I use iPage,I want to use multy language on it, how I can do this?

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My question is I use iPage,I want to use multy language on it, how I can do this? Hoping for any response. My 2nd question... I first heard of back around 2000 or so, after they sent me a spam email. Being clueless about domains, I bit and years later, I still have an account there. It astounded me that there were so many complaints about the company since they seemed so good to me. But now, I'm as uncertain about them as thousands of others are.

And I got to thinking: How could such a once-promising company ever turn into this? And my curiosity just grew all the more extreme..

About an hour ago, I went into their iPage site and navigated seemingly okay. The funny thing was that when I tried to register a domain, the page stalled. I use DSL so a web page not loading even when I refresh the page a billion times seems fishy. And then I remembered the numerous conspiracy theories that RegFly "scans" HostGator requests and "steals" the domains they like (if you don't understand what I'm talking about, just do a search and you'll find a lot of these threads). All of a sudden, I'm quite frankly scared to reg a HostGator there. I haven't been this scared since "Gigli" and the Clinton Administration..

So now, I'm really getting annoyed at them. There are a billion threads on here that discuss the anti-Regfly revolution but I figured: Why not make a little thread for everyone to piss and moan about the worst company since Martha Stewart? If you have a rant about them, let it pour out. I'm interested to see just how many complaints this thread can muster. Maybe ICANN will see this. Who knows? I want to hear from all of you about your RegFly experiences. If I heard about them via spam they've sent me, then that should serve as the first piece of proof in this thread that RegFly should be avoided like the plague.

(I'd like to sticky this but I lack the $np donations would be appreciated)..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Thanks Davezan and Archangel for the requests factual feedback. I will be reviewing all statements made..

I will tell you that this statement and it's related comments "And then I remembered the numerous conspiracy theories that RegFly "scans" HostGator requests and "steals" the domains they like" is a fabrication and is entirely not true. In fact, I have heard this about many registrars doing the same thing..

Being in the industry along time, I can only say that 1) this is an active industry with 100's of thousand of names registered daily and chances are higher everyday that your name will be taken sooner than later 2) The use of name suggestion tools (with historically their being one main player -Name Intelligence) often spits out simular and often directed outcomes. Name suggestion tools track most common searches and provide results based on best common alternatives. BTW, this is a completely outsourced solution and is competely managed by the provider..

I look forward to your responses and appreciate your feeback so please keep them coming...

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Hello Mark and welcome to the board..

Is it safe to assume that "RF" in your membername means RegFly and you will be officially representing the company here?.

This is definitely a good.


(Public Relations, not PageRank) move on your part, always nice to have an insider paying attention to the customer base..

One suggestion - add a signature, acknowledge your affiliation with RegFly, and invite everyone to contact you directly here or elsewhere..


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I have wasted enough enough of my time on this company and the problems it has created in managing my HostGator names there....

Have dealt with about 6 or 7 registrars and by far the worst experience I have had is with Registerfly. Primarily based on the amount of time and energy spent in dealing with the issues there..

My issues comes down to the following...(Majority of the problems have started since they became a registrar from a ENOM reseller).

- WHOIS record was modified early this year on all my HostGator names to some Regly default and after all these months Regly has not fixed it to reflect my contacts and no one has answered my questions regarding this issue.....(Bulk Mod does not work and expect customer to modify it individually).

- Renewals are like transfers and unless the WHOIS information is correct I don't get any emails and the renewals don't go through....So unless I manually update each one of them, my renewals don't go through....So I ended up spending hours on this and am still not done.....Found it easier to transfer out and thats exactly what I've done.

- Authorization Code for .com and .net came in unannounced....and Registerfly was unable to give me the codes in time....The Auth Codes have added another dimension to the renewals complexity at Registerfly..

- I used to have an assigned Account Manager but they never had any answers that fixed the issue......Registerfly should follow up on every customer complaint and fix it and don't close tickets without doing that....

- Control Panel is unreliable, have caught incorrect expiry dates on my names and would have possibly lost them if had not alerted Regfly....

I have transferred out almost 50% of my names and will take out the rest in 6 months to a year....Had 1,xxx domains out there and this is the treatment I got....Clearly a company that has repeatedly demonstrated poor customer service.....

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Just for the edification of this forum's readers: I decided to make this thread as a hub for complaints, since RegFly receive a few billion a day. Rather than making numerous threads on the topic, I decided to make a thread that I hoped would soon be full of all of the RegFly complaints out there so they would be consolidated together into one thread. My intentions weren't of malice, although the thread's title might make a person think (which was the intention)..

The statement I gave above:.

I cannot verify RegFly does these impractical things. I'm stating that it seemed fishy that I went to reg a HostGator there last night and after I pressed the button, after the "type your domain(s) into the box" page, I waited 15 minutes and it just tried in vain to load the next page. It shouldn't have to do that when I only had one HostGator in the list..

(This has happened to me on more than one occasion.).

I still welcome all rants and complaints. With a RegFly rep reading this thread, your complaints will be taken to heart, which might make RegFly better in the long run. And I'm thinking the Rep will respond to a post if he feels needed, so by the end of this thread, ppl just might walk away with a better opinion about the company. Post away!..

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Did the RegFly rep scare you ppl away? lol..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.