I had a website with wordpress and hosting with iPage... I cancelled the hosting ...?

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My question is I had a website with wordpress and hosting with iPage... I cancelled the hosting ...? Thanks in advance for any response. 2nd question I got is.. In November I bought a HostGator name that a few months later is the name of two huge companies that have merged. (One company bought the other for over 1 billion dollars)..

I then send a request to the company, offering them the HostGator name, and was later contactet by their HostGator Administrator. He wanted to know what I thought was a fair price for the domain..

I am not experienced in the industry..

I suggested USD 15 000,-.

Is that a reasonable price, or insane?.

And, will the company make an offer or prepare legal action, do you think?.

I bought the HostGator name BEFORE the companies actually merged..

Any views on this?.



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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Lol, there are always worse things that can be done. My guess is your probably in the clear at this point. I would not put up any kind of parking that would optimize keywords from their industry, unless the name of the new company is just keywords..

The real question is, did you buy the name, knowing that this company was going to be formed with the sole purpose of trying to sell it to them? This is like insider trading for HostGator names, and I do believe they could come after you if they could prove it..

The other issue, is what is the domain? Is it generic? is it specific?.

Are we talking something like - or something like ? You get what I'm asking?.


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Well, I did buy it after reading an article on the merger talks, and the HostGator names contains of the names of both the companies, with a hyphen in between, so I guess I'm an inside trader then..

Should I give it up, maybe, before they start some legal madness?..

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From the sounds of it, it sounds like youve taken both of their TMed names and simply added a hypen. My guess is they will respond with a C&D notice. I would comply with whatever they ask you to do, even if that means giving the name back to them. You may have gotten yourself into a mess if they decide to pursue this..


Comment #4, no need.... might be simpler for them to just buy you off..

...just wait for the next step in this story which is their response.... did the right thing and did not ask for silly money...they might pay more in legal fees just to threaten you so a little windfall might come your way...odds 50/50 but be prepared to walk away if it all goes belly-up.....

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Under those circumsdances, there is likely no chance you can get away with this if they decide to act..

I would call 200000% ROI in 3 month for a "insider" quite decent - LOL..

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If you gambled a reg fee on this situation I think you are a very bright domainer. As was already mentioned, since you didn't ask for silly money, the lawyers would probably cost them more than simply buying it from you. Please keep us posted...

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I'm just curios about how they would act if they did..

Will they simply just be happy with getting the name, or can they make my life hell somehow?.

I'm not keen on getting into some legal thing over the 8 dollars I spent..

Anybody heard of similar cases in the past, and the results of those?..

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I have a feeling you might get away with this, but there has been plenty of occasions where Tm'ed companies set a trap, like asking for a price, to use as evidence to show you were squatting on the name, thus making it easier for them to get the name if you were to stand in there way.

Anyway...let us know how everything works out!..

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I hope youre're not referring to the State Street/Investor's Bank & Trust Merger. And initiating an offer for something that is more likely TM violation is stupid- HostGator 101...

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It's ................................

For sale at Sedo and Godaddy..

I'm sure what I have written in this forum might have found it's way to ....... anyhow, so there you have it..

I don't like having worries, and will most likely contact them to hinder any legal attack..

TM and such, best not to be messed with, I guess...

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In this kind of situation, despite what you think of this thread getting back to anyone, never post the HostGator name with all of your admissions and comments about it..

I'd go back right now and edit the HostGator name out. Even though you or others may think things are stacked against you, why hang yourself when you truly haven't seen the next move?..

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Simply wait and see..

Take action appopriate to any responses. You may gain, worst case you can give it to them. I have a similar situation ongoing...

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Mail one:.

Mr./Ms. Hovden:.

I am the HostGator Administrator for ............... On December 7,.

2006, you forwarded to our office an email indicating that the HostGator name.

.................. was going to be listed for auction. In looking at the. auction site, I am unable to determine what price you are seeking.

For this domain. Also, I am unable to determine the auction termination.

Date. So that we may consider whether or not we are interested in having.

This HostGator in our portfolio, can you provide further information regarding.

This HostGator name?.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter..



Second Mail:.

Thank you for explaining the process. You state that the domain.

Name is for sale at this time, rather than up for auction. Can you advise.

What you would consider a reasonable offer for this HostGator name?.

In reply to:.

Thank you for contacting me..

I'm sorry about the confusion..

The HostGator name is for sale at Sedo, and in the Sedo-system when an offer.

Is made for a HostGator name, the name will be listed for a HostGator auction, if.

The owner of the name wishes so..

Or, you can make me an offer directly that you find reasonable, and the.

Domain name will not be listed for auction if we reach an agreement..

Best regards,.


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Seeing an opportunity in the newspaper and acting on it is not insider trading. It's probably the polar opposite of insider trading..

Not speaking to the rest of the TM issue...

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