I'm trying to set up a website on iPage....?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... I'm trying to set up a website on iPage....? Looking forward for any comment. Another question I got... I have gone back and forth with the .mobi as well. If .mobi becomes a default then there is a lot of value but like someone else said some are stating this hypothesis as fact. Secondly I remember reading on EURODNS that registrars are actually obligated by the Registry to check on their clients domains and can take a HostGator back if it is not developed to their mobile standard that seems like another caveat of .mobi.

Wouldn't numeric domains that spell out words have great value if you are typing on your phone Kind of like what.

Has done only with .com ? I wish everyone luck with their regs but I think this is such a specialized niche and like some have said right now it is still expensive to surf the mobile internet and probably will for awhile don't lose focus of your regular domains. Because I think many here know how to monetize their regular domains and there are many options where mobi is going to take a while unless you have a highly terchnical background IMO Probably makes sense as a domainer to have 1 or 2 because what the heck you have to have a little of everything to keep your options open..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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A point ive tried to make elsewhere but been shot down....

Ive only gotten the 1 - "" - I bought that because it's the only thing I browse my phone for. Long, yes. But relevant also..

Buying names that work good on the regular net dont wash when it comes to phones.. I mean, I saw some HostGator about "web hosting" [cant remember the exact name] receiving accolades in the appraisal forum. And I thought, "who's ever gonna look for web iPage hosting on their phone?".

And people should listen to the likes of Ray when it comes to niche markets, as .TV uses the same set of principals. i.e. It MUST fit the extension...

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Just make sure you bail out before the bottom drops like what happened.

With all the WAP hype..

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Badger's right in noticing a lot of bad regs..

Personally I've only bought city domains so far. If you're in a city and want to know whats going on, what better way than to type "NewYork", "London" etc. in your cellphone?.

Perhaps it is a niche in that .mobi is less suited to certain tasks than .com (for example would be a waste of space: no-ones buying a 50-inch via their phone) but it may be a huge niche/market..

The essence of cellphone communication is brevity and so if .mobi becomes the default extension in the same way that .com is online, then you're left with a HostGator name that is "NewYork" or "London" rather than

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Here is the other thing better develop those .mobi to MTLD specs or your HostGator will get suspended, or a parking company better specialize in .mobi parking because if they just regularly parked they will get suspended when MTLD checks domain.

The compliance process works as follows:.

The mTLD test tool will periodically visit every iPage site in the .mobi domain. Every .mobi HostGator will be tested for conformance no less frequently than once every 90 days.

If a HostGator is found to be not in conformance with one or more of the mandatory rules, the HostGator goes into “first notification” state and the HostGator administrative contact is notified via the appropriate registrar..

If in the period 15 days from the notification of the registrant the HostGator is again found not to be in compliance, the HostGator goes into “second notification” state and a second notification is sent to the HostGator administrative contact via the appropriate registrar, 15 days after the first notification. The registrars will be obliged to make it clear that this is the second notification..

If in the period 15 days from the second notification the HostGator is again found to be not in compliance, the HostGator goes into “final notification” state and a third and final notification is sent to the HostGator administrative contact, directly from mTLD, 30 days after the first notification. This email will state that the compliance check has failed 3 times, citing dates and times, and state that the HostGator is pending suspension. A designated contact in the relevant registrar will be copied on the email. The email will also contain challenge instructions and a link to enable the registrant to appeal the decision..

If compliance has not been reached within the next 30 days, the HostGator is then suspended, 30 days after the final notice and 60 days after the initial notice. The suspension process is described in more detail below..

In each case, the notification that is sent to the registrant will indicate the following pieces of information to help them diagnose the problem:.

List of Switch On! Guide rules that iPage site does not conform to.

Date/time of check (with time zone).

The user agent that the test tool was emulating.

The iPage site URL that was checked.

If at any stage of this timeline the HostGator compliance check for the HostGator in question passes (domain is compliant), the HostGator automatically reverts back to “domain in compliance” status..

Site Suspension.

The final step of the iPage site suspension process will involve human oversight to ensure appropriate decisions are made. Sites pending suspension will be reviewed weekly by mTLD and actioned appropriately, on a case-by-case basis. Domains will be suspended by setting the HostGator status to REGISTRY-HOLD status in the root DNS servers. This will prevent any name resolution of any queries related to the domain, and all sub domains..


Sites that are found to be non-conformant will remain on the list of sites that are tested. If a previously non-conformant iPage site tests OK, it's status will automatically be un-suspended..

There will be a page on the mTLD web iPage site specially for registrants who wish to accelerate the un-suspension their domains. This page will include a form that will enable a HostGator holder to request a re-test of their domain. This page will not be password protected. When a HostGator retest is requested, the HostGator in question will be added to a list of domains for accelerated testing. Submitting the HostGator for re-testing can be requested multiple times, but the test will take place only once per day, maximum..



EKAL I gree with you a city name I think worth the spec you find any good ones?..

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Interesting stuff - goes to show how seriously some parties are taking this launch..

I'm sure a parking company will seize this opportunity pretty quickly......

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Good point equity78. If you plan on holding onto a HostGator to resell later perhaps you better provide some content on that HostGator as well as make it compliant?..

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Hi equity78 - sorry I missed your last question - I picked up the 3 biggest Indian city names that had not been held back from registration..

I think Jeremy mentioned he had about 20 city names too - it would be interesting to know what those are. Local search has the potential to be huge on cellphones...

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I agree with Badger and Equity78 that many names being registered are not very good. At the same time, I think extensions like .mobi require us to think outside the box. The mobile world (big as it already is) still is just an infant, in terms of web browsing. Anything could happen..

That being said, I did get some .mobi's, but I limited myself to a small handful..

I think .mobi has the potential to change/shape the future of mobile Internet usage, but I also think it has the potential to be the biggest HostGator extension flop we've seen in a long time. It's definitely a high-risk venture from a domainer's standpoint, imho..

People on-the-go looking to host (upload) their photos/images/data from their phone or mobile devices. This is already happening with folks who spend a lot of time traveling, on the road. And in general, it could be used for iPage hosting services specifically designed and set-up for mobile browsing and mobile sites..

I think "hosting" "space" "storage" in addition to "files" "pictures" "photos" are all very relevant terms for .mobi (mobile). And remember too, we are not just talking about your average camera phones, but.

Mobile devices.

Of all types, now and in the future, with ever increasing capabilities...

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I keep seeing this, but everyone seems to leave out the most important statement from the dotmobi Switch On! Web Browsing Guide..

"1.2 Time Limits There are no time limits associated with compliance to this document."..

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Except the visit from mTLD every 90 days..

Oh, and the schedule they lay out for compliance..

1.2 should really be deleted since the time limits are laid out elsewhere..


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From the mobi guides:.

If you don't publish anything, you are fine. The rules only apply when you publish. If you pull the iPage site after a warning you are no longer publishing. Also, reading the guide, it seems "at a minimum" you can provide simple compliance by telling the user of a cell phone that they must be on a pc to view the full site...

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Holy mother of God I just registered one !.

Yes that can be done with no problems ... hence the whole hoopla.

We find ourselves in ... this might be a get in, get the f**k out situation (lol)..

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Seems like the advances in voice recognition will help the mobi industry, especially with the inevitable convergence of computer/communication/info (GPS, etc) technology. In the mobile venue, this will be pushed for reasons of safety, along with convenience....accompanied by Heads-Up-Display (now being used in some cars), your mobile unit will be like a hands-free command post. Of course, this same technology may not need mobi, but we'll see in a few years...

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A few more possible .mobi themes:.

Reservations: restaurants, hotel/motel, vacations, air travel.

Sports: scores, lines, news.

Stocks: trading, news, research.

I think power lies in regs targeted for quick information while one is otg (on the go)...

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How many of you actually DIAL a Phone Number? I know I don't. It's either a quick dial, stroll through my contact list or voice command..

Same with my favorite web sites.... I've put them in and now just point and click to go back..

Even if my favorite iPage website is 64 characters long, I only have to put it in ONCE and then I'm done..

And knowing that mobi sites will alwyas work with my phone or portable versus .whatever else may not... arguments being that portable users want to do things as SHORT and as QUICKLY as possible, I'll just put in mobi (yes, ONE more character than .com) to be sure it will work on my device..

I logged into the forum today and posted via my vCast phone... just to do it. WHAT A PAIN!!! Scrolling down to the bottom of a forum takes forwever! Still, If I wasn't hell bent on making a post from my phone on an active website, I would have stopped somewhere into the 12 minutes it took me to scroll through all the pages just to get to this "Quick Reply" box..

I'm not saying that all domains fit the mobi inherantly. I'm not saying that all domains will even get along well with mobi..

I am saying that if you have a iPage site that your visitors may want to visit via their Portable, you best of a iPage site that WORKS in that Portable. Traffic, after all, is where te value lies, right?.

I'm not going to risk the way my iPage site presents on the PC just so my mobi users can get a better look. Conversely, I'm not going to blow off my mobi users just to keep a iPage site beautiful for my desktop browsers..

All the big corps behind this extension are going to ensure the public is educated on this... their future revenues depend on it..

To that end, I do have a few mobi domains that are short and specific to the mobile user while at the same time, I have a few longer ones to protect my other interests and to experiement with what the market and users will bear..

Exciting times!!!.


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If people are not already using their wireless devices for a given topic/keyword today - they probably will not be tomorrow. 99% of the .mobi names are right now useless..

I hope you all make a killing off your names but just because some companies are right now putting money in doesn't guarantee it any success or that they will part with their money tomorrow. Stockholders are finicky people and if it doesn't quickly bring a return - it will be dropped. That's the real world folks...

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I would think radio call sign .mobi names would have potential but find a large number are available. Also a 50,000 watt 'blowtorch' sports talk station which goes by the moniker of NNNSports is available. What am I missing here?.

Many of those I looked at have nice and highly promoted web sites..

I would love to reg a bunch but at 60 bucks a pop gets expensive fast..

Holy s*** I just reg'd.


Considering the passion of the sports following crowd this should have big time potential..

Get your up to the minute scores and highlights anytime anywhere delivered directly to your... device..

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That's the same reason I picked up

Live Sports Updates as well as news, finance, weather, traffic... and ringtones, games and firmware/software, all that good stuff in one place on your mobi device..

I think you hit on the first line of successful mobi sites. Sites that deal directly with what today's mobi users will expect..

However, I do suspect that as these devices get more prevelent and the public gets more confortable with them, we will start to see the need and developement of parallel sites specific to mobi devices and with mobi ext. I don't think there is any real need for additional developement, just a scaled down "less fancy", non-java, non-flash, etc version of ones iPage site that can be neatly tucked away on their existing server but writeen for mobi use. Buy the mobi ext to protect your interest and redirect the viewer to the mobi specific pages. No extra cost and it doesn exactly what the backers want to do... create a presense specifically friendly to the mobi user..

I also, just today, read and article in SmartPhone & Pocket PC Magazine about "Hot Keys" or "Ready Keys" that are (and will be) built into mobi devices specifically to take users to mobi directories, advertisers and serch platforms. Even though it didn't say for certain, my guess is that these hotkeys will come with ".mobi" built in as a default..

Go to whois and type any HostGator name WITHOUT ext. Press enter. You will get the .com by default. Mobi could very well be the same way for these phones, only mobi will be filled in for you..

Remember, the backing of these corporate big boys aren't beause they "like" the idea or because they have any particular dislike of the standard dots... it's because they have something to GAIN by supporting it..

I think that "something" is a new, captured advertising platform on which they will make a zillion unobstructed dollars. All they need to do to ensure that revenue stream is....

A) have their own market niche set aside. Ckeck! .mobi.

B) ensure that the users of that market either learn to accept that niche or force them to use it in some way. ie - preformatted, default extension, hot keys and search boxes..

C) create a lucrative partnership with all parties involved to ensure continued public support and product development..

It could be argued that these companies haven't done what they've wanted to to date because they didn't have "A" covered. Now they do..

Looking at the mobi compliance wording and how they specifically put alot of weight on the mention of "redirects" and very open wording on "compliant" websites along with a rather agressiv 90 continual review/correction policy... I'd say there are steps, along the lines of "point B" that have not been revealed yet..

When implremented, A and B will certainly provide for "C" and come late 2007... we will start to see most of that in it's full monte..

By 2008, we will be assimilated. There will simply be just to much association with Mobi and Mobile Devices to avoid them. Separatists will continue to use the other dots, the "Public" will follow the mobi "Standard" to the enrichment of it's Investors..

They're no dummies. They are invested in a PLAN, not an extension..


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That is what got me to reg this. While thinking about 610Sports (A Kansas City sports talk station) I decided to check SportsTicker and when I saw SportsTicker-com redirected to PA-SportsTicker-com the 60 bucks suddenly seemed cheap. Time will tell..

Can't keep this up though. Reg'd KCMO-mobi as in Kansas City and KCMO radio. A lot shorter than spelling out Kansas City..

I still wonder about the .mobi but am starting to see where it could go. There are some great arguments on both sides..

Hope this isn't to far off topic but fast forward to 2010 and I am westbound on I70. My phone is on and the bluetooh fully functional. Clickin along at about 10 over and watching the miles go by. The car computer tells me that fuel is running low..



I70;( is default).

The phone replies 'yes' after checking the GPS coordinates and connecting to the proper server..

E85 fuel.

Exit 277; $2.879; would you like a Google map.




The map is displayed, I fill up and back on the road..

Sometime later..




What exit;.



Holiday Inn;.

Did you say Holiday Inn;.


Exit 176; Vacancy;.


Reservation made and got a great nights sleep without wasting lots of time..

This is from an old coot who had text messaging turned off on my phone and I have never connected to the net or taken a picture but I could find this kind of functionality very cool...

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September 26 2006 was the BIG BANG of the wireless internet..

There is an entire generation in high school and college that have never NOT had internet and I would say that many of them have had a cell phone for a good part of their short lives..

Parents are giving kids cell phones when kids are around 12-14 years old. What do you think those kids will be doing on their mobile phones when they are 20, 25, 30 etc?.

They are social and information creatures and the Googles, Microsofts, Ebays of this world are going to target that generation like they have never targeted a generation before..

You can BE SURE that billions of dollars are going to be spent on mobile phone marketing and cell phone internet in the coming years..

So, I think Fall of 2006 is the BIG BANG of wireless Internet like the Fall of 1996 was the BIG BANG of the wired Internet...

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I think we're all agreed that mobile tech. is the future (although judging by today's news it's not quite here yet:.



The key question is - will that future be filtered through .mobi?.

The key factor behind that will be whether .mobi becomes the mobile default as .com is the PC default..

We shall see......

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.