I am trying to decide between godaddy and iPage?

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First question I have is I am trying to decide between godaddy and iPage? Many thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... Well that gives me a bit of hope ahahahaa.

I have about 145 dubai domains.. loll.

Propertywise:. (This one doing pretty good in Type-ins for now.




Granted that is much more generic... but hopefully these ones would have some sort of value in the near future ... HOPEFULLY LOL..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Theres only $2 difference between 1st and 2nd bid, it must be that 20K barrier thats the problem. the current winners MAX bid is only $20,000 from what I can tell from the bid thread..

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No 2 has'nt got a chance - he's a poorman !.


Comment #3

At least we know he's not "JOE KING".

Poorman is only $3 away from snagging it...

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Me too, I have (what I think) is a pretty good Dubai name but I can not get anyone to even inquire about it... I know I should develop it but there is sooo much to do .....

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Ahhh but there is a 7000 pound Great White lurking in the depths.

I've had quiet a few low offers, probably resellers ? They do also have the .ae they can use if the .com is taken......and they do..


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No thats me...the 1 ounce tadpole.

Bonkers ..... ^ dun dun.........^ dun dun.........

Ps - just hit $10,250.00 too.


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How long to go on this name?...i can see this being in the XXX,XXX range..

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2d 41m Kev - plenty time to climb !.


Comment #9 pretty confident this will go for $xxx,xxx.

But based on my previous guesses for these sort of things, I will probably be way off lol..

Comment #10 finished at $ 12,650 - I got one out of 6. just dropped....vroom vroom.


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Anybody see any value perhaps in the previous list of domains ? .

Just asking for an opinion .. I know nobody can know 100% for sure..

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I like the following ones but pleeeease don't ask me to appraise them.

I have a hard enough problem trying to price my own names !.



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I saw drop the other day, but I try not to register .biz names..

Then I saw this thread and thought it was worth a shot..

Think it was a smart move?.


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I mean I could be wrong .. it might be worth something, but I personally wouldn't have registered it, just for the simple reason that pretty much all the domains sold so far contain only "dubai" and there's less traffic on "dubaicity" domains... based on's available stats...

I own,, dubaicityshopping.. and I think a couple more lol, I mean it's a chance your taking.. but the .biz I havent seen to many getting sold....

But hey... Dubai is all about business, so you may be lucky.

Do you have dubai related domains.. if so which ones?..

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I'm curious to find out who will be the end user of this domain....

If there is a end user who will be the recipient of this nice real estate HostGator that is...

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I have 50+ dubai HostGator names..

These domains I have for trade on the moment:.


Comment #17

I have I think it can be used for everything related to Dubai not just property SnapNames gave it to me for $60..

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Checked it out your iPage site ... looks really nice.. I started a site... but I have to modify it alot ahahaha.

You mind letting me know 2-3 of your highest visited domains which perhaps you didnt post there on the iPage site cuz their not for sale yet or something?.

You can PM me if you want....

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Congrats for such a great HostGator Name, I also have many nice domains but still new so confused how to lauch them...anyways Good the way where you have post this name for sale?..

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Get ready for the ride, I can hear a tidal wave of cash coming for this domain.

About 11hrs or so left..

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Love how these types of threads always end up as HostGator showcases of domainers similar domains...

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DubaiProperty has been sitting at a phat $20,000 USD for almost 2 days now... auction ends in 3 hours..

Any other bidders out there?.

Nice domain!!!.


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20k$ would be a bargain for this name imho....

Comment #24 and are pretty much one of the most potentially lucrative sites you can have ... seconded by maybe , I thought it would have prob sold for at least 50k, cuz Dubai is pretty much the real estate hotspot of the world right now....

20k I think is a pretty low selling price if it sells for that amount..

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The lull before the storm ? .

The last time I checked the owner of only wanted about $15,000 I believe - although it may be more now ? If you have over $15k to offer he has it at sedo..

I have.

- the achives show it was once owned by the Dubai government (they now use for some strange reason ??.

Promoting their own extension probably..


48mins to go and alls.............quiet.


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20 mins and no change.

What will happen if 'JOE KING" is really "JOKING"??.


2mins....... 20k is still the bid..

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Then PoorMan gets it for only $1500 bucks!!!.


PS - Kinda makes you wonder how often that is done...

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And you probably get some nice traffic on due to

1min and 20k$.... blah..

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Damn - it went for just $20,000 !! Bonkers must have the night off.


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So Deb.... or should I say "PoorMan"?.

How do you feel about this sale?.

I think it sold for ALOT less than it should have....

I have and quite a few others (Like I would have LOVED to add this one to my portfolio. Ggrrrrrr..

Nice buy!.


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It was really nice but a few of the links must have changed - still does ok though.

I will likely develop day !.


So is Mystic Deb AKA Poorman ??????????.


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Unfortunately I'm a "poorwoman" I didnt even make a bid it's toooo expensive.

Just thinking there was only $2 difference between 1st and second? is that strange?.

Mystic?? lets just say there was no tidal wave of cash.

I really thought there would be..

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Yeah, know the feeling, there was alot of people there but on 3 that bid..


Comment #34

How can 1 guy turn down 75k USD but other guy accepts 20k USD on almost same HostGator ?

Comment #35

This was an expired HostGator name, not someone selling it, thats why..

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So if I understand correctly the previous owner turned down 75K and then let it drop?..

Comment #37

No Damion - Capiche said he had heard that the owner of

Turned down a 75k offer..


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