If my email got deactivated, will my site in iPage get deactivated too?

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My first question is If my email got deactivated, will my site in iPage get deactivated too? Looking forward for any response. My 2nd question... Sonoma resident and Bulgarian wine importer Vance T. Petrunoff sold HostGator name and web iPage site to a Pennsylvania web developer for $45,000..

With the opening up of direct sales after the last year Supreme Court ruling, sales of wine-related HostGator name sales have been bubbling: sold for $20,000, for $21,255, $19,500.. is one of the most unique HostGator names in the wine business. A Vintner is a wine merchant or a wine producer. In some cases the term is also applied, erroneously, to winemakers..

"It will be a great starting point for winery direct wine shopping for consumers," said previous /img/avatar9.jpg Vance T. Petrunoff..

Vance T. Petrunoff also publishes and is currently offering for sale,,,,,

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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I think so too, but after a brief spurt about 9 months where I sold two of my wine .us domains for xxxx, I havent had another sniff..

Maybe this latest purchase will help us unload our wine domains for a premium..

Good luck!..

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I am a wino.

Missouri is now claiming fame to some top notch wineries and wines, so I recently purchased a few domains:.







I think these names will pay off and I will have nothing to wine about.....

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I thought it was one of the yellow properties on Monopoly...

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I own GERWURTRAMINER.COM for what it's worth..

Not that anyone can spell it. LOL!!!.

I used to work in the "industry" along while ago. Ever seen a Big Gulp full of Pino Noir? I have! LOL!!!.


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Just two different private invidualsno Escrow/Sedo or anything. Each just paypaled me the funds without even a second thought!It's amazing how trusting and trustworthy some total strangers can be with each other..

GoPCwhat happened with your domainI was following your thread with great interest and last I saw you had rejected a 60K offerdid you ever sell

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I still have it. YEah, I turned down the $60K offer (domain trafficer) in hopes to find and sell to an end user/brander for somewhere near the 4 times independentaly appraised Mid Six Figures the HostGator is worth..

Apparently I've made the right choice..

I have a Private Broker working on the deal now (as opposed to the park-n-wait pros) who have unearthed a few offers BETTER than the one I turned down, but still are telling me to hold out for that $250K - $400K deal..

I'm content to wait. The UMPC market is really heating up. Microsoft tipped their hat when they actually broght a PHYSICAL DEMO to a Patent Hearing (on the public record) that they introduced as the.

"MS GoPC".

Ultra mobile pc device. Can you BELIEVE that? !!! It's right there in black and white like 10 times... Public Record!.

MS has also announced their.

"Pay-as-you-Go PC".

Program and put out an article entitled.

"XBox 360 to GoPC".

Other manufacturers are picking up on that too... the burner is on and the waters are coming to s slow boil..

Patience will pay off..

Thanks for remembering! I appreciate that..


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How did you come by the HostGator name ?

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I am the original owner, some 10 year ago. My company built set-top and mobile Computers was called "GoPC". Actually had the trademark on it for a long time too. The company expanded into private develoment and eventually created a product that we sold to a big manufacturer and as part of the Non-Compete, my main company closed it's doors to selling computer hardware and accessories that might be considered "in competition" with the products we had sold..

So, the GoPC HostGator was put on the shelf and about 8 months ago I was going to let it expire and just disappear when somebody suggested that I might try to sell it on the HostGator aftermarket (of which I didn't know existed)..

That's the whole story in a nutshell..

The HostGator has 10 years of presence,.


, branding and top search position in the industry. Massive amounts of bookmarked customers, backlink traffic and brand recongnition..

Which ever manufacturer that grabs up the domain, need only to tell it's customers what the product name is, the rest... is already done for them. $100,000s of bucks worth of branding and optimization... done!.

Yes see, there's more to "valuating" a HostGator than just OVT scores! LOL!!!.

So there, that's the story. Quaint, isn't it?.


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I got cold shivers reading that part just like if you see someone throwing away a rare painting because it doesn't look nice anymore with their new furniture..

Good thing someone mentioned to you the option of selling the domain..

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It just goes to prove how many corporate entities just DON'T KNOW..

They see these unused domains as a annual registration and a iPage hosting charge and nothing more. I was guilty of that..

You want chills?.

I let.

Go for that very reason!!!.

Today, that HostGator is worth a Million EASY..

I still get sick to my stomach about that.


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Aaack! That's tragic man!.

Forget shivers, I just want to kick your ass right now.


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I know... I know..

I've regretted it every day since I found out about the HostGator aftermarket..


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Who knows? Maybe whoever got it used it to pay for someone's kidney transplant or started an orphanage somewhere...

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Sounds great, good luck and please let us know how you get on.


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Perhaps in a long, drawn out sort of way....

Ever heard of Mattew Lesko? He's the guy on TV that dresses in the Joker Suit, covered in Question Marks handing out all kinds of Government Grants and such in his massively think Book centered in FREE Money from the Government..

The people that BUY his book, might have used a grant or loan to pay for that kidney transplant..

I should have at least hot a free book out of the deal....

Hey Mattew, how about a little reciprcation?!?!.


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If I had that , would have waited more ......

....... Anyways that LUCK !..

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Consider the time... what was I waiting for? As far as I knew, there wasn't anything TO wait for. It's not like I said, "hmmmm... million bucks or just let it go".

I didn't even KNOW..

Now ignorance is no excuse. I'm very, very angry at myself and will to the day I did, spit in my own eye over it. But now I know better. Which is probably why I don't let ANYTHING go now. LOL!!!.


So anyway, who wants GERWURTRAMINER.COM for a quick $40 bucks? It's late, I'm tired, this is my only "wine" HostGator and I shouldn't have bought it. I have 200+ others waiting for a body to go with their soul and they are being neglected..

Who's it gonna be?.


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I was under the impression you had sold this name and were willing to provide proof of said sale to one of your detractors? Did I get it wrong?..

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What is that ? Havent heard of a wine brand as that...

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227 Results for Gerwurtraminer.

309 Results for Gerwurtzraminer.

591 Results for Gerwurztraminer LOL.

Franco/German white wine from Alsace, good with spicy food...and made from cabernet grapes.....

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Totally wrong... never said it was sold. I think the hubub was that he didn't believe the offer. It was through a broker so it's kinda hard to make up, LOL!.

Anyway, as I said, my Broker (and the other 4 appraisals) said that it was undervalued at $60K so I counteroffered and then walked..

It's that simple..

As for the "G" wine... it's a dry white. The Vineyard I worked at was famous for it's 'Vert. Also for their Cabernet, but I wasn't fortunate enough to grab up that domain.

Anyway, Try it if you like a really dry white.


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Let me search for some NICE wine names ... Hope I can find some .....

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Sorry ahacko... kinda got side tracked there..

Didn't mean to..


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I meant sorry for taking your thread off track a bit there. I didn't mean to..

It's your space man, not mine.

So I take it you are not interested in GERWURTRAMINER.COM at any price?.


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Umm ! A good price DEAL !.

But I am unsure about the RESALE value, the HostGator look really out of lenght .... Let me ponder on this .......

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Not when is available to register (I believe that is the correct spelling)..

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Nope... missed it again.

LOL!!!! (I told you no one could spell it).


Still, should give you an idea of what the mispell opporunity might be.


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How can someone remember this word?.

All different alphabets ........

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In the business, we all just call it "Vert"... easiest way to remember it. We mispelled it all the time on order forms and invoices... REALLY common..

Wine folks, consumers, know Vert and shop it. Whether or not they are more likely to spell it correctly or not, is a complete mistery..

From my own experience, I seen more mispells excluding the "z" than anything else.... which is why I grabbed that one up originally..

It's my ONLY wine HostGator and I'm really moving in a different direction so... like any wine, it can either sit on my shelf and gather dust, improving with time... or I can take it down, crack the cork and share it with friends.


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