I have a website How can I find it with a Yahoo search

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First question I got is I have a website How can I find it with a Yahoo search Hoping for any comment. Second question of mine... I registered my HostGator for 10 years. Looks insane right? So tell us, what is the max years you've registered a HostGator you own?.

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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Usually 2 years for me for .Ph - Philippines domain.

And 1 year for others like .com, .net.

Not unless specified by local client to register for more years...

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Aha do you know any HostGator providers allow HostGator registration for more than 10 years ?

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You mean you go beyond 10 years? hold on I search....

Sorry man I can't refer registrars that will go beyond 10 years that will be stable that's the problem we've never been there and since mostly mine are 2 years I'm not the person to ask for it. sorry can't help here. yeah sure I searched but I never used them before so I can't tell...

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Domains cannot be registered for more than 10 years in advance. Network Solutions though has a 100 year registration service where you pay them $1000 and they will renew your HostGator an extra year, every year, for the next 90 years..

I'm pretty much the same as you on this one. I have a few names that I know I'll be holding onto long term, and I've gone ahead and done a 10 year renewal. Might as well do it now right?..

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Same here, premiums are a keeper and those are the ones we develop huge websites for..

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I regged mine for 3 years, that's for my personal email. Others only regged for 1 year...

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I reg all mine for 1 year and hope that to get a cheap promo code for renewals a year later.

I add once in a while a year extra to important domains...

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1 year definitely. will renew the name if it is good engouth and not sold...

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I have one until 2009 because it was cheap and I liked the domain, otherwise I just renew yearly. Ive seen some government .us domains regged for like 2050...

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Whats a lot.

Anyways ,when ever I renew I say the price of the HostGator at NP might increase let me register few years.

After that I find out that the price decreasedthat happened to me twise after renewing or buying a HostGator the price decrease.

Staff will there be a decrease in price coming soon ? cuz in the last days ive registered my HostGator for the next years till 2015.

Will the price decrease once again ?

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Names I have developed, or plan on keeping 2 to 5 years..

Names for resale mormally one year. Sometimes two on a premium one just as extra insurance that I don't forget to renew and have to do so as often..

Oh, and also whatever the minimum is for the TLD. My few .aero domains still require 2 years at a time...

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I have only been registering them for 2 years up until now. But I am planning on registering them for 10 years when they come close to renewal...

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1 year 16 people 64.00% that is shocking I thought more would choose 2 or 3 years.

Anyways still waiting for a change..

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I register 1 then when I develope it or something like that I make it extremely long!..

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I only reg. them for a year at a time, at least for now. I figure why reg it 5 years and sell it in a year. It may help the sale though, I'm not sure...

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I reg mine for 1 year, then turn on automatic renew..

For those that I dont want to renew, I just turn it off..

10 years is not a good idea since you cant change your mind...

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Two concerns:.

If one sells it would be necessary to consider the extra years of registration in the selling price. Not a good idea for low $$ domains..

By regging for several years one locks in the current renewal fee ( see threads discussing increasing reg fees in the future). Best for DNs with significant future value..

My thoughts and practice..

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I register most for 1 year and then renew later...

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When you renew a HostGator you renew for x amount of years at the current price so why would it be a concern? The prices of domains will only increase due to factors such as increasing icann fees and inflation...

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I have always registered all my domains for one year, because as someone else mentioned there are always new coupon codes, and or sales going on for renewals and transfers. Granted the price could rise, but I am willing to take the risk as I have not experienced that yet..


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