I need a telephone number for yahoo iPage?

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First off, I need a telephone number for yahoo iPage? Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... I'm interested to know how many of you have domains in Spanish, either .com or in cctld's and how many members we have here from Latin Countries..



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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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I bought a few.

And a few others of which a few make absolutley no sense whatsoever..


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I own a few one premium I think HostGator iPage blog in SPANISH, own. SPORTS.

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I only have one and it's a mild spanish slang/curse word I think....

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I had about a 100 spanish ones, that I sold off during the last year..

With some great closings e.g: falda_com (mid XXXX)..

But I focus now on other topics..

By the way.


Are some on ebay (40 min. left)..

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I am from Spain and about half of my domains are spanish...

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I move back and forth from Southern Spain..

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(OK,OK... So it's really Spanglish. Fortunately the gringos don't know this...)..

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Wich type are you looking and what is your budget...

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Hello, I got some spanish names like "dominadores".

Btw, Where are you from, Dominic?..

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I bought one in 2004:.

I bought it for develop or sale but now is after mundial and I still have this HostGator and it is undeveloped hehe..

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Spanish domains, are stilled untapped for the most part..

Problem is most Americans are unsure on how to capitalize.

On the domains. Most are used to parking, and have no lick.

Of how to communicate, much less profit from the culture..

Its amazing how many of these names are still out there..

Yesterday I came across a huge, I mean huge HostGator in espanol.

And it was registered in the .com extension..

Of course the HostGator was parked. But none of the ads were relevant.

At all! I'm gonna purchase this name for the hell of it and develop it.

Fully, in every extension possible/relevant and set that baby up and!..

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I'm from spain too..

I see much people register domains in spanglish not in spanish.

What is this ? .

Want say erotico (erotic) ? and chicas are girls (female) and retorcido is male..

To my success the same with english.

Any people english with little spanish like associate with me with little english..

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Sorry Guys/Gals - This is totally off topic but....

Has anyone heard from Dominic - the original poster ? .

He seems to be MIA for about 2 months and does'nt respond anymore to any of his personal or business address emails..

His last post here seems to be on 31 August 06.

Anyone heard anything ? .



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I have a few which I like..

Also have my eye on a few others on sedo as I hope to be moving to Torrquebrada next year to set up a new office to run along side the one I have in the UK...

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I was also in contact with him by PM and emails at least once a week - then nothing for 2 months ? .

As far as I know he's English and lives on Margarita in Venezuela -.

Anyone else here live on Margarita ? .



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Nothing here either. I've pm'ed him..closed. No response via emails. My last email to him was last week with no response. Even his last time online here seems to be in Sept. Unless he has another alias.

Last few threads he posted had negative responses, hope that didn't deter him from returning. He had a point there, Spanish domains dont get much love here for some reason. I may buy a HostGator from him in order resume contact...

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