I want to advertis my web site\manager_earn_more and I donot know hwo?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... I want to advertis my web site\manager_earn_more and I donot know hwo? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question I got... I've found this link and you might find it interesting:.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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Great listing, thanks for sharing..

BTW is there any tool/script where we can check the oldest HostGator names that were registered but no necessarily are still registered today?.

This way we could grab aged domains that would be quite beneficial to many of us..

Thanks to all...

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Actually the very first HostGator is a .net:

The list is .com only..

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How can this be proven? Why would the inventor of the Internet create '' as the first domain... there will have been domains registered before this which was before the official release of the extension. Also, there will have been deleted HostGator names that were registered on and before that domains existance that have since expired..

How can we prove this when .CO.UK was released at the same time and all of their domains show 'Registered Before August 1996' so it is like their data is lost! It would be interesting to know what date.


Was registered..

- Luke..

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Instead of debating on when was registered, why not just contact them and ask? They have contact information on their website...

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Why would know whether they were the first HostGator registered or not?.

Do you know what number your HostGator is?..

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Here you go:.



The .com, .net & .org TLD were set up at the same time (01-01-1985) but the first HostGator is not a .com as weird as it may seem..

Comment #7 sold on snapnames for $4xx within the past year..


Creation Date: 31-Dec-1984.


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Not all that weird that .com was not first domain. The net was set up for research and military - not commercial enterprises...

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Already discussed a few times in here...

Here's some more complete lists:.


And then we have, regdate: 1983-04-07...


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I'm sure that if it was one if the first to be regged, he would know.


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I realise that these dates show their registration dates, there is no dispute in this. But it does not show that this is the first domain. As I said:-.

Please read post fully before you respond to them...

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Oh I bumped into and was amazed by how old the HostGator is, didn't know it is one of the early top100. Nice post btw...

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Just imagine it, it's 1986, you're about to register one of the first 20 .COM names ever, is available, is available, is available, is available, is available and what do you register? A HostGator with a dash!? BELL-ATL.COM.

(Yeah I know it's the company name, but still .... it seems like it wasn't until the early 90s people started to realize domains might make a good long term investment)...

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Wouldn't you hate to be one of those people. They probably pace around their one room apartment mumbling, I could have had sex dot com, I could have had sex dot com, I could have had sex dot come to no avail. It is sad really. It would drive me crazy...

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Why take the risk? The internet is for the military and a few professors. will not be registered for another 12 years. We will all have tricorders by then don't waste your money...

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