I can not seem to open a iPage addy...?

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Got a quick question: I can not seem to open a iPage addy...? Thanks in advance for any comment. My 2nd question... Http://

I didn't even know about this until getting an email from DomainSponsor about it. Thankfully, LA is nearly in my neck of the woods (I'm in San Diego) and I know a couple people up there and thus would hopefully not need a hotel room..

Anyone else possibly going to this?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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It's an easy trip for me. Would be cool to meet up with some other NP'rs. Who else is thinking about taking the trip to L.A.?..

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FYI, I posted it in Industry News.


I thought the email I got about it from DS was long after they started organizing it, but looking at the iPage site they put up about it, they've only started advertising it on the 21st!.

Anyways, the bad news for people is that it's during the week. The good news for some people like me, who save up their vacation/sick time like crazy, is that it's during the week..

I've already scheduled time off of my work so I can go up all 3 days. I love how there's going to be a hold-em tournament on day 3. Hopefully owning some good poker domains will give me some extra poker skills, hehe. Nah, actually I'm quite good and plan on winning that, heheheh..

A-ha...great story about the birth of the DomainFest. I agree too that meeting people in the industry face-to-face really personalizes things a lot more than all of us sitting on our computers looking at text. At my day job, I am a servicing manager for real estate lenders and the appraisals they order through us. I've worked for the company for over 2 and a half years and have only once met a client of mine, the appraisal operations manager for Town & Country Credit. Even though since meeting him, he wound up leaving the company, it was and still has been a lasting experience to have met him, as he was an incredibly nice guy and very pleasant to talk to on a personal level let alone regarding business matters. Ever since then, I've really been longing meeting more of my clients and never get to! Thankfully, this DomainFest will at least fulfill that craving for my domaining life...I'm definitely looking forward to it...

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Just a little bump to get some more attention..

Looks like ~ Cyberian ~ and I will both be attending. Anyone else want to meet up?..

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I definately would like to attend but I might be in Denver that weekend for another seminar. La is just a few hours south from here.


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I'd be glad to! If meeting before check-in on Day 1, I can come up pretty much anytime (except would like to avoid SD-to-LA traffic in the morning)...

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I'm going to make at least one day, maybe more...I'd definately like to meet up and put faces to some NP'rs, have a beer or two, and learn something as well...

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I would definitely make it, but I have school... I believe it runs from wed - friday so I might be able to come up friday night after school..


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Great Steve!.

I should be at the hotel on Wednesday around 4PM, and leaving late Friday evening. I'll wait until the final schedule is posted before making any plans for a time to meetup. Maybe we could do a NamePros sponsored meal or entertainment event on a small scale if we have a few NP'rs joining us..

Peter - how far is Marina del Ray for you?..

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I've RSVP'd and ready to go. This will be a blast...

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So basically this is a sort of domainers social club? Or a huge domainers meeting?.

Sounds interesting. But... LA... Nah, I won't be there. I mean, travelling from Europe to LA would cost way too much. For that price (and we're only mentionning flights, add to that hotel costs etc) I buy hundreds of domains....

Is there no similar initiative in Europe existing? I'd be interested in that. UK would be ideal, but with low-fare airlines all over Europe I'd be well capable of attending any such conference in any European city. Flights to the US just are out of my budget right now given other travels I already scheduled ; but a short trip within Europe for a domainers meeting would not be an issue...

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Gerrit - if you are a SedoPro customer, there is a conference in Germany during Oktoberfest..

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It turns out that anyone affiliated with DS competitors are officially NOT invited..

I've communicated with Ron about this. While he agreed that I have some valid points there was no change of heart. I've given him more than ample opportunity now to discuss the matter internally and rethink their stance. Since I've not receive a reply in several days I'm airing my peace in public..

I wouldn't be upset about this except that it was never made clear that it's nothing more than a DomainSponsor event. In fact the language used on their "blog" makes clear just the opposite, that the event is designed to be an open, industry wide gathering and that DS is merely the prime sponsor..

Am I wrong about this? Judge for yourselves. Selected excerpts from

"The event is meant to be a gathering of domainers for and by domainers. DomainSponsor is simply stepping up as the primary sponsor and coordinator of the event. Domainers from all areas are more than welcome to attend, but we only ask that you contact us in advance and let us know.".

"The event is meant to cater to topics that domainers themselves are interested in hearing about, rather than a sales pitch from various sponsoring members.".

"We are not trying to set up something exclusive, but due to limited space, we have to warn folks up front, not everyone is going to be able to be accomodated, though we'd love to have everyone who signs up be able to come.".

This last one is probably my favorite:.

"The quest for sponsorship is on for this gathering of domainers in Los Angeles....

So far, HostGator Sponsor is on board..

We've lined up HostGator Sponsor already, there's a commitment from them to back events like this..

Special thanks to HostGator Sponsor for coming in to support this gathering.".

Now if that alone wouldn't lead anyone to belive that the event was independent I don't know what would. But take a look at the whois:.

Domain Name:

Registrar: LLC.


Ron Sheridan.

Ron Sheridan.

2801 Ocean Park Blvd.

PMB 307.

Santa Monica.




Phone: +1.2135551212.

Email Address:.

Expiration Date: 2007-08-09 21:49:00.

Creation Date: 2006-08-09 19:55:54.

Name Servers:.

I don't belive it can be denied that this is a DS project all the way and intended to be nothing more than a 3 day sales pitch..

I'm sure that many people, like me, will be fooled by this crap. But many will not. More than anything else I'm concerned that it will be made to seem as though DS competitors simply don't care enough to sponsor or even attend this gathering and not one word will be spoken about how they were barred from coming..

BTW, I'm not saying "don't come" to this event. I hope that everyone who makes it has a great time. Since I already made my travel plans before I was officially banned I plan to be in the area and intend on having a good time regardless...

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I'm going to get up there for the final night. Look forward to seeing you guys...

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That's too bad. I'm with you that it's a bit disgusting for them to make it sound independent and then ban competitors from being there. The ironic thing is that at least with the names I've tried at DS, they are atrocious! Still, I'll be up there to meet people and have a good time. I already know DS is crap, so any propaganda they try to pull won't work on me. Even if I'm appreciative of them putting this event on, I'm never going to park another name at DS and lose myself more money...

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I just sent a query, as I would enjoy meeting those I have met from afar..

I am in LA so I I am close. Hopefully I will not be the only lady in attendance. I have class until thursday afternoon, but it would be fun to hang out..

I hope it's not a propoganda pitch though, from DS. anyone for sure going?.


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Boy I would love to but it's just to far away..darn!..

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Looks like a few of us will be, Cybrarian, and -RJ- at least. Anyone else on board?..

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I will be there Wednesday and most of Thursday. As I'm sure DS will be passing out badges with names, please say hello. Though my NP id is dmblea, my badge should have my real name, David Bleaman. What's everyone elses real name, so I can keep my eyes peeled as well?..

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I am a bit fuzzy on the invites. I am accustomed to receiving invites as press. But if I were simply attending aside from the query I wrotehow.


One get in?.

1) I will assume it is not a boy’s only affair; I will be miffed if this is so..

2) To attend you must have several LLL.coms in your portfolio.

3) You are "Fabulous" by connection.

Let me Know....


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Check this link for the final agenda..


These sound more than worthwhile:.

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Speaking Session.

“Domain Name Trademark Concerns” – John Berryhill.

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Speaking Session.

“Domain Aftermarket Trends” – Roger Collins, Afternic.

9:30 AM – 10:30 AM Speaking Session.

“Deep HostGator Industry Insight”.

- John Berryhill, John Berryhill, Esq..

- Bret Fausett,

- Jothan Frakes, DomainSponsor.


Has anyone received a reply on the RSVP?.

I havent..

EDIT:Maybe this is why......

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I haven't gotten any replies from them lately, on either the list of names I submitted for the "auction" or on my question of whether any hotel rooms were left since I found out I needed one. I guess I'll have to find a Holiday Inn nearby or something. :/.

You had to RSVP for it...then again, I don't know how exactly they'll be keeping people that didn't RSVP for it out of it. Apparently they will be keeping some certain people out of it from the sounds of an earlier post from a DS competitor, which is a load of sh!t in my opinion but oh well. In lieu of making people pay thousands of dollars like T.R.A.F.F.I.C., they're keeping it to a relatively small group it sounds like, which I can understand I guess. I'm just mainly looking forward to having a good time and meeting new people. For the record, my name is Steve Jones...yea, common name I know! I'll be the one handing out NameTrader business cards..

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I agree, those look like the best sessions. Did you notice there's.

18 hours.

Of planned social events during this event? I am looking forward to hanging out and talking domains a little, but not sure if I can handle all of that socializing and networking within a 48 hour period..

They didn't reply at all to your RSVP? Now you've got me worried, Kenny. One of the things I was most looking forward was getting to meet you. I'm not really sure how DomainSponsor is handling this. I have been in touch with Michael Song at Oversee who confirmed my hotel reservation today. Finster got a definate "no" when he tried to RSVP (see his post earlier in this thread)...

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When did you tell them you needed a hotel reservation? I think I'm SOL as they didn't respond to my email asking if any hotel rooms were left...

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I emailed them about hotel reservations August 25th. Didn't get any reply. Emailed again on September 6th and Michael Song wrote me back the same day and confirmed me. On the 13th he emailed me a confirmation number for Marriot. It only had me booked for one day instead of two, today he updated that for me..

I was worried about the second day so I checked with Marriot and they still did have rooms available for Wednesday and Thursday...

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I was actually planning to go down there anyway as I'd already made plans and purchased hotel thru expedia ( has rooms every bit as good as marriotts, esp when you're asleep, for only 90/nght. just down the street a block). But as some of you may already know my beautiful wife Diana passed away on Saturday. Needless to say I'm not going anywhere for awhile..

She was recovering from a colonectemy and appeared by all signs to be doing well. She'd been discharged from hospital and was on her 3rd full day at home when she began to rapidly declined..

Her online memorial is available at

Since if I don't keep busy I'll fall apart and since also I have many clients depending on me I will be taking care of the neccesary Klickerz duties as they arise. Not much else though and only the most pressing or urgent issues..

Please keep in mind how short and precious our time here is and be kind...

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Please accept my most sincere condolences on the loss of your wife. Please know that our thoughts are with you...

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I RSVP'd but have yet to receive a response. I hope they wont exclude those of who are relatively new to domainingthat would be a shame..


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I'd say pound them with emails asking if they got your RSVP and that you need a confirmation that they've accepted it. It never hurts!.

P.S. - Finster, my sincere condolences to you for your loss...

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Finster I am so sorry for your loss. What a difficult time it must be for you..

Sending you a big hug from afar...


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Please accept my deepest condolences over your loss..

Thank you for this reminder. It puts all we do in perspective..



EDIT: I hope you dont mind I signed the guestbook...

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I posted in the iPage blog I hadnt received anything confirming.....

No response..

Doesnt matter, I've crashed bigger parties.

Than this without any problems..


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Well, for what it's worth, I got my hotel confirmation earlier today, about a week after I asked if there were any rooms left. They are sloooooowwww responders!.

By the way, -RJ-, where were we all going to meet? And about when for that matter? I'm probably not going to be up there until 1 PM or so since I want to avoid a bunch of traffic. I may be meeting a friend from DiscussNames...that or I'll invite him to our little meeting...he's probably a member here too anyways though I'm not sure...

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There's a "cocktail reception" from 6-8 and dinner from 8-11, both at the restraunt down the street. I won't be to the hotel until around 4pm, and I'll probably walk down there around 6:30. We can meet up at the hotel lobby before then if you want! I'm going to DomainFest solo and haven't made any plans, so time is flexible with me. I'll PM you with my cell number..

If anyone else going wants to get in touch with me, drop me a PM!.


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RJ, SirenGirl, Crooky, Cyberian, et al..

I should be at the hotel between 4 and 5 later today. I look forward to meeting everyone then..


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How's it all going there ....

In LA.


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I didn't have a laptop while I was there because...well, I don't have a laptop!.

Anyways, it was excellent. I had a great time and it was a pleasure to meet everyone I met, including RJ, Cyberian, and dmblea. We've got awesome members here at Namepros and it was nice that we were able to represent over there! (even if RJ ripped me a new one in poker).

The speakers were good...well, all with the exception of "Pinky" at dotmobi...I was skeptical of that extension, and I'm sorry, but with 5600+ premium .mobi names being held and auctioned off, we're looking at an extension 100 times uglier than .tv handled a lot like .tv. John Berryhill is the man...I loved his presentation and he's a funny guy on top of it. There were reps from places like SnapNames, CentralNic, Afternic (Roger was also cleaning house at poker), DS, and several other notable companies. I was afraid I was going to be one of the only "small time" domainers there, but there were several others there that were strictly domainers. As for the females, while SirenGirl had her fears about it not being for women, there were quite a few there, including NameGirl aka Barbara, by many accounts the most fun person there!. it going to get me to move all my names to DS, buy 50 features listings on Afternic, etc.? No...I may try a few names on DS again for the hell of it since parking them on Afternic and Sedo hasn't seemed to help sales like I hoped, but Fab is still the best IMO and maybe always will be. Afternic is still Afternic...too few sales going on there, so I'm not focusing much there anymore and instead will focus on my own and will look to the future to myself develop a better marketplace there. Still, I can't be grateful enough to DS, Afternic, and all the rest of the sponsors there...that was an awesome event, I was grateful to have been a part of it, and I can't wait til it comes around next...

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