How to upload a website on iPage?

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My 1st question is: How to upload a website on iPage? Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question of mine... My name is regfee. I didn't want to pay BuyDomains 2000 bucks for the .com, so I registered

I've always thought names looked good with .info, especially if you are using the name on a resume. If you're trying to sell yourself to a potential employer, having might make you look a little too, I dunno, commercial. Having a .info page, however, will make you look like a well organized individual with an informative page..

Of course, you can always try registering/buying G(middle initial), or Gary(middle initial) And finally, there's a member here with the name Now that's a name to drool over!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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Really, you haven't been listening for all these years..

And welcome to NamePros, Mr. President...

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You think thats bad? INNODATA ISOGEN INC owns and they won't even accept $10 CAD for it.

- Steve.

Lol.. I'm sorry I couldn't help myself...

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The concept is the same when people try to dump names on buyers for what might seem high to such buyers. What is different besides the positions being flipped in this case..

Did you say that your name was GK? If so you just asked for a higher price. Also you should be thankful that it could be for sale. I tried getting my own name & the owner won't sell. I was prepared to pay a nice sum but couldn't even get a chance..

I was annoyed that the company already has my last name along with their industry as their main name so they didn't need my full name. However what can I do really but accept it..

As far as the .mobi is concerned, who would want that over a .com? .com will always be king over other extensions especially for a personal name...

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I have been trying to pick up my last name which is a LLLL and no replies to the emails I have sent, nor to others that I have had send emails as well. Not much of anything on the site, if you can call it a site! It's been a Coming Soon single page for some time now!..

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I had a similar problem as my distant cousin here, so I used my initials from first and middle name, along with the highly splendid and obviously common last name..

I have the HostGator parked ( until can develop it, but I do use the email for family and friends...

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That is bad. Are you taking legal action? Settle for a lexus...or two..

Did you try to sweeten the deal with NP$ and a free membership to the forum...(sshhh...they will never know the difference and no one will say anything.).

Gee, I don't know...not only would a dot mobi be your web site, it can also be your cell phone number...what a concept..

But never mind, as you say, most registered .mobi's suck and wouldn't want to add to the mountain of sucky mobi's..

Smart...and I guess lucky to get it...

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Unless the real Gary King stands up, demonstrates trademark rights, and show.

The current registrant has a "bad faith" intent for it, no..

Using the HostGator name for email without a iPage website is a legitimate use..

On the side, my cousin teased me for getting "his" HostGator name first. We both.

Happen to share the same first and last names...

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Someone just registered today. His name is not Gary King. Too bad (:.

Oh.. and I just registered my to stop GoDaddy pimping my name to me every time I checkout..

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I tried to register my full name in 1997. My firstname lastname combo happened to be the name of two partners of UK firm. Most people who wanted to reg their full name in 1997 could. In fact, back then some first names were still available (but not common ones). A couple of years ago, I back ordered it for $1000, ended up winning it for $250 this year. I haven't done a thing with it! No one famous/wikiable has the same name though...

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Never link a HostGator you wan't to buy at a popular forum such as namepros or anywhere for that matter, owner checks his web stats sees traffic coming in and comes here and reads this thread and now knows it is your real name or that you are the end user and that 35k price tag will never budge and maybe even go up..

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I had my for 5 years, let it expire, someone else snatched it and is now squatting it for $500..

I heckled the guy a few times, offering him low $xx, throwing the pitch "make at least 3X what you paid for it, a good ROI!".

No answer..

Sooo I reg'd my until 2009. I'm getting as much use out of it as my, zilch!.

Actually, I think I have it redirecting to a shorter anyhow...

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I register a lot of friends' names for them, and typically they don't want anything to do with them, so I park them in the short run until he/she wises up and decides they really do..

Sorry to hear yours is with an asking price of $35k (I can't imagine they get $35k in value out of it, but that doesn't mean that they can't offer whatever the hell they want... but it might just be bad business decisions. Try to offer what it is worth to you, and they might realize that taking a decent pay-day is/will be worth it.).

I've managed to get a few obscure's that get ok traffic, and some inquiries as to pricing/usage - but nothing blockbuster (yet.



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!@#$. I bought my at GoDaddy to stop them pimping my name to me. Now when I use their checkout they are pimping to me. Really!..

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@ Stub.. thats hilarious and outright stupid of GoDaddy.. why does GD have so MANY offers always??? Btw, I've registered.

..I'm happy it was available..Once more Indians get online.. I'd have lost this HostGator too....

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For about $250 you could change your name to Gary Jzekulopez, register the .com and save a bundle...

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Hmm, if I ever have kids, I think I'll check for available firstnamelastname.coms before deciding what to call them...

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Now that, my friends, is spoken like a true domainer...

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Well, no one has spoken about the .name whose very purpose was this..

Just goes to show how lame a .name is!..

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Well to my dismay I found out that my initials Chris M Johnson or CMJ is being used as a music iPage site that holds music and film festivals..

I did get though..

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$35,000 is what the HostGator is worth to them. it may be that they have an established business with that name. you can't expect people to sell you a HostGator cheap just because to you it's not worth much..

I'm off to email google about it doesn't contain any decent keywords and it's pretty generic so I reckon it's worth about $50..

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