iPage free trial and pricing legitimate?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... iPage free trial and pricing legitimate? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question... Hi everyone,.

As you all know there is a ban on online gambling in the USA and.

Payment providers are not allowed to make transactions with gambling.

Websites for customer in the USA..

Many organisations had to stop there activity and there was also a huge.

Drop in income for the gambling/poker/casino HostGator name holders.

(like myself) income at programs like

I was wondering what the situation is on the moment..

Is anybody still fighting the case? Is there any hope that gambling will.

Be legalised again and that our parked gambling/poker/casino HostGator names.

Will make more income again?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Wouldnt it make sense for casinos to fight for online gambling. It seems like they would set up online gaming sites of their own to cash in on the billions a year in online gambling. I cant see how it is going to take away from their casino/hotel profits. As long as there is Vegas people will want to go there to gamble, watch shows... I feel like online gaming will eventually be legalized in the U.S. Uncle Sam just has to figure out how to get his cut!.


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I worked in a casino myself in several positions and could see in loco what they do to attract new and repeat customers. That is why Vegas is what it is, a world apart..

There is too much money involved, including in online gambling, and the real casinos will more than certainly want to get a share of that pie, either directly from online venues or from the internet to bring those people to their real casinos..

Just give it some time and it will be back. Hopefully with sane regulations..


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I have seen in internet that very player can't more take their money : their account were blocked (ex.Neteller )......


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But, do you guys think the law will be removed (or changed).

And if you would make a wild guess... how long will it take?..

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Hello guys,.

I am still new here, May I know how much 1 gambling HostGator earned you before the ban ? .

And How much do you earn on that same HostGator after the ban ?

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If you have any casino/gambling domains with type-in traffic, I'd be interested in buying them. Let me know...

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I have sold or dropped all my casino and poker names...

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I am not sure why you would drop your casino/poker names. I am currently trying to buy more. Everything that I have read seems to indicate that online gambling as a whole will be very strong in the future. A few major poker sites (pokerstars and fulltilt) are still holding their ground and taking bets from U.S. citizens. The law is very grey on this subject now but in the end the public will get what it wants.

Gov. figures out how to moniter and tax online gambling it will be huge!.


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5 years, at least, for any legislative movement on this front..

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