I found a iPage site and I want to know the /img/avatar6.jpgs email for contact?

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Got a question... I found a iPage site and I want to know the /img/avatar6.jpgs email for contact? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question I got... What's the best place to register a domain? Also if you want to register a few you get a discount or sort..


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Registerdub has bad service so far for me. I asked a question, but never got.

An answer. Did you say that inod is the owner of registerdub?..

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Everyone has his favourites. So you'd better to check the Register Index.


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One person can be wrong, but mob-rule.

(slightly kidding - but I do love , and add your own reviews here in the registrar review forum below this one)..


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I recommend,.

Cheap reg,.

Instant Reg,.

Excellent Customer Service..


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Godaddy was and is my favorite place to register domain. $7.20 I believe is the lowest you can get it a year's registration for using a promo code...

Comment #6 for me. foka is their np rep. Very cheap and their directi resellers so you can push the HostGator to any account at any reseller worldwide for free...

Comment #7 is the cheap but is the best when use coupon ...

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How much does a namecheap HostGator come to? Creativeon domains are ~$6.7 and they allow for domestic bank deposits in Pakistan. Since I don't have a CC or paypal this is a pretty good option for me. I do have moneybookers though. Does namecheap accept that? Also have you guys tried They offer dot coms for $5.99 reg, $7 renewal but I am not sure whether they are trustworthy...

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Namecheap allows paypal but you need to load up your paypal credit with namecheap in advance and have payment for name deducted from paypal credit rather than pay exact amount when you purchase a domain..

The cost of a namecheap name is currently $7.98 with coupon yaffaspecial..

IMHO the namecheap extra 78c over the discounted GD name reg ($7.20 with discount) is well worth the difference..

GD is OK but compared to namecheap is like flying economy class compared to flying business class..

Re anything cheaper than GD, well there is an increased risk that the plane will not take off, explode in mid-air, or crash on landing (eg see 1+1 and regfly threads)..

PS I do not think namecheap accept moneybookers...

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Cheaper does not always mean lower quality or greater risk. Thats just a myth..

Yes and it is more expensive than creativeon to boot..

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I have spent many, many hours trying to find decent low cost (not cheap) HostGator registration. One of my requirements is whois privacy, which is somewhat limiting. These are some I'm currently using and happy with, in order of preference (most to least):. $9.00 with free privacy (negotiated price). $7.99 ($2 extra for privacy). $7.99 with coupon "more4less"; free privacy). $6.50 (have 50+ with them; nice interface and free privacy).


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I ususlly reg my HostGator name from Enom and I like Enom best..

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I always stay with these two, Godaddy & Domainsite..

Their prices are really cheap. Comparing their servies and support, I would say these re the best...

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I did send PM to him. The problem did seem to be corrected, though he has not.

Replied to my PM or email...

Comment #15 accepts Moneybookers & E-Gold but there are lots of complaints about them in recent weeks...

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Go for namecheap and Godaddy..

Ignore Registerfly. They took 2 whole day to process my DNS change whereas namecheap done it in just minutes..

Godaddy is pretty ok too, with coupon and easily transfer to buyer. It too has huge market..

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LOL 2 Days is decent..

Took me 14 days.

Bull crap..

ENom & Moniker is best I've used..

GoDaddy is a bit slow...

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Moniker / eNom involve in some sort of account scams. Numerous people claimed that they list your domains (even entire portfolio) for sale without your authorization...

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I have many domains at Moniker, but havent even once been cheated by them. Moniker is one of the best HostGator registrars...

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You can also check out

They some very cheap plans...

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Well, I have couple of names with moniker, but I have not had any issue with them yet. it was reported by some users on DNForum..

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