Http:// from my friend's id. As I entered UN& PW am unable 2

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First question I have is Http:// from my friend's id. As I entered UN& PW am unable 2 Hoping for any answer. My other question... Is it.


WOOoo HOOoo I Think I Won!!!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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I sent you 25 NP$ also, because wot said he would hurt me if I didn't...

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Am I the first to reg a hyphenated blook? I'll go wot 1 better. 1st to guess gets 26 NP..

Yes, I have lost my mind but that is no biggie...

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Nope. There is a big hint in one of the posts in this thread...

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I reg'd yest morning, and my domaining pard nabbed, so I believe we beat you to the hyphenated blook names first. Not that I'm particularly proud of this astounding accomplishment....

Also a little ticked that I didn't get blookzilla; I had it down to reg and then forgot later. Grrilla must be thwacked with a wet salmon for beating me to it since it's a very memorable name; and believe me, I will do the thwacking..

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Nope. Is not a made-up hyphenation..

Yes, I saw the i-blook(s) but forgot...

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OK, last ones....seriously..

And a mystery blook name that I'll wait till Monday to announce.....

Oh yeah, - just found it on

OK, late to the trigger on that post..

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I was telling a friend I might register blookzilla but decided to pass I thought it was a waste. Now I'm 2nd guessing that choice...

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I have a nice Blook name I'm going to sell at the NP Live Auction this Wednesday, maybe to expand the Blook coverage a bit...

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Lol, You think it would do good ? The bidders may already be blooked out.....

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You know, if we really want to drive up awareness and value we should each choose one of our names and throw up a minisite...problem is, how will Adsense put up relevant ads......

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I see you have had 2 offers on your MyBlooks domain.

Nice one.

I have one blook HostGator with the keyword set to blook and at sedo it has 2 relevant PPC links on it as shown below..

This HostGator may be for sale by it's owner! More details....

For blook try these sponsored results:.

Blook now a book. ex-CEO’s insider story set in Internet bubble and rubble.


Books from blogs?.

Literary award for books based on blogs or websites. $2,000 prize..



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Ahaha the temptation was just a little too much for me..

I went for: BLOOKERY.COM..

What do you think? Hehe...

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I have somewhat of a small iPage site on.

Still needs a little more content tho...

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Been saying the same thing but.... proves I can't stop...

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Thanks. In the spirit of wot's contest, I'll be revealing my "mystery" blook name (hopefully tomorrow - and it's not "mysteryblook"). Of course, all I have to offer for anyone who correctly guesses it is my measley 5 NP$, but hey, it's all for fun anyway. A little research might give a clue....

Way to go deet. Let's get those sites up and indexed. Grassroots Blook popularization!..

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I don't understand this blook craze. Regging tons of money for a term that, I think, will quickly pass....

I hope you prove me wrong... goodluck..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.