How to set up secure ftp on iPage?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How to set up secure ftp on iPage? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... I know there are several Moniker Reps here and I had read several other threads in the past, with no replies to emails and phone calls etc.......

This is getting OLD, really fast.... I had heard only praise about Moniker from just about everybody here. I do like there "Services" but the customer service is.

I don't get it! I send them an email once in a great while. to.

Or my reps email and Never get a reply. The Spam Folder trick is kind of old, and this should not be the case. I have been a customer since 2006, so I would think my email is in the system..

So last week, I decided I would have to give them a call with my question..

I left a Message (since there is never anybody available) with Victor on either Wed or Thursday last week about an affiliate question. He was the one I was told to talk to about it. So I left the message..

It's now Monday morning, so I call my rep Don L and he is not answering his phone, so I leave a message..

I am starting to get frustrated, so I call Moniker back Monday later in the afternoon 3:45 ish CT.... Don is gone for the day, Victor's voicemail again and the lady that answers the phone has no clue..


I do not understand why they can not have Live Support thru there iPage website or something like that. You log into your account, and you can have a Live Private Message Chat with a rep, or a specialist etc..

They do not answer emails and now they do not answer voicemail..

What would you do?.

Anybody else still having this issue?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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I have to say that Moniker support is definately overrated. Like the OP stated, I often see Moniker praise posted throughout the forums as well. Almost whenever I use them (which is rare) there is something wrong, whether it be a HostGator I registered which does not appear in my account or a HostGator push that doesn't work. Support responses via e-mail take days, and almost always come after the issue seems to resolve itself. I try to stick with GoDaddy, a company which has excellent customer service...

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Moniker does have glitches their system, usually relating to cc issues or transfer-in issues. Their email response has been slower in the recent months than it used to be. I'm guessing a large part of this is that they have been inundated with new customers and don't have the infrastructure to support the new demand. Also, I was told some staff members have been on vacation or were sick for a few days..

Note, Moniker's customer support isn't fully staffed over the weekend, so if you have an issue late Friday night, it may take until Monday for you to get an answer..

I'm not a staff member at Moniker, but these are just my experiences. Moniker certainly isn't perfect, but they are still my #1 registrarI haven't found anyone better...

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I have to admit Moniker is a great place to reg. domains. However, recently I think it takes them a while to responds or at least my sales rep. I also have the same issue with my sales rep and I talk to them about changing sales rep. But other sales reps are willing to answer my questions. It could be just those few sales rep.


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[QUOTE=fonzie_007] Note, Moniker's customer support isn't fully staffed over the weekend, so if you have an issue late Friday night, it may take until Monday for you to get an answer..

QUOTE] This is understandable, but the question is,.

Which Monday will they get back to you!.

It will not be the first one.

Might be lucky if it's the second one!.

So now it's Tuesday, one day short of a week that I put in a call, and 1 day after my Second Call. We will see what happens..

It's funny that no reps on Np's reply to this............

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I'm not making excuses for anyone at Moniker. I don't know the situation, but if what you said is true, it goes against Moniker's reputation of the highest customer service possible. I would hope that you would hear at least something back by the second business day after you've sent in a request for assistance...

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Hi fonzie, I would have NO reason to lie, and I do not expect anybody to make excuses for any company. Sometimes an issue needs to be made very clear, so it can be fixed..

The problems here is that many have expressed that they have sent Emails to moniker with No Reply, or if they did get a reply, it took a very long time to get one. So one, they need to Fix this problem. I do not know if this is a Spam Folder issue, but I have heard this as an explanation from them before..

So after waiting well over a week with No Reply to the email, I decided it would be best to place a call..

So when I called on Wed or Thrus of last week, my rep was not in, so I asked who worked with the Affiliate Program. The lady said, Victor handles that. I asked to speak with Victor, and she said, he is on the Radio, so I will have to send you to his voicemail. That will be fine I said. I left Victor a message with a return phone number to contact me..

It's now Tuesday of the following week and Victor must either,still be on the radio, he forgot his password to his voicemail, his phone is in the repair shop, he had a bad accident and his fingers are bandaged and he can not push the numbers on his phone, or he had a horriable incident with his ears, and he can not put a phone to his ears, or there is a New Spam Folder on voicemail now, that I missed the memo on. These are just things that "Could" be happening and why I have not heard back. lol..

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What I do to avoid such problems or situations is I pm them here [NP] and give them my account id with the issue and they respond with the solution via my email. It has always helped me...

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Never had a problem with Moniker's customer support, but here is my story:.

4, 5 days ago I tried to add $50 via CC, My CC used to work fine on Moniker, but for the first time payment was not processing at Moniker. I tried 3, 4 times, no success..

Today, I logged into Moniker and found another $50 in the balance. I checked my online CC statement and $50 were charged yesterday. Strange I also didn't receive any order email from Moniker..

Moniker's iPage website is also loading too slowly for me these days...

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I am getting so frustrated with one transfer..

If this will go wrong I will place the complete email thread online.

And show how there mistake (and they admitted it is their mistake).

Could cause me loosing a HostGator (of my client!).

Or, I have to renew it at my old registar (.tv) and then transfer it..

*Double costs..

If the account manager was aware of the problem in there system.

This complete problem would not be there..

I asked today that the email thread could be forwarded to the CEO or COO.

And I do hope for a constructive reply from them..

(I only have 2 domains there and only some $ xx.xx in balance..

I guess they would handle me different if they knew I own more then.

2000+ HostGator names).

I am never angry but on the moment I am pissed as this is a domain.

Of a client of mine and I have no clue what to do because of there.

Stupid mistake...

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Are you trying to transfer in? If so, Moniker's system shows an error message even when a HostGator is being trasnferred properly and there is no error...

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To give you a idea what happend:.

Reply of Moniker Account manager.

There support team said:.

My reply:.

So he admitted it was a mistake. The HostGator was almost transferred..

But it was cancelled and started again..

Now, the fact is that the exp date fo the HostGator is 13 Apr 2007.

Thats almost the same day as the transfer would take now... due to.

The account manager mistake..

I started the simple .tv transfer March 28, 2007 and today I still have.

No idea what is happening after sending multiple emails and waiting.

All the time for there very slow customer service..

Encountered a mistake of a "account manager" (I expected them to know.

About all aspects so they can "manager their accounts").

The HostGator is coming close to the exp date and Moniker just tells me.

"sorry for the mistake but, it's your problem... Lets see what happens..."..

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Just found a.

DNF post.

Giving a hint what's going on. PM MonikerMaurie or also.

Mcahn with details of your issues for now...

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Just FYI: I sent an email to Moniker's customer support this morning and I just received a response. It took about 10 hours, which I find is a reasonable amount of time for a response...

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Well, just an update! I still have not heard back from my emails sent weeks ago, (and yes I do get emails about the traffic deal so it works) I still have not heard back from my voicemail to Victor last week Wed or Thurs. and my call to my rep Don L was not returned as well..................

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Sorry, I wasn't trying to rub salt in the wound.....

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No problem. It just happened that I came here and posted after you wrote that. So I was just posting an update on my situation. Fonzie, you probally have more domains at Moniker than I do, so my 100+ there put's me down on the 1 month reply list, not the Same Day list...

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I get that too, they take 3-4 days just to reply my mails. Probaby cos I'm just a small fry compared to all their other customers...

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My biggest problem right now is that I still have HostGator names showing up in my account after I deleted them. Really really annoying trying to sort it out when listing names for sale..

Also, some of the extensions, like .TV don't apply for tasting, where other registrars allow tasting on it. So I haven't reg'd a HostGator with them since I seem to be addicted to tv right now...

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Try to catch their rep's on AIM or ICQ..

I can IM them and have my problem solved within minutes....

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Geez. Just read everyone's comments here. Sobering to say the least...

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I think the customer support is not the greatest. I reported a bug in the Paypal processing that caused me to be essentially double charged and only register 1 of the 2 domains I attempted to register. I figured someone would respond, as this is an issue that could affect lots of customers. 3 days went by and I hadn't heard anything at all. So I emailed Don Lyons. Gotta say he responded within no time and was great, but he sort of gave me the impression that they were aware of the bug and weren't really too concerned about it, which I didn't like at all..

On a whole, I've really had a great experience with Moniker, so I will continue to use them and continue to transfer my domains to them as they come up for renewal. But, I think they seriously need to work on the customer service. We don't need another Reg Fly on our hands...

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I agree we don't need another RF, but comparing M to RF is just unfair. M is a far cry from RF in just about every aspect. Yes, M does have some bugs and they are irritating. I'm somewhat surprised they haven't worked some of them out; however, I'm going to defer to their business judgment about prioritizing things. In my experience, M has good, honest, and smart people working for them...

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The FACT is, they are a business and they have listed what they want for contacts. They provide an email address and a phone number! (which they "should" resond to first) That is the way they would like to be contacted and when you follow that, and they do not reply or respond! That ='s Bad Customer Service! This Thread has been up for a couple days now, and still not a single post from any reps from Moniker!.

My voice is waiting on TWO different voicemails at Moniker and still no calls back!.

Hello Victor and Don? Give me a call it's Jamie (Yofie) My affiliate account is still all F&$@*$ Up!!!..

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To be brutally honest, with no offense to NP, but I see Monte posting a lot more on DNF than here. His name there is MonikerMan. I recently sorted out a Traffic auction issue out with him and Don recently, though yes it did take a couple days for my PM to Monte to "kick in"...I can't imagine he just sits around waiting for PMs to come in to his DNF account..

Anyways, I would suggest PM'ing him there. I honestly cannot guarantee he will respond, as he was brutally slow in responding to some questions I had about poorly optimized pages on TrafficClub. I'm not really a fan of their service either, and personally don't like it when you need to "know who to contact" to get an answer on something. That's one of the things I've liked about ParkingPanel so far...a bit of delay here and there, but Britt ALWAYS gets back to me...

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I lost out on a NNN due to a glitch in their system. I sent screenprints and a complaint. I have STILL not received a response from them. I even sent a follow up to it too..

It's very clear to me that they employ the tried and true 80/20 banking rule. I guess I'm just too small of an account right now...

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I wasn't really comparing the two, just saying that they shouldn't even START to go that route..

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Good to know. Thanks for clearing that up and I apologize if I was too unimaginative to understand the conclusion you were getting at...

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Another Update.......... Another Day. Another, No Call. Another, No email..

Just Added this below!.

Now this just Taps My Ass!!!.

So I open my email box and I have an email from Don Lyons of Moniker! Finally they have come to my service and are going to help!.


Just another T.R.A.F.F.I.C. email!.

Then to rub it in more, the last line of the email says:.

Thanks Jamie! I’m looking forward to hearing from you..

With best regards,.


Don Lyons.

Senior Account Executive.

Well, I'm looking forward to hearing from you as well bucko!..

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I encountered a problem and emailed Don earlier, he replied promptly and asked for my account number. I replied and despite promising to get back to me, he didn't. :/ But anyhow, managed to solve the problem..

Yofie, you should try his email a couple more times. He'll get your message eventually...

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Well I do not know how many I have to send, or how many times I have to call............

I was.

To get that last traffic email, since it came to me because I listed some adult domains on GFY..

Since they have enough time to screw around on adult forums, you would think they would have time to reply to my Voicemails and emails!.

This was on the bottom of my Traffic email from Moniker:.

From: Bari Meyerson.

Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 5:26 PM.

To: Don Lyons.

Cc: Victor Pitts.

Subject: Re: GFY Post.


This guy is your client. His acct # is xxxxx. He’s looking to sell his adult names. Tell him about the adult name auction we’re conducting at Internext in August..

Removed the link here to the adult forum!.

So I was mad enough that I had to reply to that email!..

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Well I just got off the phone with my rep Don. We had a nice 30 minute chat. The reason I had not been contacted back yet, is because Don's wife had food poisoning, and he is way behind, but no reason why Victor did not call me back. I covered many things, and expressed my issues that have upset me..

My problem has not been taken care of, but it's getting worked on. I can say, Do Not Use moniker's affiliate program, as they do not focus on it, and it seems to me, they really do not know what they are doing with it. Don seems to agree with me on this one..

We will see if this get better...............

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