I can't open the cwcheats Medifast menu which usually opened by pressing select for 3 seconds?

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My 1st question is: I can't open the cwcheats Medifast menu which usually opened by pressing select for 3 seconds? Hoping for any answer. Second question.. Ok folks....Aunt Flo is visiting...and she always comes with an apetite....

Whats up with that? The *$&#^ wants to snack constantly. Its driving me nuts today. Any idea's on things to calm her cravings?.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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NOW I don't feel so lonely ha ha ha....I get SOOOO hungry during this time of the is rediculous! I feel like I am going to eat myself out of house and home! LOL.

Glad to know I am NOT weird or something ha ha..

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I ihave put in posts in the past with this curse her look at it on the bright side she goes away soon lol and only visits for a few days I get the munchies as I call em with this I do like my pretzles and I been going for the healthy snack items I also try hard to find another way to occupy my self instead of satisfying the munch..

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Ok, I KNOW I'm going to be pounded for this one BUT I just give in to it! Yep I do. I told my nutritionalist from the very start that I know that this is a "lifestyle" change and NOT a diet, so I treat it as such. I might have a hersey kiss to satisfy that chocolate craving during that "time", yes ONE WHOLE HERSEY KISS! But not the whole bag anymore! One does it, I know I can have it, I eat it, I don't beat myself up about it and I go on. One kiss a month is not going to hurt anything and best thing is, I got the okay from my doctor and nut! So far it's worked too, I don't feel like I'm being deprived so I don't over due it. I know this might not work for some but it does for me!..

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Ugh I had to start my.

Liquid diet.

On this particular week... it has been so tough. My house wasn't prepared as I wanted it to be the day I had to start. I don't really have any choice on what to snack on, me and carnation instant breakfast, sugar free of course are bff's ugh... I am trying to convince myself anyways!..

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I can sooooo relate to this....I have noticed in the past two months that each time it rolls around I actually get hungry (not normally hungry) for specific things - mostly carbo related. The "hunger" goes away after the period so it is definitely hormonal..

I'm a bit like crvnana in that i'm trying to get my head to listen to my body's proper signals and if it is hungry I give it something good. If it's a specific thing i'm craving then that's not really hunger that's my head messing with my body (damn it to hell for being so crafty)..

One day at a time and one step at a time..

Ah, has anyone noticed their PMS is a little more INTENSE now? Man, someone has really turned up my volume knob there - and the actual period is longer?.


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OMG! WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! I'm only 1 month out. Started in the hospital, and again this week! I want chocolate, and.


Bread, and that cherry bread you get from bob evans, potato chips, pickles, iced tea(the caffenated kind), ice cream.....WHAT THE HELL! It's just not fair that women have to fight the DAMN B#$)ch off each month!.

I'm right there with ya sisters,.


PS....It also makes me a tad emotional!(rants and cries!)..

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Thanks for all the input guys...I managed to get through the night...and today had some nuts and a chocloate flavoured protien bar....

The worst is just the wanting to snack....just munchies really...not even knowing what I want...i've been water loading and it helps....

Its days like this that the ""boys club"" can be thankful they are only cross dressing and not dealing with the real thing...hehe..

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I'm in complete agreement with everyone. My period got so intense/bad after.


That I had to go on.

Birth control.

To try and regulate it. I'm taking.


, and should only get my period every 3 months. Well, I've been taking it for 2 months and i'VE GOTTEN MY PERIOD BOTH TIMES. Crazy!.

When I want chocolate, I eat a 100 cal. 70% dark chocolate bar from Trader Joes. Nut says it is a good choice because it is low in sugar and carbs and has antioxidants...

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Since my.


I have never been so regular regarding getting my period and I get started 2wks b4,this awful craving of carbs and salty stuff. I would like to keep that stuff out of the house but then the rest of the family protests, I feel like a prisoner to those cravings and just think I feel like that for 2wks every month, ugghhh, starting to wonder if taking a pill would help, whenever I bring up pms or pre-menapause thats what the dr offers, drugs, which I am so against,.


Is what she is pushing but then I wonder would that help with this madness, any input ladies?..

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Ok folks....Aunt Flo is visiting...and she always comes with an apetite....

Whats up with that? The *$&#^ wants to snack constantly. Its driving me nuts today. Any idea's on things to calm her cravings?.


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I experience exactly the same thing - carb cravings and wanting to eat all the time. It's so much harder now that I've had.


I am trying different things, but I think that cleaning out the house is going to be necessary to make any real difference..

I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in my experience...

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Oh man I am so not looking forward to this. I am just 3.5 months out and can honestly say I have only been hungry a couple of times so far. Right now I still have to make myself eat. Thanks for the tips gals - I am sure one day soon I will feel your pain!..

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Wow I have a mariena coil in an not seen a periiod for years an after.


Guess what I had one,also craving very yolky egg but avin eggy problems..

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Can you please ask Aunt Flo to stop knocking at my door......

Its not only driving me nuts I am eating them too....

LOL, Jokes apart I do sympathise....

I really do....



That helps..

Buzz xxx..

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Awww your so sweet Buzz...LOL.

What would a girly moment post by without a little buzz....and i'm not.


Bout the b.o.b ladies...LOL..

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So that is what it is! I also get cravings but they are all over the month because Auntie Flo and Auntie M are both messing with me. I am going through what they call perimenopause. So one month I have two and another month I have none. lol Now that you pointed out to me what was causing the craving I think I can work with this a little better. At least I will not beat myself up when I am craving potato salad after midnight any more. Thanks for sharing...

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I have always had the appetite increase during that time, and post-RNY has not been an exception! The difference though is that I KNOW it's in my head - I'm not actually feeling physical hunger - the hormone's are outta control! :( I'm going thru it now and was actually proud of myself that last night I gave in to only 3 Dorito's and 2 Cheesy Puffs!! LOL - before I would have eaten the whole darn bag! I felt better just having a taste and then felt in control by only having a few! I consider that a victory! :)..

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