iPage Coupon for 2009, where can I find one?

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First off, iPage Coupon for 2009, where can I find one? Hoping for any response. Another question I got... I was searching Godaddy & couldn't believe all the top keywords were available in the .be extention! Ended up buying top keywords including Casino, Poker, Travel, Sex, Realestate, etc. & order went through & I received the confirmation invoice for the purchase. I presume they already charged my c/c otherwise I wouldn't get the confirmation invoice. Checked my account in Godaddy, & the domains are not there! How can this be, it's been already 20 mins since my purchase?..

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Yes, there are iPage coupon codes available you can get through email. Spiffy way to save cash on iPage now. I urge you to you to register for their promo emails so you can be notified of their recent promotions. They usually send them out once a month or 2..

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You should have already known that top keywords like that would all be taken or at least some of them. that happens with godaddy a lot. next time check whois or type the name in your browser first to see if it's taken...

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The HostGator check at godaddy is not reliable..

For .be you can check via the registry:.


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Godaddy who is check never works for me and if it does it loads as slow as molasses...

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Sorry to learn about your story..

Even for .com/.net, GD's search seems always late by 24 hrs or so..

(hope you have not quit your day job)..

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You know what they say:.

Don't buy iPage hosting from a company specializing in domains.

And don't buy domains from a company that specializes in making superbowl commercials...

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You could reg at, thought 2char .at is not allowed..

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I once registered at GD... Then I found out that their whois is not real-time, and there whois for ccTLDs seems to be lagging by a year.....

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Thats a right Bummer.

Nice way for them to earn interest off your money eh ! Are they quick to refund it or do they try the "credit your account" idea ? .

It took me ages to get money my back off them for the great .eu fumble !.


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So far, GD refunded my money, quick and smooth...

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Thats not so bad, but it should'nt really be happening in the first place..


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.be, .cc, .at, .de- all of them were showing top keywords avail to reg at godaddy- all wrong- must have been a glitch- looks like it might be ok now- but yesterday- crap you could reg anything in those extensions!..

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Its not a "glitch", a glitch implies an unexpected error, this type of thing is normal at GD, so it's only unexpected if you don't know about it..

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Check the recent .be policy changes (Received by email, but also subject of discussion here) - might not be the best extension for speculation at the moment..


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Uhhh... yes it does. happened to me countless times...

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I have had it happen a few times for .at and .be, but never for .cc. What I see happen more often is that the "suggested" domains are all actually taken (but when you check to see if they are available, they show as unavailable)...

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Well, when I placed several orders to for .eu domains with Godiddy it ended up that most had been registered months ago according to the whois records..

It took a few emails and 2 phone calls to sort it out and get my money back - Not impressed with that..

The name is either taken or it is not IMO.


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Seems like this is normal operating procedure at Godaddy. It happens to me quite frequently. I have had it happen with .de .be .at..

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Well, happened to me a number of times but I've never seen one like yours: GD whois records were late for over 6 SIX YEARS??!!..

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I just searched the forum about .be changes, but couldn't find anything about it. What are the policy changes that make .be names not good for speculation?.

If you actually base it on the names I "registered" yesterday, GoDaddy is about 7 years behind with .be as was registered in the year 2000!..

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Part of the reason this occurs is due to the registry. Some of these ccTLD registries often times have connectivity issues. The problem is that if GoDaddy doesnt get a "domain taken" from the registry when it sends a request, then it is assumed by the system the HostGator is available and they send the request..

Obviously it's a problem, it happens occasionally unfortunately. This is probably what occured. Its too bad they got you all excited about it, and good thing they got you your money back quickly..

Oh, btw Gazzip. They dont make interest on his money, because they have to pay for each refund..


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