How to get to Medifast menu from keypad on samsung rogue?

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Got a question... How to get to Medifast menu from keypad on samsung rogue? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Hi Guys!.

What is a rough estimate of how much you spend a month on protein products and vitamins?.



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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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I don't really keep track....but I can honestly say that the money you save on fast food....or in other areas in your groceries....covers alot of what you put out for things you need to keep healthy...

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Thanks guys! Today I just got a panic attack if I could afford this protein and vitamins, I think I am just being silly. Or just getting my nerves all in a jam...

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I agree you are probably nervous, but the healthy life style costs so much less than an unhealthy life style with doc visits and extra meds..

I too get alot of my things at Wal-Mart and am still seaching for a good protein, I am currently using the Choc. Whey Protein from Wal-Mart but I mix with water and then half freeze it, it makes a nice slushy treat, my body is not tolerating milk at all..

I do want to try some of the things from the bariatric advantage though...

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Just bought 2 containers of max protein from gnc...they are about 50 dollars each..but you get the second at half 75 dollars for about a months worth of shakes..and max protein is so good!i just changed to it...not sure about the only about 7 weeks out now..but get them at not that much.good luck!..

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I too buy my vitamins at Target.. don't fall for the specialized "bariatric" vitamins ya see on-line.. it's a wastye of money for a label. The do make them a little easierto take by combining things together to make for less pills each day.. but as you will find out every doctor has different requirements on what you really need to take every day..

I spend maybe $20 a month on vitamins and get most of my protein through food.. and have maybe one shake a day. I buy my protein from GNC and htey have reasonable prices.. and great discounts. It pays to shop around.. but you really do get what ya pay for. Good luck!!..

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My surgeons wanted me to take their Bariatric Advantage vitamins but when I ran out of them I went to Walmart and bought Gummy vitamins (120 for $10). I just had a MASSIVE blood draw (12 VIALS) to check all my vitamin,.


, B12,.


, etc., etc. and it all came back GREAT so I guess the gummy vitamins are working well for me. I take 2 in the morning and 2 at night, the directions say 2 for adults but I know I need more than a "normal" adult. I also found my EXACT same BA chewable.


Online for 1/3 the price of the surgeon's. I buy liquid.


(Wellese) at Rite Aid for $7. Like someone mentioned, you will be SHOCKED at how much you DON'T spend on Medifast food after.


....I tease my husband and tell him I'm a real cheap date now! LOL..

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Between the protein bars and vitamins I spend about 35 bucks a month. Walmart has me covered (somehow I go only plan to buy the above items, but I walk out spending close to 100.00 bucks, cause I see other cool things I want (not need..ha)..

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I take.


Tablets and vitamins pescribed by my doctor,is that enough,i have fortimel drinks only if not gettin protein from food,the vitamin drops are multivitamins,do I need any extra?..

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I spend rough $23/month on vitamins. I do not buy the bariatric-specific vitamins but my wife does (different GBS programs, different docs). Get most of mine from Sams Club. She buys the Optisource Chewable..

My wife spends a bit more more but I end up taking more pills. Kind of trade-off. I don't have a real strong opinion either way. Her way costs a bit more (~$28/mo) but is more convenient. Mine cost less but is a bit more complicated..

Actually I lied - I forgot I was also taking the Devrom for stinky gas. That adds another $22/month but my coworkers all agree it's well worth the cost...

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Hi Guys!.

What is a rough estimate of how much you spend a month on protein products and vitamins?.



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It's also given me a much more youthful body, don't you think?..

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I've never really added up the cost of what I spend per month, but I do know I'm saving A LOT on Medifast food from the amount left over in my bank account each month! Also, not eating out at lunch at work since.


Has saved me a TON also. Thanks for the post - I never really thought about this aspect of it - now I know I'm saving a lot of money since.


! :)..

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Interesting you should point out the cost of food. We are definitely spending less, but not as much less as I might have imagined..

The reason for this is that we are buying higher quality foods - for example, the other day I bought a $25 package of (real) crab claw meat. I generally would not have done that pre-surgery because 1 package would last just one meal. But now, my wife and I have eaten from it twice and half the package remains..

I am also buy exclusive greek yogurt these days - Fage brand usually. It's 3x the price of common yogurts but worth every single penny in terms of thickness, low calories, low carbs, taste and protein content. Very nearly the perfect GBS Medifast food - at least if you can tolerate milk products - not everyone can. In fact, I would say switching to Greek yogurt was one of the top pieces of advice I got from the folks here..

So while the cost overall has gone down, the quality has gone WAY up...

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I have been using Bariatric Advantage brand from day 1. I order them online. I changed the type I am using recently b/c I am about 8 months out so I dont have to take a seperate B-complex. With.




Crystals and using auto-delivery, I pay 33 per month buying them directly from Bariatric Advantage. I use a RTD shake from Costco for one daily meal which costs me roughly 40/month. Protien powders are no deal if you don't like the way they taste and don't have time to deal with a blender. I take a daily OTC biotin and probiotic I buy at Walgreen b/c their supplements are always buy 1, get 1 free. I don't know the exact amount, but I pay very little. I had been using protien shots, but stopped when Costco dropped the line.

They are relatively inexpensive if you shop for the best online -price. I agree with the comments that the savings in overall Medifast food costs more than cover the costs of supplements and "special" foods. I also encourage you to think in terms of what it will cost you NOT to follow the post-op nutrition plan, especially after going through major.



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I plan on following the post op plan that has be given to me. I was trying to see what everybody else was spending. Or where they were purchasing their stuff from..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.