iPage Website on Yahoo, how do I make changes to is?

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My first question is iPage Website on Yahoo, how do I make changes to is? Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question.. Hello, I received an offer for $100.00 for the HostGator name, now personally I believe that the HostGator name is worth alot more than this but I am curious to find out what others think. I usually do not do this but every once in awhile it is good to get an outside perspective...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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Lol, I think in that sense all domains are just domains. Got any premium 3 letter .com names you want to sell for $1.00. Thanks for the advice..

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If you check you'll see no other extensions are currently registered for either.


Check FranchiseForLess and only the .com is taken and the owner has put up a page offering the HostGator for sale..

Check Google for FranchisesForLess and the only results you'll find are references to selling this HostGator at various venues..

Check Google for "Franchises For Less" and you'll see no one is using that expression except as part of a sentence as in "franchises for less than $25,000"..

Thus, there is absolutely no interest in the term or expression FranchisesForLess..

You could try asking the buyer to sweeten the offer and then the HostGator will be theirs..

If you paid Reg Fee then $100 or a little more is a good return for this HostGator I think..

Have the buyer pay any fees so the purchase price is Net to you..



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To be honest, facts and figures, alexa, google results dont mean an awful lot IF an end-user WANTS a name....

If somebody wants your name and has to have the .com then your the man..

Sure, you bought it for reg fee so it's a nice turn..

However, the terms work well together. Franchises are an ever growing sector of SME and it's a good name within that sector..

I'd keep it and create a mini iPage site with adsense, add franchise articles and try and get direct Franchise Ads on it..

The only thing that worries me is that the $100 is such a rubbish offer it may just be another reseller or small-time developer looking to do exactly what I mentioned above..

Hitting them with a high counter offer will either show their trule colors or scare them away. Only you can make that call. How much do you need the $100? It could buy a lot of other reg names. These should be your biggest factors on whether to sell or not, especially if you haven't got the time or knowhow to develop it IF they dont take the counter offer...

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It is an interesting name with a clear business development function BUT it is also a long name and breaks the 14 letter rule so it is not worth premium value. Counter offer $350 and see what happens........

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With the stats named in the other posts, you shouldn't expect too much..

HOWEVER!!!, the name is clear and targets a precise group of business interested or minded people. I believe the name is worth a good chunk more than just $100..

I would go with.

If you don't need the $100 immediately, I would put the HostGator to use. Should the buyer be interested, you will achieve a higher offer with a functioning and revenue generating domain..

This will also help you greatly to put in focus as to how much to ask for, in case you want to sell your HostGator some day down the road..

Best of Luck...

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I would say that the $100 good price. I would be happy with it. But it is your money and name, you need to make the final decision...

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You may want to ask for a sold last year on Afternic for $25k and the buyer may be the same guy...

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Another vote for "sell"..

The .com would be only a little more than the current offer,.


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A vote for dont sell! a really like this name I like reading about business and entreprenuers and when I look at avaible franchises for sell I always look at the inexpensive ones first you should develope this one..

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Wouldn't hurt to throw this name up on Bizbuysell after it's complete developed.

And sell it to the owner..


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$100 is way too cheap, you have to look at the category of the HostGator name and realize the profit that can be obtained from a franchise site, $100 is nothing to almost any business, brought up a nice similar sale at 25k so do your research and see if you can determine who the possible buyer is, even if it's not the same buyer I think this one could go for 500+ to an end user, if your dying for the cash then let it go for a couple hundred...

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I dont think the name is worth much but you might as well counter for at least $500...

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