If you could create an item on the McDonalds Medifast menu.....?

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Quick question... If you could create an item on the McDonalds Medifast menu.....? Thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: I went to my niece's 11th birthday party on the 13th and I had a hard time finding something to wear as all my pants are so big now. I put on the smallest pair I have and took off to party. After 2 hour drive I arrived to find out that my pants had definately stretched out. My 2 Sister's and 2 cousins where so proud of my loss and how I looked had not seen them since Christmas.

Wednesday I thought about ordering me some smaller pants but had no idea what SIZE to get. In the night I remembered a pair of pants I was given right after.


That where very small but was told they where something to work toward. This morning I got them out and tried them on and guess what they fit. They are 26-28 (2X) I am so excited because I started out in 8X...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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How exciting for you!! It puts everything in perspecitve and that it does work...

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Congrats. So happy for you. Lesson I learned is don't keep buying clothes cause you will keep losing. I sewed a seam down the sides of everything, even undies lol, cause it costs too much to keep replacing things. Consignment places are great for when you are in between and still losing. Keep it up :).


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WOW!!! You are doing great. Congrats. I just want to warn you don't buy too many clothes yet. You will keep on losing more weight and unless you are good at taking in clothes you will spend a lot of money on new outfits, just to wear them a short time. Be sure to keep one of your biggest outfits so you can remember just how much you have shrunk...

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Hey Jazz my friend,.

That is awesome. That is fantasticly awesome!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.