iPage promotional coupon code for 50$ discount?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... iPage promotional coupon code for 50$ discount? Many thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Hey guys,.

(if this is in the wrong section, forgive me... I tried to place the thread as appropriately as possible).

I'd like some advice. I received an email yesterday from someone who is interested in a HostGator I have for sale. He asked me to email him the price for the domain..

I responded by saying that I do not have a price set for the domain, but that I'm taking offers..

He responded about an hour ago saying that he needs to know the lowest price I'd be willing to accept, and to get back to him asap. In this same email, he asked if the minimum price level would be $5,000 or $10,000 or even higher..

Guys, this is not a great HostGator - and I was thinking that I'd be doing well to sell it for $50. But good grief... I don't want to respond by saying $50, if he's willing to pay thousands of dollars. I've never dealt with valuable domains before, and I've only bought & sold a total of 5 or 10 domains in my life. (I.E: I'm pretty inexperienced)..

What do you guys think? Is he willing to pay thousands?..

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Yes, there are iPage voucher codes available you can get through email. Spiffy chance to save money on iPage now. I urge you to you to register for their emails so you can use their recent discount codes. They typically send once a month or 2..

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I would make an offer for around $1000-$5000. And see what he says. Worst case senario, you end up losing $50...

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Thanks for the responses guys. I've made a decision after thinking about this a while, and communicating via PM with a couple of you..

Once I know something - if it's a scam, if he buys it, whatever, I'll let you guys know what happened...

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I'm interested in seeing how this goes.

Please keep us updated..

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Well, the sender responded, and now is asking for an appraisal. This is a classic scam, I believe, based on what I've found out about him by googling his "company", etc....

Thanks for the advice guys... Ironically, b/c of this guy's attempt to scam me, I've learned more about this whole domaining business...

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Better safe then sorry. Beter deals will come, don't worry..

Perhaps you want to send this link to them, agreeing for an appraisal right here:.


Hopefully they save a little of our time...

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By any chance did you have your HostGator listed on Sedo & this "guy" has a German name who cliams HostGator names are not his main business. Says that his company develops software in databases. Did he ask you to give him a price in the subject line?.

I got an email from a guy as well a few days ago, but didn't bother replying as I didn't want to sell it yet. Just wondering if it might have been the same "guy"..

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Yup, that's the one! By the way, if you google his name, you'll find multiple big-name professors with that same name..

And yes, I did have my name listed at Sedo... That's actually the very first name I've ever listed, and I only listed it a few days ago..


Ok, now we'll have some fun. Here's part of his last email to me:.


And here's my response that I'm sending right now:.

Probably tomorrow, I will send him the link to the.


Link. Thanks for that!..

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Tell him to send you $100 and not only will you appraise the domain, you'll give it to him along with $1,000 more! Scam vs. scam, lol...

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Should we post his original email on here so others know about him & don't get scammed?..

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Tell him you sell for $10 with no appraisal..

I bet he'll not pay it.....

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I've received alot of those emails long b4. Basically, this guy is trying to rip your money from HostGator appraisal of his iPage website or iPage website that offer commissions...

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That's what it sounds like. He's refusing to go with Sedo ....

Hah! Considering I never told him my HostGator was listed at Sedo, he must have done some research ... or found my name at Sedo in the first place. He then proceeded to "recommend" various appraisal companies, and also bashed Afternic..

By the way guys, he's referring to himself as Klaus Neumann, Ph. D. His email address is info[at]

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Here's the last email I received after I asked him if he'd be willing to accept a certificate from

And, to wrap this to a conclusion, here's my response:..

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Yep, that's the exact same guy that sent me an email wanting me to give him a price for my HostGator that was at Sedo too. Lucky I didn't even bother to reply to his initial email!..

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Should the appraisers involved in these scams not be trusted? Or do you think it's just rogue affiliates?..

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