I want to change the appearance of the drop down Medifast menu on my laptop?

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Quick question... I want to change the appearance of the drop down Medifast menu on my laptop? Looking forward for any comment. My other question... I am only 3 days out of.


And I am getting worried that I am not taking in enough fluids. On top of that I am experiencing constipation, so I am feeling all sorts of things here. I read those handouts they give you with all the information on what to eat during stage 3 and I can't even get down a full shake (Full meal) without feeling full. Does this get better over time and how long will it take me to just be able to tolerate enough to stay hydrated and regular?? :)..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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The main thing is to get your water in so you don't get dehydrated, just keep on sipping. This will help with the constipation too...

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Thanks, I know that's exactly what is seems like. Its like anything new, you hear so many horror stories I just got nervous. I have been.

Drinking water.

All day, just sips at a time and hopefully this feeling won't last long!!! LOL Thanks again to the both of you!!..

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Awww soft healing cyber hugs. Yep, absolutely normal. Like others have said just keep sipping water and shakes and everyday just try & do better and better. I literally cried every day at least once a day for the first few weeks. I didn't feel "normal" again till week 7. Had lots of WTH did I do to my body moments and somewhere in that 7th week I got a system and finally started to come close to my Dr's goals..

Like elocyyma.


Seems to shut down my system a bit. Keep sipping though because it is as you can imagine easy to get dehydrated in these first weeks if you are not careful. Call your surgeon and perhaps he can prescribe something to help..

Speedy healing,.


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This is normal. NOBODY can take in the vitamins, food, fluids the first few weeks...I promise!.

You'll be fine. Worry more about fluids, and less about protein and vitamins your first few days.....Each day will get easier!.

Good luck,.


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Everyones advice is great. All I can is listen to your body it will tell you what you need...

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Stay on top of the constipation. The constant problems I have had with it since Day 1 have done some damage over time (I am 9 months out). If your surgeon doesn't have any bright ideas about managing this symptom, your nutritionist or PCP will. During the first month I kept glycerin suppositories, Fleet enemas and Prep H right by the toilet...

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I didn't have my first BM until almost a week after.


(my Dr. wants everyone pretty cleaned out before) but 3 days out you probably haven't eaten enough to have much of anything to eliminate..

BUT, you are right on schedule for bad GAS, since they fill your gut with gas in order to do the.


, and it takes it's time to work it's way out. My suggestion would be to walk, a lot. I also found that standing straight, holding on the something and rotating my hips around in a circle helped both with the gas and with mobility in my abs. It could be that your farts are trying to get out and the pain is just not that much different...


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A full shake right now is about 4 oz - not 8oz. My schedule usually went like this for the first 10 days or so..

Eat (protein shake 30 min.

Don't eat or drink 30 min.

Drink water 8 oz 30 min.

Don't eat or drink 30 min.

Eat (restart the cycle).

6 to 8 "eats" a day. Got to admit I was at the 6 end of that scale...

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Thank you for your experiences, insight, and's nice to feel like I'm normal for feeling abnormal!! LOL If that makes any sense!! At least there are people who can relate and this is so meaningful to me!! So thank you again to everyone!! :)..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.