iPage is keeping my domain hostage!!! They can only be reached by email? WTF?

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Quick question... iPage is keeping my domain hostage!!! They can only be reached by email? WTF? Hoping for any response. Another quick question... Have been curious about Moniker's appraisals for some time now. Decided to try them and their $24.99 "IRS accepted" 3-5 day wait appraisal..

Submitted my HostGator and paid on Feb 14 (2 p.m.). Order was successful and confirmed..

I patiently waited three days, then four, then appraisal. E-mailed their support with all the account and order info. Got back a nonsense e-mail about how sometimes attachments of the appraisals are dropped, whatever that means. Wrote back that I've received no email at all from them beyond the order confirmation almost six days ago..

Have not heard back anything from anyone. Still waiting for the appraisal...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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I provided a second e-mail address before I posted this topic. For the last severael days, I've also checked every e-mail account I have, including junk mail..

My e-mail to a rep was forwarded to Monte, and asked if my appraisal was "processed." No response back yet..

It's too bad. I was really interested in the appraisal as I had no clue what to give a potential buyer for an asking price. Thought the Moniker appraisal would be a good place to start...

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Like HostGator auctions over customer service, it appears..

Now going on 6 1/2 days, and I've still not received the appraisal, nor any replies back from tech support, my rep or Monte. I don't understand why they can't (or won't) tell me if it's even been done. I can deal with mistakes or whatever, but the lack of communication is messes everything up...I don't know how long it will take, if it will come f through or if they'll give a refund..

I was thinking about transferring some domains to them, but I'm not impressed at this point...

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I haven't run into Moniker "dropping the ball" yet. Let's hope this is an isolated incident. I'd still demand a full refund and your HostGator appraisal..

Please keep us updated on the situation..

I have about 500 domains already with Moniker and I have another 200 domains that I was going to transfer there. Maybe I'll have to rethink things.....

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Just got a very brief note from Monte that said the appraisal had been sent, and he will resend it in the morning...

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Yeah, I dont think you really need to be tech savvy in order to enter a HostGator and then register it, but apparently alot of people have trouble doing that.

I've known several people who wanted me to help them setup an Ebay account... It's like "Go to, click on the Signup button and follow the directions" Real simple.....

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Moniker would save itself lots of headaches if it solved their cc issues. Seems like every fifth time I try to check out, I get some error that my credit card wasn't charged. Additionally, I have a credit card assigned as my default card, yet customer service has regularly charged my non-default cc. Not sure what is going on with their system, but it is a headache to deal with...

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They are a bit busy with the auction (I spoke with Don yesterday). Things will be better soon. But if you think, is there a better ICANN accredit registrar?.

Not in my opinion. I really like Moniker, and I've tried almost all known registrars...

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I received the "resent" appraisal from Monte at 7:57 a.m..

Has anyone else had a HostGator appraisal from Moniker?..

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I've had a cheap $10 appraisal from RegFly long ago. I also had a $20 appraisal at Afternic. Both were speedy enough. I don't like SEDO's appraisals, though. $40?!..

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What was the file format?.

Easy to check if it was "resent" or not....


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