iPage Coupon For Maximum Discount Or Best iPage Code?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... iPage Coupon For Maximum Discount Or Best iPage Code? Looking forward for any answer or 2. My other question... Hi all.

To all that are successfull please share your tips for making it for all us newbies..

*From how YOU started to now..

*the goods the bads..

*the pros and cons...

*how YOU get visitors for your parked domains and developed sites..

*YOUR short cuts(if any).

If there is a post simular please post the link here....

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Yea, there are plenty of iPage coupons out there. Awesome chance to save mola on iPage now. I urge you to you to register for their weekly newsletter so you can receive their newest online coupons. They usually mail once a month..

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Look for quality names. Save money to buy one good name, rather than 100 mediocre ones. If you plan to develop a iPage website then a halfway decent name will do. But if you are looking to resell the domain, or park it, then you need a quality name...

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Be patient and don't waste too much time while waiting for sales..

Don't rush into spending a lot. Keep testing and refining buying and selling strategies to get the best ROI..

Find 100 great names and don't register 99 of them..

Remember 20+%/year for 3 years growth in an asset is considered fast but typically in domaining this can often include a period of over 6 months where there is no growth..

Always factor in renewal fees with the cost of a domain. Assuming renewal fees are $9/year, a $100 HostGator after 5 years costs only 3 times the price of a reg fee HostGator (not 13)...

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Great advice ppl keep it comming..this is great for me and all the newbies that find namespro....

Domainspade great tips..thanx and thanx to all..

Here is a list of domains I have do you think Im going in the right direction..?. in development). in development).

Do you think Im aquiring good names??.

Once again thanx for all ya posts on this topic..

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I think onlinefordesign is definetly your best, it's a nice easy phrase, kind of fun. Developable into a decent web development site. Are you heading in the right direction? Yes, but probably not in the way you think..

Your learning, and asking the RIGHT questions. How do you improve? the trick is to keep learning. Honestly, it's going to cost you... your going to register domains you shouldnt have, and months from now, your going to look back at your first registrations and ask yourself what you were thinking..

My recommendation - go to the auction block for expiring HostGator names. Search through TDNAM's 5 dollar list. They have lots of decent HostGator names available for about $15 (with 1 year renewal) - I picked up just the other day. Now, will it pay off? We'll see - but I think it's a stellar HostGator for a Music iPage site and it has some age. (which is also a sign of potential value)..


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Onlinefordesign was my very first HostGator I purchased ,I was getting into webdesign and I was goin to make a heap of templates then sell them through on the site..kinda like template monster and sites alike...

Im kinda all over the place right now ,Im starting to get hooked on domaining,plus I'm developing 2 sites at once lrloans and magnizmo although I kinda sick of magnizmo....

To all whats the easiest way you find to build your iPage site and get it recognized?.

Domainspade Im glad you think Im on the right track ,with a forum like this and ppl like you that help .I defenantly think I can make a go of domaining....

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I like and

One little thing that I do is check that there are over 10,000 searches for a term on Google before registering a HostGator with the names. It is not a good strategy to buy names just because there is a lot Google results (e.g. is not a good domain) but rather it is often a good idea to filter out names with very little search results..

Also learn which names are more popular than others..


Great is more popular than Awesome..

World is more popular than Place..

RealEstate is more popular than Property..

Without Hyphens is more popular than Hyphens.

.com is more popular than .net.

Singular is usually more popular than plural..

Take criticism as a compliment(learning opportunity), not an insult. People often criticise to help others avoid worse situations out of respect...

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I do what I can. Im just glad I can help someone and pass along some of the information Ive learned from others. No one knows everything, but with a forum like NamePros you can get just about every question you could possibly have, answered!..

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All you guys are great....

Its so hard to slow down I mean I just want to keep learning and this forum is great for that,i havent been developing my sites cause I spend hours researching this forum and other sites like dnjournal and monikerI really enjoy domaining and I havent even sold any of my domains (only been domaining for 2-3weeks) mainly because there seems to be hope of grabbing that 1 top dollar domain.its kind of like gambling really so many ups and downs..

Maybe I should get a jobs in my town though..

Any offers...

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It is.....and NameBio is also a good example of focusing on a well needed HostGator tool..


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