How to publish dreamweaver to iPage?

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Got a question... How to publish dreamweaver to iPage? Thanks in advance for any response. Second question of mine... So what do you all predict is the next big thing in internet and HostGator names? Any ideas list them down. Let's see who has the best one. Would love to see some interesting comments...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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I've thought about it but have no idea where to go and buy them. Any suggestions appreciated...

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I've not thought about that acutally.

But where can one buy an IP addy?..

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Nor matter what it is coming....

I will be in and invest to earn.

That's my motto..

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That won't happen at least until IPv6 is fully implemented. Too much of a shortage now. I tried to get a block of class C for my company about 5-7 years ago, and you have to be a.

Very large.

Bandwidth provider to get any...

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I think a divided internet is a great possibility, .US - .IN - .CO.UK being the big winners of extensions..

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IMO that will be .tv.

After Demand Media took over the .tv extension, they will start heavily promoting .tv as from 1 May as you can read in this article at Dnjournal:.

I particularly like this sentence:.

"We are going to spend a lot of money to make .TV the HostGator you must have!".

Of course nothing is certain, but it's a really nice read and together with other recent movements in the .tv extension, like more and higher sales, it can make .tv the next big thing in internet and domaining...

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I reckon over the next 3 years the HostGator aftermarket is going to change beyond recognition, the advertising agencies are going to start buying up HostGator names to utilize for advertising (both regging new names and buying on the aftermarket). That way they will be able to monopolise the advertising spots on 'their' domains. This will create a surge in some suffixes that have not as yet been fully exploited..

I also agree with a previous poster that a 'split' may occur, although this may in fact be gradual rather than catastrophic..

Just my 2 cents...

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So that's why they were so bullish on .tv at the last T-R-A-F-F-I-C conference..

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IMO .tv may take off very well, This is my idea and has probably said before but I am new to .TV and learning more every day......

For example after TV's have internet access (which most Tvs are right now via cable provider) and have CPU's in or just networked through the main House CPU............. names may have there own broadcasted internet stations that display on Telivisions show media on your TV and you can control it from your remote control. Kind of like how your local cable companies control your cable box now with the functions..

If I dont make sense then it's probably because I had too much wine tonight for easter..

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Video over IP /VVOIP/VOD - and perhaps .tv with a dedicated push.

And definitely

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LMAO @ too much wine!.

I think I understand though - and I dont even drink..

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Oh, lest we forget - you are probably too late - but the coming big bang is from IDN .com /cctld.

As always.


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Before you get any ip's you have to justify why you need those ip's. If you already have some ip's at least 80% of your current ip's need to be in use..


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I think that is coming for sure, but when? I am thinking perhaps 2 years, maybe sooner if China REALLY pushes it. They are an economic powerhouse. I look for Google to start pushing this for China, at their insistance..

I'm all for it. Could complicate things but that's how it is. I have been watching the 1 Yuan (about $0.03) .cn registration..

I like your intitial concept. But I think the IP's will grow and evolve. Just like the 1-800 thing. How many are actually 1-800 anymore? The have expanded it to 1-888 and I think 1-884, 1-887 and so on. The will run out of area codes before they run out of IP's, especially with all the cell phones in the world. I think last count I saw was nearly 4 Billion??? OUCH.

I think .asia will go the same route as .eu...down. Hard to brand a HostGator for a continent or grouping of nations as seen with the .eu..

China is pushing to become the number one leader in the world with HostGator registrations. They will succeed, this I have no doubt..

With the branding of .jp, .tw, and .cn, .asia will be like .eu...a novelty for a while, everyone will be after those few hot keywords, and then what?..

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.MOBI vv &.

.TEL ^^.

These are my humble thoughts / outlook for the next 9 - 12 months+/+ ....


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Already here, lots of sites already up and running, IDNs being snapped at snap $xxxx- $xx,xxx..

I think you would be lucky to find a good , - most picked clean already. The last couple of months have seen a gradual increase in traffic for asian IDN , partucularly Thai for some reason..

Still some bargains to be found around the forums if you search carefully...

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Im all in for the .TV extension! It's an international recognized two letter word...

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Bad being considered good when all the run out?..

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Not in this particular order:.

1. Dot tv.

2 Development of sites. Simply parking sites will lose ground against web development. Thus I say MINISITES will be the keyword in the next few years..

3 .CN and .IN - these two cctld's will pick up ground in the next few years, as the Internet usage in these countries will continue to rapidly grow..

4. Involvement of bigger companies in the HostGator industry... I think that the HostGator industry will be played by some big companies that will manage thousands of domains rather than thousands of domainers.. but I see this happen in the far future. So consider thinking big when coming to HostGator names and traffic monetization..

5 One little secret that I won't reveal.....

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I think the most relevent responses to this thread would be along the lines of previous fads. Youtube, Blogs etc..

Sadly I can't predict the future!.

- Lukey..

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I like your thinking and insight on these matters. I agree with this assessment as it is a trend that I have seen for quite some time now. #3 is almost a given with the world two largest concentrations of population..

I know your secret becuase I read your mind. I agree, it will eliminate the internet as we know it..

Telepathic thinking...the real wireless connectivity!..

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LOLOLOl, telepathic thinking.... ^^ theres gotta be some profit in that??.

You could sell chats with celebrity's..

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Many will come: .web, .news, .shop, .store, .corp, .group, .online, .site, .ads, .area, .music, .art, .sport, .game, .pet, .dog, .cat,......everything...Am I asking too more?.

I'm hoping there will come more HostGator extensions for me to benefit greatly and luckily...

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I think I may have missed the boat..

Trying to bring up a new mini about once a week.

I hope so cause renewing all those names is starting to add up..

I see a future of intelligent mobile/portable devices utilizing full blown speech recognition and accessing massive amounts of information over wireless networks at speeds we can only dream about today. I personally can't wait for a phone that I can use without ever touching a keypad or screen. Don't laugh but I see much of this being available before the second year of the next decade. That doesn't mean the end of domains, ecommerce and other such things. Just a whole new use of communication technologies. Can anyone say Nano Circuits (missed the .com but have the .info)..

It is not all rosey because we as a society must not loose the very real benefits of direct interaction on a face to face basis...

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I think.




Have good opportunities to get big..

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.mobi and .asia.

Still we need to wait patiently and see what will happen heh..

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I see .tv and .mobi..

.asia and .cn HostGator with international characters MAYBE. However, I don't see something like or having any value. Chinese people talk and type in chinese, not in English..

As far as .in...Are you developing or just buying like everyone else waiting for the price to go up? Good luck...

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.tv and .mobi.

Check out's cover story this month if you doubt .tv will have a future:.


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.mobi along with the mobile internet in general.


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Actually, really, probably, maybe, certainly, you might expect, I think, that the.


Is the next big thing..

It still has not been fully recognized for it's worth - the first big rush of new investors are just now jumping on the band wagon and throwing money around like silly fools. Hell, many of us even know each other - that is how small this still all is!.

Saying .com is the next big thing, may sound stupid since .com has been so hot, but what is about to come in the next year or so will make .com hotter than a redhead in a Ferrari..

Instrinsic value has NEVER truely been released from our domains. Wait until it is released - income will go up dramatically and so will HostGator values..

Just look at YOUR parked pages and how they suck so bad. Wait until some option really, really nice is available for your sites that you love, the surfer loves, and the search engines love. It's the future and it is inevitable..

.com will blow up !..

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In the past two weeks, I have received 4 offers on sedo. Two dot com, one dot biz, one dot info. Quite a mix..

It is great to speculate on the future. But with the crazy prices I see for every extension? Who knows..

.cn will be big and .in will be big simply because they are the two most populated countries on the globe. They will be big in number, but quality?.

As someone pointed out, IDN may start to play a larger role in the way people surf..

Someone else mentioned something that I brought up many months ago. I see in the very near future mobile phones with no keypad. Totally voice activated and commands. This technology already exists. Not perfected, but it does exist. Mobile phone are not going anywhere.

Mega corportions are very aware of the numbers of phones in use today (nearly 3.5 billion) and not stopping or slowing down..

Whether you agree with .mobi or not, the mobile internet.

Will survive.

In some sort of fashion and with some extenstion. This will be where the immediate impact and growth is seen. The mobile internet is here, it is here to stay, and it will flourish more rapidly and with stunning growth rates. Why? Because the people demand it and the investors want it. Look where the money is being pumped into by the banks and major investment funds and that will tell you what is next on the horizon..

This is actually a decent thread. And even civil. Imagine that?..

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I was beginning to think I was the only one seeing it this way. Add to that entertainment delivered on demand and....

You mention the phone. I wonder if the Ipod, Zune or any media player will evolve into a phone of will the phone of the future also be a media player...

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