iPage promo codes for 2011,is this one real?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... iPage promo codes for 2011,is this one real? Hoping for any comment. My other question... {removed}..

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Sure, there are many iPage online deals out there. Spiffy opportunity to save money on iPage now. I suggest you to subscribe for their weekly newsletter so you can receive notification of their recent voucher coupons. They typically send them out once a month or 2..

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Yeah that's it they are just trying to annoy you.

Seriously though you would find that they don't care about you or the other emails they get in regards to this domain. If the HostGator is somthing the company has invested in either for future development or to sell you wont get a lookin unless you know the right people and offer some bIg $$$$$..

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Here is a tip: create a "real" letter and mail it to them the old fashioned way (use the registration info from Whois). At least there is a better chance that they might at least reply to you...

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A little thing called money which is causing the problem..


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I have some domains that fall into your category. I get lots of inquiries but rarely do I get offers. I've gotten tired of responding to inquiries as they have never led to a good offer. If you haven't already, make an offer and make it good. Just because I don't monetize all my domains with parking pages doesn't mean I am looking to be hounded by bottom feeders hoping to score...

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You might consider placing a large monetary amount in the title of the email, just t make sure they actually read it. " $5,000 for" or some such might at least get a response...

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That is a good idea. Got to flash the cash to get some attention...

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Hmmm, bottom feeder - and I thought I was just a mere tadpole with a big appetite and a small've been promoted !!.


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I tried for years contacting a company about a domain. They have no services, trademarks or anything else related to it. I made a $50,000 offer by several methods trying to at least get their attention and still, no reply. Today that $50k would not be as significant as it was when I first made it and I shudder to think what amount it might take to actually get a reply...

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Because they are not cheap to replace..

If I was trying to sell 10 years ago, I may have been lucky to get $75,000. I could have put that $75,000 in a fund collecting above average returns and now have $400,000 to play with. Not enough to buy my HostGator back..

Most shares are not being traded. They sit in funds. Most of the world's real estate is not on the market. Domains are assets as well...

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Maybe they just like that HostGator too much and nerver think about sell it..

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Not sure. why I am on the bill. but, something interesting...

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I am sure if you contact them at the valid email address with an offer which is.

Simply irresistible.

, you will get a reply...

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I think that was a perfect idea to contact them by actual mail..

Who knows who reads the emails and maybe some staff person just deletes the email time after time. Don't give up before firing off a couple letters..

Make contact first, do not flash money. The response may prove to be a bargain for you. It does not feel good to have a person exclaim after the transaction, " I was desperate for cash and I would have jumped at 1/10th of your first offer"...

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Yes, but when asking some people for a quote on a domain, their response is really exorbitant ex: 50k...

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An example would be that I have bought some space related travel names **for the future**.

Not even worth me trying to sell until it all really gets going..

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While you may not like their initial asking price, a response is a good thing. The OP is not even getting that far. Not knowing the domain, maybe $50k is completely reasonable for the commercial use. Just because you don't want to pay 50k doesn't mean the price is exorbitant. Try and negotiate and see what happens or keep fishing for other sweet deals...

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