iPage vs. Site Build IT - Which one? ?

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Question I have... iPage vs. Site Build IT - Which one? ? Thanks for any response. Second question.. I deposit more than $20 via e-gold in registerfly..

No any penny increase in my account..

I am worried.

Again I try to renew my HostGator directly via registerfly, again my 8.99 e-gold spend and nothing is showing, no any renew.

Now I am emailing registerfly..

Also I was complaining about my HostGator problem since 2 week, but no reply..

What should I do, $20 loss and HostGator which will expire with a day..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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Be thankful it was only $20 and 1 Domain, I know there are some people with thousands of dollars and hundreds of domains...

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Oops! so I cannot load from e-gold anymore.. LOL.

Everything worked perfectly few months back. registerfly is screwed now and it will be gone next month..

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So where is all this money going.. people are renewing domains or refilling there accounts but get zilch. should not someone call the cops? before they just fold the company and fly off to Rio......$$$$..

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I think that anybody with a balance left at rf can write it off..

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It's unfortunate you did not follow any of the massive amount of reporting.

About the RegisterrFly mess. Then you would have known not to send them any $..

Your HostGator may expire but it will not be deleted as all the major Registries have locked down the domains at RegisterFly..

Make sure the WhoIs shows YOUR info and see if you can get the Auth Code..

If you get the Auth Code you can initiate a transfer to another Registrar today..

Otherwise it seems all RegisterFly domains will be transferred to another Registrar towards the end of this month according to ICANN..


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I can't aspect this with registerfly, they will become cheater like this, I can't beleave registerfly take away my money..

And please dont think I have one domain..

I have more than 24 domains in registerfly. but one is expiring in a day.

Which is important..

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I believe Registerfly domains are not allowed to go into redemption, expire, or get deleted at this point. You don't have to write off your HostGator as lost yet..

What is the TLD of the name you are having trouble with?.



Cheapquality, also try pushing the name into a separate RF account (create one if needed) and try to renew. It worked for somebody else I was trying to help....

Good luck...

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But my HostGator is not showing pages of my site, now it's showing images of sponsored pages of registerfly..

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I suggest you contact e-gold and tell them you did not receive what you paid for. That may give you a chance to get your money back, possibly. I think it is your best hope - Registerfly appears to have been stealing the money people paid them, this happened to a lot of people. Do not send Registerfly any more money..

As someone said, your domain(s) probably will not be deleted even if their time has finished. Everybody knows in the industry about Registerfly's problems now..

If you can get the authorization code then you could try to transfer - Godaddy is offering special prices to bring in Registerfly's customers. I transfered three names out of Registerfly earlier this week so it is possible..

Otherwise sit tight. In a couple weeks the names will be at another registrar and you will be OK, most likely...

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E-Gold main rule is "No chargebacks "Get paid, stay paid" unlike credit card payments.".

They can only suspend registerfly account..

Btw. CheapQ - even if this money would be credited to your account you will not register any domain. Now it is impossible at this company...

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I am sure there is no one now in customer service, There is option in registerfly iPage site that, Customer Service peoples are available 24/7 but no one there, and no one answer of any question. Everything is fake. I can't beleave HostGator registrar can do fraud too.

I lost my money..

But I want to secure my domains... and dont want to pay more for transfers..

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There is a chance you did not lose your domain, I guess you just need to.

Wait and see...

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