I just created my own website at iPage, but can't open it.?

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First off, I just created my own website at iPage, but can't open it.? Looking forward for any response. My other question... Hi ALL,.

Another Con job,I hope these guys should just stop trying to con because this trick is a bit old now ,Please read through and be carefull..

His Reply to me,.


5 figure sum?.

How about 12,000 USD? Ok?.

Do you sell the name only without web site? I'm interested in the name so.

Web iPage site is not so important..

Do you have an appraisal certificate for your HostGator name?.

Domain name is an investment for me. In other words I'm going to sell your.

Name later and make a profit. If I overpay I won't be able to make a profit.

In the future. It's very important for you and me to know the current market.

Value of your domain..

Of course, we must be sure that you are engaging a reputable appraisal.

Company. I heard many appraisal companies often made inaccurate appraisals..

I will only accept appraisals from independent sources I trust..

I heard some appraisal companies often made inaccurate appraisals. So I.

Will only accept appraisals from independent sources I.

To avoid mistakes I asked HostGator experts about reputable appraisal companies.

In a forum.


Just check this posting..

If the appraisal comes higher you can adjust your asking price accordingly..

I also hope you can give me 10% - 15% discount of the appraised value..

After I get an appraisal from you we'll continue our negotiations..

How do you prefer to get paid:.


Check or.


Hope we can come to an agreement fast..

My reply to him before the above mail..

To: <>.

> >Sent: Sunday, November 26, 2006 10:18 PM.

> >Subject: RE:

> >.

> >.

> > > Hi,.

> > >.

> > > Thank you for your interest in the above mentioned HostGator name..

> > >.

> > > If you are really interested in this HostGator please click on.

> > >.

Or visit and submit your offer ..

> > >.

> > >.

> > > As all offers will go through SEDO only as for buyers security..

> > >.

> > > I hope you understand this..

> > >.

> > > Sorry I don't deal in bulk HostGator sales so I can't provide you with.


> >or.

> > > I can't provide you with any HostGator appraisals either..

> > >.

> > > You get what you see..

> > >.

> > > Thank you.

His first email to me,.



> > > >.

> > > >Please let me know a quote in US dollars or Euros for the name.

> >mentioned.

> >in.

> > > >the subject of this email. We saw it listed for sale..

> > > >.

> > > >Our company develops software (mainly client-server systems)..

> > > >.

> > > >If you offer more domains for sale with good reselling potential.

> >please.

> > > >email us your list..

> > > >.

> > > >Looking forward to do business with you..

> > > >.

> > > >Regards,.

> > > >Anthony Waldner.

> > > >President.

> > > >SINN Systems.

> > > >Software Solutions..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

That is right , there is new domainers that don't know there is stuff like that going on , but the np covered it, there is a section specially for Warnings & Alerts , I advise new domainers to check it every now and then before they get in the trap.


Comment #2

Send them a link back to NamePros, as evaluations are done here, through the diversity of the appraisers, the evals are mostly accurate and definitely trustworthy...

Comment #3

What a great email. I must confess, I have yet to recieve one of these asking for an appraisal. I would just laugh. If a buyer truely wanted an appraisal, it should be them paying for it, not the seller..

Infact, the only use an appraisal has, is it gives the seller a realistic idea of how much he should recieve for the sale of his HostGator - It does not give the buyer any assurances of the value - because it is the buyer who sets the market - if he is willing to produce a certain price, that is the market value...... economics... silly scammers...

Comment #4

With new domainers coming into the industry everyday, more and more people are falling for the scam. I was taken for this scam when I got into domaining, lost $50...

Comment #5

I guess this kind of things are pretty common. we aren't going to discuss every single one of them here right ? .

The bottom line : Just exercise discretion and caution when dealing with internet property like HostGator names...

Comment #6

They probably make decent money doing this damn thing too. Booooo...

Comment #7

I love the way they basically repeat the same thing for a paragraph..

Comment #8

I used to receive a lot of these kinds emails, but lately few arrived. Don't know why...

Comment #9

Even tho they know it is an old story bu they still keep trying with other people, I receive those every now and then..


Comment #10

They get annoying these emails after awhile, Yet I encourage to always post them or any new variant of them becuase not all domainers who visit namepros are experienced so if one of the new domainers stumbles over a thread like this and is saved from this scam then that is only good..

We must keep up the scammer awareness and stub them out...

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.