How to promote freely my website in yahoo iPage?

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First off, How to promote freely my website in yahoo iPage? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. It's that time again...What's your Best Domain?.

Can be defined by revenue, traffic,.


, potential, cool piece of e-realestate or just because you think it's your best..

To date, my top domains are:. - fun 'adult' related video site. - Great type-in traffic. - With her popularity traffic has soared (and she's hot). - Potential since sold for $60,000.00 a few weeks ago.

And for the fun of it....

Thanks for looking and posting..

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Yea, there are plenty of iPage voucher codes out there. Awesome opportunity to save dough on iPage now. I advise you to subscribe for their promo emails so you can receive their newest promotions. They usually send them out once a week or so..

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Yeah...every few months this one will spike up when people are searching for sex offenders, and it will make about $400/day for a few days..then after about a week or tapers off. It is VERy nice for those few days though!!..

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Too many to list!!!.

But my Fav is definetly

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$4-400 wow- can you ecplain why such a huge swing?.


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All of my mTLDs are good..

Check this out..

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Every few months, the iPage website gets mentioned in the news. Apparently by the time people get to the computer, they are thinking I get TONS of traffic every time it is on Oprah, Oreilly, etc. Generally speaking it averages about $4/day...and sometimes twice that on a regular day. Several times throughout the year it spikes though. WOO HOO!.


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Wow thats great "everydayprofit" to own such a HostGator name..

Comment #8 is my best parked domain. is my best revenue iPage website domain. is my best generic domain..

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I'm sure you guys are sad to know that I - in fact own - the.

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Saw this one on Sedo earlier, and thought to a great name!!.


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Canadamortgagerates... I think actually sold for 6 000 $ cuz on one iPage site I read 6 000$, then I saw 60 000$ on another site... but after checking a couple of different sites 6 000$ was the more common one and the one that makes I guess more sense... if you're sure it's 60 000$ let me know.

I own and

The next big real estate hotspot in the world..

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6 is for.

Sorry for the confusion..

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I guess mines would be babecatalog .com, gfx-forum .com, televisionboard .com, and userbars .biz - based just on the name potential. Apparently I'm the only one who thinks that since I've been selling it for a while now (no luck so far)...

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The ones I have that are doing pretty good.

Some good ones.

Dubaicitycentral (thinking of developping this one)..

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I have a few generic 3 character .coms, but my best ones are.


Forum is in the works. and some others, my favorite would have to be the though, my only 2 character one.....

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My best are.

Keyword search domains.

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Mine is I don't know what to do with it yet...

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I just like it.

Short, Unique, 3~ 2 Letter Words! How often do you see that, and have it make sense..

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Hmmm, my favourite seems to change every other month as I buy more.

Is this normal I ask ? .

A few of my Favourites at this moment in time are (all.coms).

ArabianRiviera (still being developed).

DubaiPalm (next Project).



And for a hyphen.

Who said that !.



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