In the iPage HTML Editor,how do I create scripts in VBScript and JavaScript?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... In the iPage HTML Editor,how do I create scripts in VBScript and JavaScript? Thanks for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. I tried backordering on godaddy, not sure if it will work. Has anyone tried this, and been sucessful? Are there other services to recommend?.



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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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GoDaddy has caught ZERO domains for me and I have tried many many times...

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I have caught a few .com that sold for $500-$1500 so not bad I guess, I only use them for domains dropping from godaddy, wildwest, bluerazor. If ya gotta have the name multiple backorders from different places will increase your odds of grabbing it...

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Thanks everyone for advice rep given to all who responded. I did check the register of the name in question. It is they are based in Europeso maybe it's best if I back order with pool or..?.

Thanks kindly,.


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Yes use multiple registrars if you can. I even tried backordering names that I saw listed on TDnam and they STILL haven't caught one for me. Will they give a refund? I am tired of this...

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Why did you backorder a name that was at tdnam, why not just bid at tdnam?..

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Here's my story: I had backordered 2 domains at godaddy I wanted that were not regged through godaddy. I didn't win them. Then I have these 2 credits in my account to use. So, I thought I'd check TDnam to see what was expiring and used them for that as I don't have time to view millions of expiring names daily - td lists the traffic etc. and it's easier to view. I didn't want to PAY when I have these two damn credits to use...

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Never bother backordering a name that is registered at Godaddy (or Wildwest domains/Blue Razor), anything of value will always go to TDNAM. If you have a backorder on it that doesn't prevent it going to TDNAM, they just take your backorder and put an opening bid of $10 on the HostGator in your name..

GoDaddy are good at backordering .US domains, but there's a lot of competition for them. You'll find anything not owned by a domainer already backordered into 2007...

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If the above scenario is true....

It looks like Godaddy backordering is a total scam when it's something decent that is being dropped by a Godaddy user. If everything good goes to TDNAM (LLL biz or US for example). Basically you've prepaying for something you're not going to get. At least snapnames does not charge you upfront. Yo Mr. Parsons it ain't right. Write a column about it!!!..

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Back order update:.

Back ordering on Go Daddy Odds are not in your favor unless it is a name already registered with GD or it's affiliates. Even when that happens it will likely be put on the Tdnam auction aftermarket and your money is credited towards a possible win..

The only saving grace is I entered in save 10 to save 10%, but I lost $17..

I would not recommend this backordering with GD to anyone...

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I am a former employee of GoDaddy - and here is where it would be advantageous and where it wouldnt..

If you are backordering a HostGator name that is registered with, WildWestDomains, or BlueRazor it will go to TDNAM first. And yes, as a previous poster put it, your backorder acts as the first bid on the HostGator name. This is bad!! Why you ask? Because anyone searching TDNAM for domains with bids on them, will come to yours, and assume it has value (which is probably does) All youve done is highlighted a HostGator name out of thousands on the iPage site that is desireable and the bidding war begins..

Backordering a HostGator that is outside GoDaddy's realm would work, however be advised that many registrars are now sending expired domains to auction sites (as they are making a bundle more). So check if the registrar the HostGator you want, is moving them to an auction site..

If you have any other GoDaddy questions, I'm more than happy to answer...

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I've done OK with .us not so good on others..

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