How To Get a Free Domain Name + Free 12 Months iPage WebHosting?

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Question I have... How To Get a Free Domain Name + Free 12 Months iPage WebHosting? Thanks for any answer. Another quick question... What the hell? Since when can sellers charge fees for Paypal?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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It is permitted to charge fees to recapture paypal and credit card fees in some countries: England, I think, and some others. But you are correct, not in America. Which means that those who pay by other means pay extra. Lobbyists in Washington DC can do amazing things, American people believe their use of Credit Cards is "free", the idiots..

Moniker is in Florida, at least they have offices there. Wouldn't surprise me if they have to refund those fees someday. But don't hold your breath...

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The fee is only 60 cents, it just makes me wonder about the company (how honest could it be considering it blatantly disregards Paypal's TOS?)..

Thanks for the tip...

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They are offering your HostGator registrations at a discounted price. If you don't like their business practices, use another registrar...

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Oh boy, that sure is a STEP UP in registrars...

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Simple solution to a simple problem. Why all the fuss?..

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When I move $200 via PayPal into my account I have $8.00 added to the cost making it $208 I am paying to have $200 in my account..

We all know though that PayPal charges the receiver and it is kind of tough for them to sell names at $6.95 and absorb the fees..

They don't hide it. When I check out I see the $208 in the total and I do have the option to hit cancel..

I also believe they are allowed to charge for PP fees if it is declared..


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Yes they.


Do it and godaddy.


'hide' their ICANN .24 reg just have to work out the final shopping cart prices for any partic registrar and the service offered to decide which registrar to use at any particular time........

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GoDaddy states in shopping cart that .25 Icann fee where applicable....

I also have members ask for PP fees on top of price. I don't mind this as long as it is stated up front.....

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GoDaddy doesn't hide the ICANN fee at all (?)..

It's just weird to me that Moniker, which I have heard so many good things about, would break Paypal's TOS so blatantly. I went ahead and regged the names with GoDaddy. They have free URL forwarding, so it turned out better anyways...

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What about the fees if it were via Credit Card, less/high ?

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Your best option is to get a credit card. If you click on the link in my sig, you can browse through dozens of credit cards and apply for the one that fits your needs the best..

What I don't understand about Moniker is why they charge fees on top of payments for receiving PP, but they don't charge any additional fees when you pay with a CC. Ironically, the fees Moniker has to pay to either PP or a CC company have to be nearly identical...

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What do you expect?.

They would make barely anything if they had to absorb PayPal fees. If they included the 4% in the HostGator registration/transfer/renewal cost, those who prefund their accounts would be screwed...

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I agree with Sonny here, note also that when you have a enom reseller account and want to add funds via paypal, you also pay a fee. There was discussion a while back in the break room regarding this topic :.


Your other choice is like Fonzie already said to use a cc. Strangely enough moniker does not charge extra fee's for using your cc... (yet.


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You are right GD do not 'hide' it....rather I should have said it is in the small print, whereas they could simply roll it up into the headline price as do the other for moniker and other cos who top-end paypal payments it is their way of telling you they are doing you a favour by using PP and so you can pay for the costs incurred......nevertheless given the number of Npers who use paypal, moniker would improve their.


By not using this topping up process partic as the market leader does not...

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So does Moniker with the proper account. When you go to the check out the fee is $0.00 I think that is with all NamePro Member accounts...

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