Icons disappearing off of desktop and start Medifast menu?

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Got a quick question: Icons disappearing off of desktop and start Medifast menu? Hoping for any answer. Another question... I find that all of a sudden, I am seeing myself as I really am...weight-wise. I think I truly have an image problem because almost all my life, I've actually seen myself as an okay-sized person. Recently, though, I've been down on myself so bad about being the size I've gotten to be. I hate myself.

that I am.

Have any of you out there felt the same way or can relate? What can I do?.

My friend says I need to forgive myself and move forward from this day forward and to positively look forward to all the newness that will happen to my body. I thought that was good..

But...I wanted to get feedback from people that are going and have gone through what I have...If there is any?.

Thank you!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1

Hi Debbie,.

I can't say I ever was hating myself, but I did look in the mirror and saw the 269 that I started at. Between the 5% I had to lose to be approved, the pre-op Medifast diet and since.


, I'm at 222, so almost 50 pounds. I do feel better about myself and feel smaller. It will come for you too, hang in there!.

Hugs, Patricia..

Comment #2

If you didn't feel crappy now....what would make you want to change things?.

I am 15 months out....and funnily enough (is funnily a word? I read a diary entry from almost two years ago when I was waiting for approval and all the fun stuff that goes with it..I remembered how I felt was terrible. I thought things were never going to change and was SOO depressed. I recognized it then...and see it even more so now..But it was those days when I wrote like that that made me want to do this.


Make the commitment. make the change..

It is those terrible days that have attributed to and pushed me to where I am now. Happier, healthier...and looking forward to living life...not just watching it pass by me..

Best of luck in your journey..


Comment #3

Hey Debbie,.

I can relate, I hovered at about 275 for 6 or 7 years. Got a wake up call one morning when I stepped on the scale and it was 285 the same morning my blood glucase was 240. I don't know how it was for you, but it's easy to pretend when you feel good. The realization of the reality hurts. Maybe the wake-up call is a good thing because it has made you start this journey to better health. I never saw 285 again after that morning.

Sitting in front of a mirror is too horrifying for words - if you haven't done it DON'T) But making progress towards the.


Is a series of small triumphs and small set backs. Relish the first and expect the second so it doesn't put you down. You know that with the proper tool, GBS, you are going to.

Lose weight.

You know it's going to come off. As you go through the process to get to the.


Think of it as training for the rest of your life. Read some of the foods you'll be able to eat and try some now. Protein shakes are a good Medifast diet drink , so start to try a few now, so you find one you like. There is no point in buying clothes now - but a couple of really small dishes and bowls in a pattern that brightens your day might reduce that frustration. Start to develop the habits that you will need after.


I'm a total failure at chewing 20-30 times per bite and I haven't a clue how to "sip" water. But I've given up gum and.


And found protein supplements that I love. Try switching to low carb soy milk,since you'll probably end up lactose intolerant at least for a while..

Keep your eyes focused on the future, not the mirror. It wasn't lying to you before - it's lying to you now. You are the okay sized person that you were - that hasn't changed. But you are on your way to becoming a right sized person. Be proud of it..


Comment #4

I have that same body image-I think I'm smaller than I am. I.


Mirrors and pics like the plague. That helps me stay in denial. It hit me hard one day when I was getting out of the shower in our new house. There was a large mirror over the sink. I caught a glimpse of myself and my jaw dropped. I said out loud "oh my God, how did that happen?!" I was at 440 lbs and had no idea how massive I had become.


I lifted my spirits by making lists of things I am going to do when I lose the weight. I also set my personal weight goal. I took pics off the internet of kayaks, and caves, etc - places/things I want to go/do. I put them as wallpaper. Right now I have a pic of fern cave in tulelake national monument where I went spelunking when I was in college. That's one of the places on my list..

Just start thinking about how your life is going to change. Buy yourself a new outfit that is just a bit too small and hang it up where you can see it for incentive. I am so excited about the day I will be able to wear jeans..

Good luck to you. msg me if you want some more ideas. I so relate to what you're going through...

Comment #5

Hey. I.


I am doing this right. I have never done anything like this before. I learned Friday that my.


Has been approved and that it is to be Feb 22. I am scared to death. Please keep me in your prayers...

Comment #6

We all at somepoint in our life have felt that way. My big moment was when I was in the hospital. I fell down and could not get up. It took 4 men to get me off of the floor. I was so ashamed of myself. I knew from then on that I would never weigh 280 again.

Good luck!!!!.


Comment #7

Been there, done that. Couldn't believe I ignored the scales and kept thinking to myself "I'M not as big as that woman"...but I was AND bigger. It wasn't until the health issues started piling up on me that made me get sucks to acknowledge to yourself that you don't like what you know is true...I'M OBESE, but thankfully this.


Can change your life (with your help, of course). You'll do great, just keep.


The posts out here and follow all of your doctors orders...

Comment #8

I don't know if you watch the program "Intervention" but it follows people with different types of addictions. There's a common theme of "hitting rock bottom" before people get the help they need. For me, it was a lot like what you're saying. I have always had great self esteem and have never really been "skinny", but always hovering around the 190 mark. Within five years, I lost my father and my sister, and had a baby right in the middle of everything. One day last year I looked in the mirror and didn't even recognize the person in front of me! I weighed in at 250 pounds, had high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and had all kinds of aches and pains.

For me, this was my rock bottom moment...but the fantastic news is that it served as a catalyst to lead me to the GBS. I had my.


In August of last year and I have already lost 78 pounds. I went from a size 20 jeans to a size 10!!! I no longer have to take my high blood pressure meds, nor my insulin resistance drugs. The best part, though, is being able to be a better Mom to my two year old she deserves having a Mom who can sit on the floor and play with her...

Comment #9

Just my two cents worth..

I agree with your friends who say to forgive yourself and move forward..

Here's the thing about GBS. It's just a tool. It's a great tool, but there is still significant effort required on your part to get with (and stick with) the program and by doing so, change the future. And when you stop to think about it, your main focus should be on the future, not the past, because that's where you'll be spending the rest of your life..

If you feel that you are as fully informed as possible about GBS, then proceed with confidence and.


Don't focus on what is, but rather on what will be...

Comment #10

I find that all of a sudden, I am seeing myself as I really am...weight-wise. I think I truly have an image problem because almost all my life, I've actually seen myself as an okay-sized person. Recently, though, I've been down on myself so bad about being the size I've gotten to be. I hate myself. I look in the mirror now and see myself the 275 pds. that I am.

Have any of you out there felt the same way or can relate? What can I do?.

My friend says I need to forgive myself and move forward from this day forward and to positively look forward to all the newness that will happen to my body. I thought that was good..

But...I wanted to get feedback from people that are going and have gone through what I have...If there is any?.

Thank you!..

Comment #11

Debbie, I too was 275lbs before my.


Jan.5,2010, I was 250 until I quit smoking then I gained, 25 lbs, you give up one thing and gain another, LOL. And I too had this body image I didn't think I was fat, but then I had to face reality, we went to a amusement park last summer and I love all the rides but when I got on them I would panic that the lap bar wouldn't latch around me, then I went to a water park with my daughter and grandson, I had a panic attack and couldn't go down but about 2 water tunnel I was so scare I was going to get stuck inside them, then there are just times when I wouldn't go because it required alot of.


And I couldn't keep up , so I decided I wanted my life back I wanted to start living again, so see the negative definely out weighted everything else. And here I am at 4 weeks out 24lbs lighter and still going, with no regrets. I.


This had help in some way...

Comment #12

Hi debbie I think when you start the process of looking into gbs you start to face reality.i was in denial of my size for years and was 305 lb pre gbs,i just lived with it I supp and did try diets and.


But didnt loose big amounts so I think I resigned myself that this was my lot in life to be fat,i think I had to face reality then as I thought I'm not that bad and when I went to.


I thought I'm ashamed of myself because I am having major.


Because I cant control my eating but then realized theres more to it than that ie metabolism /hereditary/yes comfort eating due to hard periods in my life so I stopped been so hard on myself and took the plunge and had my.


,i didnt like mirrors and avoided them and didnt like having photos taken all denial behaviours I suppose and it was like I said before when you start investigating the gbs it's actually facing the weight problem and admitting to yourself you have a problem and you are indeed not happy with the weight so you are looking at it head on now and that the first step to a new you so well done to you and hopoe you understand wat I'm trying to say, take care and be kind to yourself...

Comment #13

OMG Debbie, I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!! I talk to my friends about it all the time I feel like a skinny girl trapped in this body I don't recognize when I look in the mirror... I look at myself and say wow where did that ass come from! I think my reasoning is that only this year have I had a large upper body, my butt and stomach and legs have always been large, but you couldn't tell I was heavy from the high waist up. My face has even gotten fatter!.

My advice to you is this, so soon June will come for you and you are prepared to do what is necessary to beat this weight that has you depressed and down on yourself so that in December your gonna be a SEXY MAMA!!! SO look at it like this is your year to change and start doing things for you. We all need to do it, I have started and the little things I am doing are making me feel much better I can tell you that!..

Comment #14

A very long time ago, 20 years or so, I remember telling my mom that I had to hate myself in order to make the changes to lose the weight. I had fought for years doing the yo-yo dieting always ending up far bigger. Then I just refused to even try..

Well when improvements were made in gastric bypass, I started doing the.


After awhile I was able to go from hating myself to loving myself enough to say yes to my life. I had to love myself enough to take out a loan because the crappy deals my company kept getting for insurance. And I have no regrets. If I was given good insurance that would cover it tomorrow, I would still say that the loan was worth getting it done when I did..

My top weight was 545 and at.


Time 519. Three months out I was at 455. I will weigh in on the 5th and post then..

So many positive things have come from this, and the best one for me was I could stop the self hate..

May your journey be successfull..

Comment #15

I know how you are feeling, but I decided to try a different tactic. I made the choice to feel wonderful and beautiful now. You will not be a different person after.


You will be the same wonderful person that you are right now. I started.


As well as started a photo essay of my journey. I have a friend that is taking the most gorgeous photos of me at all phases....not just the before/after type. Cannot stand those personally. It has helped me to look at my myself in a realistic light and has given me the opportunity to see the the beauty in the process and myself. Try not to feel bad about yourself. You are giving you...a beautiful gift.

By the are so pretty right now!..

Comment #16

I have for years have had different eyes when looking or not looking at myself. In my mind I think of myself as a normal sized womyn. I buy nice clothes I look nice when I go out. But the realization is that I weigh 254, recently I went from a size 22 pant to a 24. I am hypertensive, diabetic on a.

Insulin pump.

And getting up in age. It is my time to take control of my life to make sure that I have a life to continue. My kids don't know me any other way. They are all grown and they think I am a normal size for me, they have never known me any other way. I just know it is time for a major change in my life. So I am getting a tool to assist me to create a new life for me...

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.