I have two linux boot options in the grub Medifast menu.?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... I have two linux boot options in the grub Medifast menu.? Hoping for any comment. My other question... For the last month I have been suffering from sinus infection thatleft me down for the count. My weight loss hasn't gone down mucn and Im SAD that I haven't made any progress. They say that at 60% of your excess weight gone your body will say no it really possible that I'm just *DONE*????????????.

I don't want to be done! :-/ I just had.


In December and still weigh a little over 200 lbs and don't feel that is healthy enough. How can I rekick everything's ass to get back to losing? I'm not eating "naughty" foods. I cant even stand sweets since my tastes have changed so drastically....

Any suggestions? I hate chicken broth now after.


So that's not really an option unless I *ABSOLUTELY* had to. But I was considering going on just the protein shakes for a while..

Whattya think?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

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Being ill will definately throw you off track. Please don't beat yourself up over something you could not control. I am sure when you feel well enough to.


And get on with your regular activities you will start to lose and tone again. BTW, the average expected weight loss for GBS is 70-80 percent, not 60, so you can expect to lose more. The rate of loss also depends on other factors, including your starting weight. Someone like myself who started at well over 300 pounds is going to lose faster longer than someone who started in the 200s...

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Believe me your not "done".. it's only been a couple months. Your body is just worn down from being so sick. Luckily I haven't gotten sick since.


.. but I imagine that these types of illnesses would hit us even harder now that we are only getting in such small amounts of food.. we would be drained that much easier... and it would hit us that much harder! Especially that early out!! Your doing great.. focus on getting better and take a deep breath!! The extra shakes might help.. get in the protein!!.

I see we are practically neighbors.. I'm just up the freeway in Duluth.. nice to see a fellow Minnesotan on here!! Were here for you!!..

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Take a look at kimbords2's post called Interesting Information. This may be the answer you are looking for. I just know you are going to keep loosing so don't be discouraged...

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You are not done, I also felt that way for a bit when the weight stopped coming off (this was after getting a bad virus/flu). I used to think that all my work was wasted and I would not lose another pound. But as many said here, just hang in there. Keep up the.


And it will come off...

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I PROMISE you - you are not done losing!! I have had that thought so many times myself, through so many plateau's in the last 6 months. It can get discouraging that's for sure..

Keep doing the right things, that's the most important - and expect your body to fight you along the way. Ultimately though, you will win this war...

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Nope you are not done. You can lose up til about 18 mos. You will have plateau after plateau but don't give up. AT this early stage changing your.


Routine will help alot and make sure you are getting in that water. It really does help flush it all out. Check your measurements too you're probly losing inches. Any time you are ill it will hit you hard so definitely keep up with your vitamins and your B12 sublinguals especially for the energy and of course the protein. Things will move again :).


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Are you drinking enough water? You need it for weight loss and to clear up your infection. Also keep a.

Medifast food diary.

And weigh and measure what you eat. Be sure you are eating enough and not starving yourself or your body will hold on to the fat. Most of all be patient your body is going through big changes and you will hit plateus...

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I agree with the other posts that.


May help, have you thought about something like a Wii Fit? You can use it at home (I hate the gym, I tried.


And got sick of watching all the coordinated slim people, whilst I always seemed to be one step out...) and it is as high impact as you need it to be. the Wii has several fitness games as well, some which don't require the Wii Fit board..

Good Luck and never give up! You should be so proud of your achievements to date, this is just a short stage i'm sure you'll get through and come out of soon!!..

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I think your body is just trying to heal from the cold/infection. I've stalled a couple times too but suddenly will see a 5 lb loss. Make sure you are eating enough protein and liquid. I also started around 270 or so. My doctor assured me he wouldn't want to see more the 15-20 per month in slow steady loss. That is slower then some folks.


It as you go along, you can't mess it up:) Do good self care and I bet it'll bounce back:)..

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