How to regain start Medifast menu and task bar options?

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First of all How to regain start Medifast menu and task bar options? Thanks for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. OK I need some help here, calorie intake what are the guidelines for 6 weeks out?.

I started soft foods this last week and my pouch hurts sometimes, I have followed the meal plan the doctors office gave me for the previous stages but now by adding new things I have to count the calories and proteins..

Yesterday I got about 500 calories and 42 protein in me..

Anyone got any suggestions or advice?.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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Thanks! My mom was worried about my calorie intake and made me a little paranoid..

Cold water does make my pouch hurt but I have discovered that I get more water in if it is hot/warm decaf earl gray tea..

I think the pureed stage menu from the doctors office was my comfort zone as it was all written out I just had to follow it...

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I agree to focus on liquids and getting in protein. At a little over 4 months out, I still don't get in all my liquids and many days my protein. I just do what I can........some days I just don't feel like it. So far I've had no problems..

Good Luck...

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I am wondering some of the same questions you are, especially about getting more than 500 calories a day (where I'm at right now also). I'm still doing shakes, so I'm getting around 50 grams of protein a day. Just as Lois suggested, this is all "new" to our bodies and my nurse even confirmed that cold water and other Medifast food items can "hurt" our pouch for months. Here's to us making it six weeks, right?? Carolyn..

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I grilled the doc's nurse about it before, wanting a "number" that I could watch. She giggled, cause all of us ask the same question. She explained that alot of us, from "dieting" so much are so focused on exact numbers. Some will overeat to get TO that number, some undereat trying to speed things up. She wanted to see me learn how to eat again, and to be concious but not over paranoid about the "number". The answer ticked me off.

^_^ They are all right in saying get in your protiens and water and.



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Thanks for all the hep,.

I think my pouch hurting after I eat is I am trying to force all the necessary "food" in :) So today when I pack my Medifast food for work I will do smaller portions stick to 1/4 cup or less and focus on the time between putting things into my pouch. if I dont make the "numbers" oh well I will do the best I can..

I did forget that.


Is more than just.


! it helps with the hurting pouch also..

I posted new photo of me I now have a neck and jawbone!!!..

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Yay to necks and jawbones!! Wait til you're down to just one chin and can see your collarbones!! Won't be long!!.

Pre-op one day, my dad said something that I still find hilarious every time I think of it. I was bummed about something and he said "Keep your chins up honey!" Yes, that's chins with an "s"!.

So, sweety, keep your chin(s) up - and keep plugging along, it gets easier and easier :)..

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Note from my doctors information sheet.

Diet guidelines limit calories while providing balanced meals to help prevent nutritional deficiencies and preserve muscle tissue. Tolerance to foods will vary..

Daily calories should be between 400 to 900 initially, and never exceed 1,000 calories a day. Follow a Medifast diet low in calories, fats and sweets. The daily protein goal is 65 to 90 grams by two months after.


Keep a daily record of Medifast food portions and calories and follow up with a dietitian. Be aware that it is possible to stretch your gastric pouch with repeatedly over eating..

That is what my doctor said to me. BUT Listen to your doctor.


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Thanks Star, I needed to see it I am sure the binder of information my Dr. gave me says that but I may have misplaced that page..

I am doing better pouch not hurting much at all, I concentrated on Protein and measuring. I wnet back to some of the leftover pureed stuff and sipping my water...

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Sounds like you are doing GREAT!!.. Focus on getting in that protein, water and vitamins ..... the calories are nothing to concern yourself with.. This isnt a diet.. it's a life change.. focus on that as well....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.