I cannot figure out how to get my iPage website to work?

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My first question is I cannot figure out how to get my iPage website to work? Many thanks for any response. Another quick question... Which payment gateway works best for realtime transactions that do not redirect to another iPage website like Paypal does, and how do I go about getting it set up. Is there a FAQ for this somewhere?.

Thanks in advance..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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My advice is to *never* pay a software fee to use a payment gateway..

You can get FREE wit ha merchant account. And yes paypal is cheaper, if that's all you offer, then you're scaring away more customers that you realize. People want to pay you, not some third party that they have to create an account with...

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Where do you get for free? I am currently have a merchant account with Wells Fargo, but am looking to set up a gateway, and switch merchant accounts if necessary...

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Actually, Wels Fargo offers FREE


They make it sound like this is a limited time only offer, but they've been offering it ever since I looked into a Merchat account/ Payment gateway about 6 months ago..

There are dizens of others. Almost all of the official vendors for will offer free setup wth a new merchant account...

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Ide luv to get a new gateway where I could accept credit cards through my checkout without the user leaving my iPage site or having to sign up somewhere else..

Problem is that most of these gateways require curl install and or other things like safe mode off..

I wont turn safe mode on and tried many times to install curl but it hase to be recompiled with php which I dont know how to do..

Thought it would be easy with a simple SSL connection or some good IPN module thats works great and if very much compatible with the latest osc releases...

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Thanks for the tip Chris, I think I am going to go that route...

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I thought I'd let you guys all know. I just went with Worldpay...and they're giving me $30/mo + 2.95%, with a $99 setup. There are ones out there that are cheaper...but Worldpay offers complete integration with just about everything, including osCommerce. There's a pretty sophisticated module for it already..


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I just checked into it ..they are waiving the setup fee of $99. other than that it's $29 month and 2.35%. and integration with

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Why would you want to pay $99 and .65% more than you would for a regular merchant account and payment gateway?..

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Don't forget the .6% charge for the verification , so it's essentially 2.95% for a visa or mastercard...

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What .6% charge? They charge a flat rate of about .30 per transaction...

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Here's my opinion:.

I spent a ton of time researching Merchant accounts and gateways. I was about to go with ECHO when they told me I had to open an account with their bank. I already had a business account and didn't want another one. I then considered 1st American Card, but when I tried to contact their customer service by phone and email, I barely received a response. When I did receive a response, it seemed to be all canned and usually didn't answer the question..

In the end, I went with WellsFargo/ Although they didn't have the cheapest rates, their fee structure was simple and reasonable. I spoke and emailed their customer service and was pleased with the timely response. My account was set up and I was in business in just over 3 days..

Hope this helps..



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So you're just paying $29/mo and 2.35%? Nothing else? Does it redirect you somewhere else or does it do it on the site?.

Wizardsandwars:. far the competing ones I have heard about (hence my question to juxsterpoz above) is that many didn't actually process the credit cards on the website...they just redirected to another site, processed it there, and that was it. If there's one that fully integrates with the iPage site then yeah, I'm ready to drop them cold and change.


And what rates did you get? And did it integrate completely with the website? What does it look like?.


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I received 2.35% and $.31 per transaction..

The iPage site does redirect to and the module is nicely integrated. The iPage site look and feel does not change during checkout..

I'm running an older version of OSC (Ian's Nov Loaded4) so I had to add the SIM contribution..

Good luck,.


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So when the iPage site redirects to does that look like exactly? You say the iPage site look and feel doesn't change when it how is that possible? Did you set up the gateway page to look just like your own or...what? Any screen shots or any way for me to see it?.


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Also, what EXACTLY did and do you pay. 2.35% + $0.31 setup fees? No monthly fees? No extra .6% that was spoken about in here?.


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And I have to have a bank account with Wells Fargo? Because currently I have one with Bank of America and would rather not change or have two....


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Well, with Wells and Fargo, you would have to open a merchant account, which would then trun around and deposit your money in to your regular account each night..

I also use authorize.ent, but everything is processed from my website. The integrated ADC module that you can download in install for OSC connects directly to the authorize.ent server, you give it the cc number, and other relevent info, and it returns either accepted or declined. The customer never leaves the site..

I pay $29 per month, 2.29% + .25 per transaciton. period, no setup fee, nothing up front except $30...

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Wizardsandwars:. I have to open a Wells Fargo Account. No way Bank of Amer. does anything with is there? what do they charge for a merchant account? And those rates you list below are amazing compared to the ones I was about to sign my life away to..


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No, you just need a Wells Fargo merchant account. The funds can still be deposited into your current checking account if you want...

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Okay how much does a Wells Fargo merchant account cost? I am trying to compare this to the services for accepting CC's Bank of America offers....


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Well for both the merchant account and gateway it is $29/month. Then they charge 2.35% + .31 per transaction. If you just want a merchant account and no gateway it is much cheaper, like $10-15...

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The cost that I mentioned *includes* the merchant account...

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We are directing all funds into an existing business bank account..


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Is that hefty charge they have for American Express standard? It's almost a whole percentage more. I guess I'm going to call them tomorrow..


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I think your a little confused.

A "merchant" account is NOTHING like a bank account really, infact if your going to accept all major card you will need 3 merchant accounts, One for Visa/Mastercard, one for AMEX, and one for NOVUS/Discover.

And yes AMEX charges more, they claim they are more secure and have a better customer base, thus they can charge a "premium" fee funny thing is, the only fraud I have ever had was from AMEX :roll:.

But 99% of all banks that offer merchant accounts allow you to deposit the money in to any US Bank account..

Also it keep in mind that it take 2-3 business days for the money to actually be deposited in the account with most merchant account banks, so make sure you ask that questions.

That is the key advantage with paypal, the money is instatly avaible..

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Actually, it *is* a bank account. But not that you really have access to. It's only purpose is as a staging area while the money is on the way to your bank account. And no, you do not need 3 merchant accounts. Only one..

Also, Amex normally has the same transaction fees and discount percentage as the other cards, but they charge an extra $5 per month to accept them. Same with Discover...

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Okay guys cancelled WorldPay and signed up for Wells Fargo...they preapproved.


Yeah I understand now but you're right I didn't before...thanks. As for AMEX...ha yeah...I would complain, but I have their business platinum and am loving every minute of it so.


As for the money being "instantly available"...not that I'm aware of. It takes 2-3 days for it to be transferred into my account too. If you mean Paypalling other people...yeah, true. But I'm not going to be able to Paypal my car parts distributors.

Appreciate all the clarification though..


How did you get 2.29%??? As for the discount percentage...they usually have a much larger discount percentage actually...usually a whole percentage higher. I guess that's the good thing about Wells Fargo..


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Can I get free if I already have a merchant account at my bank?..

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Wow...okay. You guys know how long it took Wells Fargo to set me up? 24 HOURS. I can accept credit cards today (Monday) after appyling Friday at 6PM. I can't beat that at all. So now tell me guys...what all do I need to set up in MS2.2? I'm going to reread this thread...but I'm sure I'll still have Q's. Thanks guys!.


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Well friday to monday is a little more than 24 hrs. :wink:.

But I also was impressed with their speed. Less than a day...

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They said their processors were closed Sat-Sun and had left by the time I called Friday.

Technically I guess I should have said business days. I am still trying to figure out WHICH modification to add to my iPage website though for suggestions? Which is the best one? I assume the one with CVV (which though)? Anything special I have to do to install it?.


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I'm glad to read that so many people have had success setting up their merchant account w/ Wells Fargo. I have one too, but I'm confused about what to do next..

Here are a few questions:.

I have:.

Wells Fargo internet merch acct. user id. password. transaction key.

Can someone spell out the steps I should take to integrate these w/ my site?.

I feel like I am reading in circles but I am running OSC version 2.2MS1..

Is my osCommerce set up to be AIM or SIM out of the box or do I need to upload a contribution? Am I ready to go?.

Please forgive my cluelessness! I hope the answers to my questions will benefit others..

:shock: :roll:.


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MS1 is set up for SIM, which is fine, but will not work with browsers other than IE. Many people, including myself, have upgraded to ADC. This is a more secure version of the module, and will work with all browsers..

You can find the ADC module in the contrib section, but depending on your host you may find it very easy to very difficult to get working. I personally spent over a week getting the thing to work. Many emails back and forth with my host, and much advice from the forums got it finally working. Ususally it is a problem with the curl setup on the server, as it was in my case..

But if you want to go with SIM for now all you need to do is go into your admin, enter your user id, and trans key and you should be good to go. If you want to upgrade to ADC and are having problems, let me know and I will do my best to help you...

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Let me shamelessly plug myself here....


Should take care of you. You have your user ID and transaction the only two things you really need aside from that are 1) the location of the curl executable on your server and 2) if it's running libssl. If you know 1 and 2, you just edit authorizenet_direct.php in the package above with that directory, and you should be up and running..


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First of all, thanks to Austin519 for asking very relevant questions and all of you , especially Chris, to answer most of what I needed to know. This product is great and so is this forum. I have learned a lot in a very short span of time..

Yes, I am very new in this, so pardon my questions. My iPage website doesn't seem to have dedicated SSL certificate for my iPage site (probably because they host multiple websites on a single server). After going thru' the thread, I enabled module and went back to my site, and surely, I was shown as one of the options (I enabled Paypal and Credit Card as well). But I see that I have to enter the cc info right there (checkout_payment.php) which is not secure! What do I need to do to make customer enter this info at's secure iPage site "without" leaving my iPage site or going to their iPage site & coming back to my iPage site once their charge is processed?.

Also, I guess once I enable module, I shouldn't be enabling CC module as it may confuse customers - is that correct?.

I find Wells&Fargo and combo deal quite good (Thanks for all the info!). But if I want to process cc info off-line (initially) using credit card module, does anyone know if it will come out to be cheaper or about the same (cost of cc processing machine, and some type of account?) ? And again, will it be OK to use non-SSL enabled URL for such transaction as cc info never leaves the server and is broken into 2 parts? I guess I am little confused here..

Please help me to understand this. I am sure there are lots of gurus there who might have gone thru' these Qs and will be enable to explain it..



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This seems to be better than WF's deal? Any good or bad experience with Echo?..

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Over a month ago I requested a apllication from echo and they said they would ship it out to me (there went 2-3 days). I Filled out about 10 pages of paper work and them mailed it back to them (since they needed the originals). One week later they responded and told me that I needed to change may return policy, and cancelation policy. basically I had to post on my web iPage site that the customer could ship any product back (including software) with in 30 days for a full refund (weather it was opened, broken, etc). If that was it I would have been able to get through it, but they needed me to have all of my prices for all of my products and services. I sell web hosting, web design, and training products for macromedia, adobe, and filemaker pro, and they wanted me to post all of my hourly rates on my web site.

They wanted me to give my customers a refund on a web iPage site up to 30 days..

Crazy stuff. none the less, I finally gave up after a month of paper work. I am sure the service is great if you could get through the paper work..

Sorry for the story, but this has been my experience with Echo..


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Which payment gateway works best for realtime transactions that do not redirect to another iPage website like Paypal does, and how do I go about getting it set up. Is there a FAQ for this somewhere?.

Thanks in advance..

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Most merchant services will likely charge you $200 software fee and $20 per month (10?+10statement charge) for their services plus their percentage fee.

Paypal is the cheaper way out but if you already accept credit cards then you're tracking $$ in two places..

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