iPage coupon for December 2008...does anyone have them?

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My 1st question is: iPage coupon for December 2008...does anyone have them? Thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... I was doing a nightly search of keywords in cctld's..

I found one I liked so I did the usual Google, ovt, past sales and sedo for sale search..

Well, when I searched Sedo I found it was already for sale but unregistered..

It was not that bad of a keyword so I went ahead and got it..

I did it in spite just because I thought it was kind of unnerving to find people selling domains they don't even own..

I know people find keywords and phrases that are not registered and then offer them to companies and if the company wants it they register it then resell. I see that as a good business plan because you are asking if they want it and you are acquiring it for them..

To mass market something (on a medium that assumes /img/avatar5.jpg ship) you don't own I see as odd..

Is this just me?.

Am I cutting myself short on HostGator opportunities (to sell something I don't own on a major medium)?.

Does anyone else find this happening?.

I find this to be on the "not so good side" of domaining (I may be wrong)..

Maybe I am just still to new at the HostGator game..

Any input is appreciated..

-Thank you for your time..


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Yea, there are plenty of iPage promotional codes out there. Great way to save dough on iPage now. I recommend you to sign up for their newsletter so you can get their recent online discounts. They usually release them once a month or so..

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That is a very good idea...thank you for the input.....I really never thought of that..

My bit of a rant might be really of base..

Thank you for bringing that to my attention..

Although I did not try to list the HostGator at sedo.....I just saw it for sale during my search and bought it about a hour ago..

It might be that it takes a while for sedo to delete the sales page of a removed HostGator name from their listings. (I wonder how long it might take though?).

-Thank you for your time..


Oops missed two other posts while I was typing...thanks for the info....also one other thing.....

Is there a way to be able to see when a HostGator name was first registered other than domaintools, wayback machine, or urltrnds? (all of which turn up nothing for my HostGator name)..

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Some of my best names used to use this method, although now enough others do it that we're all finding fewer than usual.

Basically, sort sedo by "bids" or by "traffic" - then take a few thousand names and find the hundred or so that are no longer registered. If they had an offer in the past, then at least $60 had been offered for the name before - and with around $7 as reg fee, it's a quick turnaround. Traffic, of course, is a beautiful bonus and can quickly earn the $7 back or more..


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I've inadvertently let many domains stay listed at various plces after I let them expire. It's easy to forget..

A quick note from the new owner is all it takes to remind me...

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I have left names there after I sold them as well. Sedo is so slow, you never know when it is the good time to delete it and since you have so many names, you would rather not to worry about it. They don't fine you because of that...

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Cool....thank you all for your answers......I guess I was wrong on what I thought was going on......

Sorry for making it sound worse than what it was..

-Thank you for your time..


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I have just sold a .info for $200 on AfterNic..

I even have no AfterNic account, it should be the ex-owner listed there, and the offer email be transfered directly to my email..

Gladly received the offer, AfterNic gave me a free seller account which worths $19.5.

$0.25 -> $200, big ROI! BUT the $60 escrow cost does suck.....

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