If McDonald's made hotdogs a part of their dollar Medifast menu, would you try it ?

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First question I got is If McDonald's made hotdogs a part of their dollar Medifast menu, would you try it ? Thanks for any comment. Second question.. Ok ....I am curious if anyone has been stuck on a plateau for as long as I have? This is really rediculous....I have upped my protein, I have drank more water, I have walked on the treadmill....I feel like pulling my hair out sometimes! ha ha UGH! I have lost some more inches.....

Here's the breakdown:.

Starting at:.

Waist= 64inches.

Now= 38.5inches.

Hips= 75inches.

Now= 49inches.

My pants have gotten more loose but I am wondering why I just cannot get past this weight???? hmmmm.

I am wondering if this is it for me. You are all real nice...and have given me a lot of advice...I was just wondering if anyone else has or is experiencing this as well.....

Every day I am trying to hold on.....I WILL DO THIS! Hopefully!:).


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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Dear Karla,.

You have lost half of yourself. I am so proud of you. Your body is just rearranging itself. You will continue to loose for more that 18 months I have heard..


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I just visited my surgeon recently, and he "pronounced" that weight loss from here on out would be slower and more 'normal'.


To the rate I'd been losing. And it has proven to be so. I think based on weight we need to lose, Medifast food choices, exercising, etc., we have to plan to plateau or at least slow to a crawl at some point. I have some worry about this slowness of pace for my own self, and wonder how far I will be able to continue losing. Some I know continue , and can even get a bit too thin, as some here have shared. Others stop 20 or so lbs and can't seem to make the scale budge.

Have you done the 5 day pouch test? Not so much to see if it's still working, but to jump start things..


Comment #3

No I haven't done the 5 day pouch test...probably should for kicks and has been real tight though so I will have to see how to rearrange some things grocerie wise. HEY! I just got done.


A mile on the treadmill at 5.0mph and 1/4 of that I I feel energized :).

Take Care Y'all:).


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Bet you couldn't even THINK about jogging with 64 inch waist and 75 inch hips... YOU GO GIRL!..

Comment #5

YOU ARE SOOOOOO right ! I needed that reminder! THANKS!..

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I have definately been this stuck. I have been hovering within 5 lbs of 200 since THANKSGIVING. The worst longest plateau ever I tell ya. But I can't complain losing the 150 lbs I have though. This plateau actually has worked out really good for me, because it showed my insurance that I have been at a steady weight and was approved to have my skin removal.


I have enough skin to be removed now that I would definately reach my goal weight and a normal BMI afterwards. The scale only seems to move for me if I do my 4 mile hikes on the weekend. And there always is a delay of 2-3 weeks of.


Before the scale even moves a pound, but then begins rolling in a steady downward pace. But it's been so rainy here where I live, I don't get out and exercize much anymore, and thus the plateau I suppose. Wish you luck!..

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I'm stuck big time....I'm now trying to find the balance of protein vs. excercise. Apparently I'm not getting the combo right as of right now!!! :) I've been teetering back and forth between 204 and 202 for over a month now!!! It's very frustrating, but as everyone will tell usit'll be ok!!! :) The gaining muscle thing drives me crazy!!! :) I don't want muscle...I want the lbs. gone!!! LOL.

Best wishes, we're all in this together, you've done an amazing job Karla!!!.


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Cacti hun,.

Do I need to visit with my portable vacuum???.

The hose is about butt size.....

I do feel for you precious I really do, having reached sooooo many milestones and being the super human you are is sad to hear your struggling.....

Is it something you can be discussing with your dieticain?.

Im sure your nowhere near finished....just stuck, Im about 8 weeks of 6-8lb loss which is disapointing....

Dont let frustration get the better of you, you stronger than that and you are wiser than you know,,,, head some of your own wonderful advice. Take a break from trying so hard..

Take a little time away from trying so hard, and no doubt the not worrying will prevail....

Then, when your in a better frame of mind we try again.....

Just take a short time out... let the scales win for a minute but not too long...

Chat me hun when you see me ok....

Love you sooooo much, you know I do.....

Buzz xxx..

Comment #9

Thanks so much for all of your loving support....I am doing my best to just forget the plateau and be happy with me....It IS harder than it seems though! REAL HARD!.

But who could do anything different with all you wonderful people to kick me back into play:).


I'm getting there!.



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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.