I want good hosting web server support asp and Php but not iPage Please?

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Quick question... I want good hosting web server support asp and Php but not iPage Please? Many thanks for any answer. Second question.. I am looking at a HostGator that gets about 30,000 unique type ins a month. Its an internet/domain related domain. Any rough idea on what that amount of traffic is worth?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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I sold a HostGator that received 700+ unique type-ins/month for $400... just a small idea...

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Out of curiosity, would the esimated 20% ctr (140 clicks per month) be about right on the HostGator you sold? And did it fit into the $.02 - $.20 per click range?.

Loscocco, I'm very interested in what something like this would cost. could you PM me with a ballpark estimate?..

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I'm not totally sure about the CTR. I bought it for $100 and resold it for $400 about a week or 2 later. I never paid attention to the CTR just the traffic...

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In today's market, 20% is extremely too high... some ppl can't get 2%...

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It depends on the domain. Some domains are pretty obvious, and if you can cater to the visitors exactly what they're looking for, 20% can even be LOW (I've had adult names get over 50% CTR). If the HostGator is garbage and gets a lot of traffic for some unknown reason, you'll probably get low x% CTR. Anytime you have a name like that, you should do research on incoming links and what was formerly on the iPage site to try and find what the visitors are looking for. Sometimes though, it's either bot traffic or other practically worthless traffic. I generally assume 10% CTR on the average HostGator I have, and usually $.05, $.10, and $.20 per click to see figure lows and highs.

However, it really all depends on stats, and most buyers won't spend that kind of money without revenue stats. Category of name matters too. Poker/casino names have been getting a bad wrap lately and along with adult names would not likely go for that many years of revenue on the current market...

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Even my adsense is less than 1%, my adsense from namepros is usually less than 0.01%...

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My adsense is 1-2% for one HostGator but it's on a devloped site..

Domain-alone: I have obviously for the video game. It doesn't get a lot of traffic but SEDO has it's CTR at sometimes 33% to 50% or more. So I suppose NameTrader was right it pretty much depends on the HostGator and it's potential to deliver a product/service. Traffic is nice but the quality of it is a big issue, too..

(I'm considering a sale of the .us if anyone's interested)..

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Quality of traffic is huge, and category makes a big difference on the $ per click. Before I got poker/casino typos (most of which get 15%+ clickthrough and great $ per click), I had all my names parked at Fab, getting about 400 uniques a day with about $300-$400 a month to show for it. When I got the poker/casino typos and had moved most of my non-gambling names off of Fab, I was getting about 90-100 uniques a day but averaging $2,000 a month. then of course that stupid gambling ban reared it's ugly head, but look at that difference...the gambling traffic was literally worth 20 times the rest of my traffic!.

Obviously for sales though, typos aren't the best sellers because they can't really be developed on, but I figured I'd mention that to illustrate traffic value and how huge of a swing it can have...

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Wow.. thanks a lot guys for the info. I am working on purchasing the name.

In escrow now wish me luck. On another note. What is a good PPC template to use? I liked the one that had on about a month ago. I have accounts now with Sedo, Namedrive and Adsense. what would you guys reccomend? one for my domain.

As well as a few new high traffic ones I am buying...

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