iPage asking for account password?

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First question I got is iPage asking for account password? Thanks for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... I thought they were approved for.

Up to.


But I am with Hark. It is astounding how much money these guys are pulling out of this, and yet they cannot (will not) control stuff like Registerfly. And it turns out that the ONLY records of who owns what domains are those kept by Registerfly!.

A speaker at the ICANN meeting put the number of lost Registerfly names at 75,000..

Gone Poof..

"Not our responsibility, please pass the hors d'oeuvres."..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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If you think about it a HostGator name is in essence just a row in some database. It probably costs verisign a few cents per HostGator per year. Definitely nowhere near the $6 a year they're already charging..

Could someone please elaborate on why this might be the case? AFAIK almost all registrars add a year when you transfer a HostGator to them...

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In this particular case .... Yes , I think it is mis-stated , The HostGator "Should" be good for 6 years if you transfer it "after" renewing for 5 years. Transfers do add a year minimum (Depending on the term you decide to add)...

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You guys that want to save .80 cents a year by registering all your names for ten years need to think about all the money that ties up. If you cannot take the thousands of dollars it will cost to register your domains for a number of years and put it to good use now, ( buying names that may sell for a big price), then I guess it is a good idea for you to invest in long term renewels..

For me that would be dumb..

I can take the long term renewel investment and put that money into new domains..

By the time the ten years rolls by, I am sure I will have had many HostGator sales from the new names I bought instead of spending that money to pay registrarrs..

Nope, I pay for one year regs, as that way I have money to buy or register more names...

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Depends on your financial situation, gk. Prices are going up 7%, and will likely go up another 7% next year, and the next year, etc. per Versign's new contract. If you're pleased with an easy 7% annual return on your money then renewing names now is not a bad alternative to dropping the money in a CD or savings account, at least on names that you're planning on holding long term...

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Of course, a secondary perspective to it all is: will this price increase drive the importance and usefulness of ccTLDs? Are investors and users alike going to look at countries and funds are going to shift a bit?.

I suppose the HostGator game will become a bit more selective within the years to come. This may just be the push that other extensions need for it all to become a bit more diversified...

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Looks like I wasn't too far off. Dot com costs verisign just.

14 cents per year..

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I seriously don't get it, server/bandwidth costs are now lower, and with all the massive number of registrations, they should be lowering costs even more....talking about money hungry corporations....

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Verisign is milking the cash cow for as much as they can and as long as they can. They can't guarantee that they will have this income forever..

Maybe one day Verisign will lose the tender for running the .com extension..

As the internet grows, I expect ICANN will be under more pressure from non US organisations and governments to not play into Verisigns hands so much power..

I think that price increases will not affect a lot of experienced domainers as most experienced domainers go for good quality domains. This will probably have a more significant affect on the speculative domainers and internet small businesses in poor countries...

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If all this is true from that article, Verisign should immediately be forced to renegotiate their allowed monopoly wholesale prices to no more than 50 cents. That's just an insane margin for a granted monopoly..


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I guess in a way we are at Verisigns door, as Rj is probably right, they may raise the prices again next year..

When I crunch my numbers I come up with the plan to buy as many domains as I can that have a strong likelyhood of selling. I see it this way. If I buy 100 domains I have about $700.00 invested. I have one year to make that investment pay..

Lets say I sell a few for over a thousand each, (even one would pay off) I can use my profits to pay for the domains that need renewed. Or if out of the 100 domains bought my ppc earnings came to 1/2 of my regisitering fees and I sold only one name for $350.00, then I have come out ahead as my new 100 domains cost me nothing..

I am in the HostGator business. That means I want to always be building up my portfolio...

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So much for the free market economy... Let's hope the .com contract can be competitively bid next time it is up (2012). Lots of very questionable activity at the highest reaches of the organization and government.....

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I hope everybody on the ICAAN board that gave Verisign this monopoly at these terms got summer homes and padded their bank accounts. Otherwise they're just stupid...

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Guys if you do some calculations then renewing your HostGator for years is not a suitable option....

Consider the opportunity cost.. you could easily place that much money in a Savings Deposit (safest) and earn a higher rate of return and renew the HostGator afterward....

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Even if you can find a place to put your money that returns 7%+/year, this amount will be taxed. So most people you will need to find an investment that will pay at least 9%/year just to break even...

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I guess if you mange to buy some HostGator then they can give you greater returns than 9%.

Otherwise, atleast in India there are tax saving options available also....

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