How To Transfer A Purchased Domain From GoDaddy To iPage?

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Got a quick question: How To Transfer A Purchased Domain From GoDaddy To iPage? Hoping for any answer or 2. My other question... So I noticed the banner for is another cybertonic site, the same guys as

I'm curious - where do you guys pull your data from?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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I've been a Wordtracker fan for the most part ... Never been a big fan of basing things on Ovt considering all of the non-plurals / mixed up results they have (As far as keyword searches go). I know many use it for strictly Ovt w/extension as well though..

Interesting to have an alternative...

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Thanks for the feedback Mark and Greg.

Seeing the resources that is being used to calculate the results is very interesting and Greg... I think that the result you got is an overall average in comparison to OVT who only used Yahoo searches as it's data supplier..

I think we have a good tool on our hands here. The question is should we round the number up by an X percentage amount or down by seeing Gregs experience with the numbers?.

And what percentage should we keep in mind?..

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My experience has been that PopularSearches scores are.

Three times lower.

Than OVT scores - which is odd, because the owner of the tool says the data is sourced from many search engines, we need more clarification on where this data is coming from and how, when, etc....

The important thing is the tool appears to be consistent within itself, at least what I have tested so far, although I have my doubts this could ever fully replace OVT - but it certainly could be another useful tool...

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I am back to clarify.. is serving TRELLIAN data (

The main difference is we are currently offering the tool free of access and without limitation..

Now as I posted somewhere at NamePros the cost of the data is expensive so we will have to see soon about of a sort of membership with a reasonable fee that at least cover part of our expenses..

We tested many providers of keyword popularity data last summer..

The 2 best ones was WordTracker and Trellian..

We tested if the results had sense compared with Overture results, it was statically the case, the numbers are lower but the ratio between both results are linear..

The reason we selected Trellian is because they also track the traffic of no popular keywords at the difference of Wordtracker that look likes to only focus in the most popular ones. When the popularity is just few searches monthly then probably the % of error is higher than in popular search term, but at least we know it's a serch term even if not popular, with WordTracker there is simply no data..

Let me know if you need any additional info..


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Thanks for the details cybertonic.

Please let us know what sort of price you guys think it will be ... I guess figuring out how many people would be interested at startup of the paid membership is really necessary..

I'm liking it so far - Very interested...

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Thanks for the definitions..

I see quite a few well respected SEOs that vouch for Trellian products, and I will also vouch for that data as being reasonably reliable...

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Cybertonic, PopularSearches is great and I am looking for something that will make it even better. I would love to be able to select one result from the list and get the search volume for each of the past 12 months. That way I can better gauge when to concentrate my ad buys for seasonal items, especially in markets I have no history in. I would be more than willing to pay for this service, it could potentially save me a lot of money...

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Scandiman, this should be possible, I will look at having this feature up before the end of the week..

Now an update:.

- The Yahoo Overture suggestion tool is up again even if sometimes it is working slowly..

Look likes the definitive shut down rumor was FALSE..

What it appears to be scheduled is a new version that will be probably no free, but there is no official release date..

Look at where you can read more..

Now I talked myself with the director of Yahoo API last November and he told me they are preparing a paid version of their APIs..

Maybe the new keyword sugestion tool could be part of this global project....


I have been out most of the day..

Tonight I seen we have been unable to serve results and the reason is Trellian DNS servers are unreachable..

I am wondering if they are under a DOS attack....

I contacted David for info just minutes ago, but I guess it must be the panic at home because all their services are down due to this DNS problem..

So I do not expect a fast response..

That's all for today..


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Cybertonic, I see you have already made some changes. Great to see additional info..

I ran a search for "alcatraz" and I am hoping you can help me understand the results:.

Annual Searches: 118,571.

Last Month Searches: 82,296.

Is "Annual Searches" the total for the previous twelve months or the monthly average of the previous twelve months?.

If it is the total of the previous 12 months then there is a data problem. If it is the monthly average then a new title like "Monthly Average" would be a better fit..

In your final version I still would like to see the top related terms included, such as "Alcatraz Tours" and "Alcatraz Tickets", etc. as was presented before. Probably don't need as many, maybe 20 instead of 50 but other people may have different needs than I do in their hunt for useful keywords to bid on. Also, the ordering of the table columns would look better to me with Keyword first, followed by the Annual amount and then the Last Month at the end..

The ultimate monthly breakdown would be a chart showing each of the previous 12 months. Such as:.

Keyword / Monthly Average / Jan 07 / Dec 06 / Nov 06 / Oct 06 / Sep 06 / Aug 06 / Jul 06 / Jun 06 / May 06 / Apr 06 / Mar 06 / Feb 06.

I have no idea if the data is available to you in such detail, but it would be cool and could be part of your "premium" package. This would be a great tool for planning iPage site changes and adjusting ad buys..

The next killer level of detail would be time of day breakdowns, but now I am into your "Platinum" package.

I respect that you are in development, I'm just trying to provide detailed feedback that is hopefully useful for you. Maybe I can score a "Platinum" membership on the cheap.

I think this will be a very good product...

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Hello Scandiman,.

Do not care about this example you given, you look at a moment we was simply coding....

As you suggested, keywords are now presented first..

I read your post and most of these advanced features are already provided by Trellian..

Make a copy have low sense for several reasons, the main:.

- Not sure they will appreciate we offer for free (or at low cost) access to their data with the same features of their paid subscriptions..

A new version is up:.

- It allows to search using the Overture or Trellian data:.

Cool when Overture is down, from the same place a popularity search can be done..

- It now also uses Google Trends, allowing to compare up to 5 term trends from the search results..

We are working now in improvements, and ideas to have this tool more focused to the domainer use. On this orientation you are all welcome to suggest ideas..


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