got the artificial butter, so I wonder....Let me know guys! I'm too early to try it now anyway, but maybe in the future!.

Love ya,.


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Looking forward to having popcorn at the movies after!!! Woo Hooo, we can still be NORMAL on a movie date!!! YIPPEE!..

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Hi Everyone,What is your opinion on microwaved popcorn.I eat a bag everyday regular buttered microwave popcorn,do you think gastric bypass patients should eat this.I want to lose about 10 more pounds,I have been staying the same weight now for about 3 weeks..

Thanks alot.


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Crystalk1: I've never been NORMAL on a movie date. What is that like? lol..

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This makes me really happy as well, I'm a popcorn addict...I love it! We have the whirly popper at the house, and I use the amish brand popcorn kernels, looking forwards to going to the movies to have some too in the future, just cant do it now, only 3 weeks out, I can imagine I would have a world of trouble. This was a great post idea, thanks!..

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I was told NO popcorn. period. The seeds and hulls are awful for our pouches and I don't know ANY way to keep away from the hulls. They get caught in our teeth and everything I can only imagine what they do in our pouches! In my Gastric Bypass Patient Information Book it states that popcorn is a Medifast food to.


Because it may block the Anastomosis...

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I gotta say I LOVE has saved me man y times when I wanted something satisfy that crunchy munchy need! Ya know?!.



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I knew I read somewhere that popcorn was a NO for life. My information booklet states the same thing.......


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I think the reason some of us are told not to eat it is because as we know it breaks down to mere nothing after chewing it up and yes I can eat quite a bit of it. If you were to sip water it would make it disolve even more and alow you to eat that much more of it. I guess this is one of those things where you have to decide for yourself what is right for you.. I will be a year out on Thursday.. and that makes a difference as well right now. You might want to talk to your NUT about it to see what they recommend...

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I agree I am over a year out and I do indulge in popcorn.....I think we have to remember that with ANY Medifast food we are to CHEW it well and use caution. Popcorn melts pretty easy and as up north guy have to watch it because I find I can eat a lot more of it than a lot of other foods so I guess here's where the sensible moderation comes into play! :).

Big smiles!.


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Im off to the movies thur night but 8wk out so heck to early for pop corn will take bag of watsits instead,by the way going to watch wolfman. anyone seen it? any good? elora xx..

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I was told never to eat popcorn cus it expands in your stomach and stretches your pouch it's on my list with soda :(..

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I certainly cannot speak from experience, but I have read some information on popcorn after GBS. I love the stuff and will sometimes take the kids to the movies just so I can have "movie theater popcorn." LOL.

Here is a piece of information I found that may be useful...."popcorn is a high carbohydrate Medifast food that rapidly dumps into the small intestine causing insulin to drop and dumping to result." I am sure that it affects everyone differently, but whether is causes dumping or not I am sure that the insulin drop is not a good idea for anyone..


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