iPage Review? Has anyone used iPage? What do you think of the service?

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First question I have is iPage Review? Has anyone used iPage? What do you think of the service? Hoping for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Few questions that cropped up regarding tasting..

- Which registrars provide tasting for idn's and normal names [ com, de ]?.

- Do they accept Paypal?.

- How long I can taste them before I can actually register it?.

- Can I put the HostGator during the tasting period on auction and also park it?.


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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You can cancel a reg at Godaddy withing 4 or 5 days, I think it's 5 days from initial reg. I had reg'd a name and then noticed that I had misspelled it. Got the name cancled with refund no prob...

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"For a limited time, Moniker will be allowing customers to delete .com, .net, .info, .org, .biz, .us and .mobi names registered within 96 hours of their creation date...".

I've used it quite a few times now, very painless process. Make sure you contact them to get the fee changed to $.25 instead of $1.00 though..

Good luck,.


Not to be rude, but did you really think that answer was helpful? If you don't have experience, get some and then answer questions..

"Hey, I have a huge pain in my chest. What should I do?".

"Well, I don't have any experience, but I'd say do nothing."..

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Ya, Monker 'tastes' the best in this area IMO :-).

There are a couple that I forget that had this feature, although you had to pay a fee upfront to have this service on top of the fee they reduce per name...

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Sorry if my response offended you and yes..and please reread the posting that you quote I said "in my very limited experience" the operative word is limited and when I answer a question my intentions are to be helpful..And I do apologize to Charley for not understanding the term "tasting" I even did this.


Before I answered the posting!..

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I'm fairly confident registrars are obligated to provide the option to cancel a HostGator within X days of registering it, because of fairness to domainers making mistakes. It's not supposed to be used for tasting purposes, and because of this practice, they're contemplating removing this feature - dont abuse it and ruin it for the rest of us...

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All I'm saying is that "In my very limited experience" should not be used as a catch-all apology for a poor answer. Your answers were simply not applicable at all. It's just constructive criticsm. You can either say "Hey, he's right, my answer had nothing to do with the question" or you can say "this guy doesn't know what he's talking about, I said I didn't have much experience.".

Regarding your lookup on google, that is the right thing to do before asking questions, but you might want to take it one step further and do a forum search:.











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How do you actually do the "tasting" of the domain? I mean, how do you check the traffic the domains are receiving during the "tasting" period? It seems like all parking services require account and/or HostGator approval which can take over a day, which eats up valuable time since you only have 4 days to taste..

Surely there's gotta be a better way. Any thoughts?..

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The best way is to sign up for an account ahead of time. I have accounts and Sedo, Afternic, and NameDrive. When I register a name through moniker, I make sure to set up the advanced options before completing the sale, and one of those options is to set the nameservers. If you set the nameservers while registering, the names always seem to resolve almost immediately after being registered. It's best to park the names with a parking service, so you can also see if the name can make a quick buck or two...

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Is that for all the extentions or only a few extentions? You still have to pay GoDaddy the $0.25 ICANN fee right?..

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I don't think godaddy can beat moniker on HostGator tasting. As far as I know you have to email godaddy and then somebody manually deletes the name. On moniker you do everything on your own and when you press the delete button the money is back in your account and the HostGator is gone..

Register 10 domains and then delete them all. Can you do this on godaddy? Can you do the same everyday? Also moniker shows you how many hours are left before you can delete it. This is very handy..

Domain tasting at moniker is limited to certain extensions. I think it is only for com, net, org and info domains..

I know that has a tasting service but it is aimed for more professionals. They require too much money to be put in first..

Moniker is the best on tasting. As somebody mentioned before set name servers according your parking company and you will gain lots of time. Usually the HostGator is on my sedo account within 10 minutes after I register it on moniker..

Because I said nobody beats moniker on tasting doesn't mean I like moniker the best. No, I don't. Their iPage website is not stable. I don't like their website. I don't enjoy using their website. What I do is when I like a HostGator and want to keep it I login to my namecheap account and loging to my moniker account in another window.

It takes 10 seconds before I see the HostGator available on namecheap..

Its a little risky but much faster and cheaper than a transfer..

One thing tasters should know is that a HostGator with traffic never drops these days. Registrars simply keep expired domains with traffic. This is very bad for the industry I think...

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Is this the fee for tasting the HostGator for 96 hours ? .

The fees for each will be .25 cents , isnt it ?

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You can cancel or taste a HostGator from a resellerclub reseller for 4-5 days depending on when you register it and drop it for a $.10 fee..

- Steve..

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Would love to hear websites with them and who consider only Paypal..

Another question, what would happen if the HostGator name is sold within 4 days, how would they end up getting the registration money suppose I am using their iPage website only for tasting?..

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Hi Steve,.

Where did you find $.10 fee?.

I find in their KB that the deletion fee is $1:.


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What will happen if the HostGator name is sold within 4 days, how would they end up getting the registration money suppose I use their iPage website only for tasting?..

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Go to and click on the "Catch & Release" tab at the top...

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Oh I am sorry they must have changed it.. Last time I did one it was 10 cents...

- Steve..

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You pay full registration fee when registering a domain..

If you choose to delete the domain, they will refund your account with registration fee - $0.25 deletion fee..

So if you sell the HostGator after 4 days, they still charge you full registration fee..

I was asking about ResellerClub, not about Pool..

At Pool, you have to put down $50.000 to get the $0.10 deletion fee..

Also if you compare "reg fee + deletion fee" at Moniker and Pool, you will see that Moniker is a little cheaper...

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Any success story about the tasting?.

So what is the point of tasting the traffic?.

I have some sites with traffic but no click, I change the layout, still no click, let alone.

Tasting, I even have problem using my own traffic...

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Most of the time I prefer registering at moniker not because I want to test the trafic but because I'm very likely to change my mind..

I do lots of research. I stay up late and sometimes become very tired. As a result I can't think very clearly and I just go to moniker and register the names. The next morning I look to the domains again and delete them if I don't like them anymore..

I go directly to namecheap only if I'm completely sure I want to keep the domain. Usually I'm not so sure...

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I typed in a name i.e. IDN .de and it showed cannot create it. But when I did the .com, it showed available. Is there something wrong?..

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Just came across a link that talks about how Entrepreneurs are profiting for "tasting".

Might be worth a look.


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How do I delete the HostGator before 96 hours, should I email them or is there an option to manually delete it?..

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When you log on to your moniker account, under your HostGator overview, you'll have a bunch of information, such as number of domains with moniker and number of domains pending transfer, etc. You want the one where it says "__ Domains in 4 Day Grace Period". I guess the only confusing part here is that you have to click the number instead of the words. Click the number and it will take you to a listing of all of the names that can be deleted. If a name can be deleted, it will have an option on the far right. Click it, it will confirm, and then you should get a confirmation screen and a followup email saying the refund has been processed. Moniker warns you to follow through and make sure the name was deleted, as they aren't responsible if the request fails and the 96 hour deadline has passed...

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This was a very helpful post. I appreciate all the links regfee to the other posts here about tasting. A lot of times when people do not know about a topic they ask the question instead of searching on their own in the forum (like I do very often) and instead of wasting posts telling them to search the forums you kindly posted all the links. Thank you!!!.


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Well the point is, the big boys have fully automated tasting setups and have had the ability for going on years, so the little guys should have it too. It should either be one setup or the other, tasting should be available to all, or available to non. Personally I think I'd favour available to all, but with say, a 50 cents fee (not the laughable currently proposed 5 cents, which will IMO, have next to no effect), to stop the massive speculation that goes on by the big boys at present...

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Jorge, appreciate your posts in this thread which helped me a lot..

I got a few domains to taste at 25 cents deletion fees..

To show my appreciation, have added REPS...

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You get 5 days (120 hours) with Dynadot and then you can cancel for free..

There is absolutely no charge. It is an excellent service...

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Try to find out from big registrars who accept paypal..

Why tasting? you can build traffic for your domain...

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But do they accept Paypal ? .

I presume they take the registration fees as security, don't they ?

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The disadvantage with Moniker is that they dont accept unverified Paypal account....

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You prolly forgot to answer my previous question.

- Do I have to pay upfront , for e.g. I register 10 names , should I load my account with 80 $ ? .

- Do they accept IDN registration's ?

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.