I want to create a login page in my free yahoo iPage web site.?

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First question I have is I want to create a login page in my free yahoo iPage web site.? Hoping for any answer. My 2nd question... was just sold using MySpace for mid-low XXXX after listing for less than a week. MySpace can be a very effective marketing tool and forum for getting the word out and reaching potential buyers that would normally be oblivious to such sales. It's amazing the amount of useage it gets and diverse database it has...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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Can you provide a link on the seller and buyer?..

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Yeah, it would be interesting to see how this one evolved. Might be a new market (definitely has a lot of users).


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I tried looking up on My Space and couldn't find it. That is pretty interesting though...

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Nice... if only I could pull that off with

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Well basically I posted a iPage blog on MySpace (which can be seen by anyone that stumbles on your profile) and then linked to it in a bulletin (which people on your friends list can see). I also had posted a link in the classifieds section of MySpace, but they expire after a couple of days. Anyways, a couple people commented on it, and then after a few days I got a serious inquiry, and that was that. The MySpace iPage blog posting is located here:.


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This is the AD, can you also post a screenshot of the the buyer. Just to check out how you went through with the SALE...

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How much do you think will go for? And what if I have it developed and lots of traffic to it? You think I can sell it for $5,000,000..

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The sale of is legit I can assure you guys. Miztinsel is a longtime friend of mine who now lives in Las Vegas and when I was buying my .IM names a while back I joked to her that she should buy it since she lives there and she did. The rest is history, Congradulations MizTinsel on your first HostGator sale and it being a remarkable one at that. I am interested to see what the new owner has planned for it..


I think has a similar potential to maybe a bit more but definately nowhere near $5m. BTW I just Looked and is not resolving as a website..

Good luck..

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Certainly good news for some of us who own nice keywords with the .im ext!..

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Yeah definately. I think this is one of the better .IM sale I have seen so far. Has anyone else seen any other significant ones? I need to get some of mine sold now.. Blue.IM Wired.IM etc..

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Not at all!.

I'd reckon some where in the region of mid xxxx - high xxxxx..

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Congratulations! I've sold one .im so far ( and am working on a few others as well..

Always good to hear about peoples success, goodluck everybody...

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Congrats to the buyer and the seller -.

Great to see some activity relating to .im's.

I have - I get alot of interest about it,.

But nothing that ends in a sale .....

Currently listed for only $1350.00 - I think that's.

A fair price for the keyword. But hey, what do I know!.

Christmas is coming..

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This is good news. Congrats miztinsel. I own

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