If anybody has a iPage website, could anyone tell me how to clear a guestbook?

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My first question is If anybody has a iPage website, could anyone tell me how to clear a guestbook? Thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: Today I was transferring all domains I have bought in the last few months to namecheap my primary registrar, Well I had 2 in a registerfly account I wanted to transfer..

I spent 1/2 hour trying to unlock these HostGator via the control panel No success as there interface says it allows you to unlock your account but it never happens. So I called the customer support I waited 45 minutes on a Saturday morning and finally spoke with Omar and he was useless I requested the domains be unlocked and he said please hold for another 15 minutes I held patiently, he came back on the line and asked my account holder info and I told him again please hold and after 30 minutes he still never came back on the line..

I will never buy another name held at this registrar from anyone as it's more of a pain in the A$$ than anything..

My suggestion to everyone avoid names at registerfly it will cost you valuable time and money..


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Hey TT,.

Wait until you finally get them out....

I still get renewal notices from regfly for domains I transfered away MONTHS & MONTHS ago. :0..

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Registerfly Control Panel is the worst in the business, highly unreliable...Bulk Mods don't work Bulk WHOIS does not work....

Few of my names had incorrect expiry date, even after I had renewed it. Could have lost those names if I had not manually checked it. The names suddenly appear in the expiry list and this happened in 2 instances this year and once last year (when I lost a name).

Now, I am slowly planning on moving all my names out of there in a year. They have 25% of my names and have not taken care of me as a customer...

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But they keep sucking people in there with their cheap offers..

I promise you....they are only cheap if your time is worth nothing....because you are going to waste a lot of time trying to fix any of the many screwups they continue to provide.......

I cannot believe how a company thet was so good/helpful 3 years ago has just gone to crap.......and now they have ICANN they can just do as they please.......hell with the customer....

The Dog & Pony show at RegisterFly continues......

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The worst part of it is that I never registered the names at regfly in the first place , I bought these from other people. I really do not wish to loose these name but I will not renew these at this mickey mouse company, I wouldnt be surprised if they are getting paid a portion of the long distance fee's from the telephone company for keeping people on hold for such a long period of time..

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Oh yeah I'm sure they arranged such a sweetheart deal. Posts like these are why many complaints can't be taken serious on here...

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This lawyer is suing:.


A class-action suit is potentially forming in California too..

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My sympathies....

Although I have had the same problem with domainsite and cnobin as well.....

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RegisterFly sucks. I'm ready for a road trip to jersey. Anyone wanna come?..

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Regfly is trying to bill me for a HostGator renewal on a HostGator I transfered out some time ago. But at the same time I had an issue with their control panel not updating my dns changes, and after 1 support ticket and about a one hour wait it was taken care of...

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STOP digging up every thread you can find about RegisterFly. This one is 2 months old, and there's about 10 of them at the top of the forum now. You might be mad at RegisterFly but flooding the forum is punishing.

US NamePros.


I'm going to delete your recent posts, so those other threads fall back into natural order..

If you have a legitimate beef with them, post your facts in one centralized location. Don't dig up every thread you can find to bash them...

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