I can not find on the yahoo page how to get to my yahoo iPage.?

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Quick question... I can not find on the yahoo page how to get to my yahoo iPage.? Many thanks for any response. Another quick question... I'm going to buy a HostGator from a seller using Escrow, but he keep insisting me in paying him using PayPal. He is reluctant to use Escrow because he don't want to pay a cent for the Escrow fee. Is it safe just to pay him directly via PayPal? What if he run away with my money, will I get my money back?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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The Escrow fee for Premier Service is $157.50 and Standard Service is $81.25..

If I pay using debit card then I have to pay Premier Service,.

If I pay using wire transfer then I can pay Standard Service..

Is it ridiculous for the buyer to cover the entire fee?.

What method should I pay, debit card or wire transfer? I think there will be an extra charge for wire transfer as well...

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Depends on how much you are paying for the domain...

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You should use escrow. Ask him to split the cost with you or the deal may be off. He may be willing to sacrifice $80 to make a $2,500 sale...

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The problem is at the beginning he fixed USD1000 for the domain, then when I try to bargain to USD900, he said he don't want to sell it anymore even when I agree to buy it with USD1000. I've persuaded him for few months by adding the offer. In the end I went all out and offered USD2000 and he demanded for USD2500. I don't really want to tick him off with the Escrow fee and he will say he don't want to sell again...

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In that case, just use the standard escrow and bear the fee..

You've already come this far.

..congrats on the purchase..

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Pay by credit card better or wire transfer via Escrow?..

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If you're using Escrow and paying the fee, then you should be okay. If you pay direct, you are vulnerable, more so with credit than wire, but vulnerable nonetheless. For a 4-figure transaction, an Escrow setup would be best just think if the fee you pay as insurance...

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I dont like to leave cc info everywhere..

I would say just wire and forget about it ...

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Credit card would be easier, more convenient, and safer. I don't have experience with wire transfers, but the fees would probably end up costing you more than the credit card option...

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Once you send a wire, it's pretty much gone (unless you have a contract.) Most CC processors use 128 SSL, which is safer than using your card in a grocery store. At least with credit, you have some recourse (even if it's limited.)..

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If he takes paypal payment he'll have to pay 3% in fees regardless. the fees are about the same and they can be paid by either party or split. if he refuses to use escrow he is probably going to run with your money. only use in this case. only paypal if you trust the person, and he does not sound very trustworthy...

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Errhhh, are we talking about the same thing?.

Telegraphic transfer from your bank to is safe enough..

Your bank has a record..

Or have I mistaken something...

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Well, this assumes the user was going to go ahead with Escrow in that case, the method won't matter as much. However, getting a "refund" on a wire payment often requires a court order, whereas a "refund" with a credit card requires opening a case file with the credit company the former is much more difficult. That being said, the transaction will only be as secure as the contract binding it Escrow certainly helps and alleviates the descrepancies between payment method securities...

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