iPage website... WYSIWYG web builder? ?

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First of all iPage website... WYSIWYG web builder? ? Hoping for any comment. My 2nd question... Hi I had a problem with a copy of OSCommerce where some of the features would not work. My iPage hosting company kindly installed another copy of OSC. to my files which would appear to have all features working - great.

Super progress..

Now, I would like to transfer all the product data and pictures..

PRODUCT DATA. Can somebody tell which file(s) I need to copy across and will the process of placing the file in the same location of the new store OSC be sufficient to reproduce my catalogue data?.

PRODUCT IMAGES. I have found the images, that was quite easy. By moving these files to the same location of the new store OSC, will that be sufficient to ensure that they are linked to the appropriate data..

I am sure somebody has had to do this procedure before..

I do like the way that OSC works but it has been a long time trying to get setup and disappointing when some of the features did not work especially the main one where you get paid - the checkout..

My thanks to all contributors who have provided so much information to other members in the forums but has been useful to me whilst setting up...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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Thanks John, it looks promising that I can get the store up together over the weekend BUT can you tell me where these tables are to be found.

Tony Blackburn..

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They are in your MySQL database. Your host should have phpmyadmin for you to access your database...

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Yes, thank you for your reply, I did get round to that location after some time but it's nice to get the confirmation. As I have not done any tranfers before and some of the terminology is not familier, do you think/know if the following would be correct..

In phpmyadmin - select "operations" -select the file(table) that needs to be copied - choice what to copy structure or data or both ( I think I would choice data only as I have not altered the structure in the original or new copy of OSC)..

Would it right to copy all tables (data) over or just the ones I know I have entred data. Do you have to copy each - one at a time..

I look forward to a reply and thanks again.

Tony Blackburn..

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You stated you wanted products is why I informed you of which ones..

If you want the other tables, you can do so..

You need to remember, most are not just one table, they usually are multiple tables tied together. go to the contribution section and search for database structure, something like that, it is a pdf showing the structure of osCommerce..

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Thank you again John. I have got into PHPadmin and find that clicking the icon for the table I want to copy, options become available, I chose copy so as to retain data in existing table. I also chose the destination database and table, selected copy data only - then GO..

A new screen appears and in the heading it states that the data has been copied but upon checking the stats. they have not changed and looking at the new store there is not any change..

I have spent most of the day trying all sorts without much progress and no data tranferred..

Any other ideas would be appreciated, I would have thought this was an operation that happened when the OSC had an update..


Tony Blackburn..

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I usually create a backup file (export in phpmyadmin) then open it up and extract the data I need to use...

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