& HostMonster.Com's live chat support gone?

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Quick question: & HostMonster.Com's live chat support gone? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Http://


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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It smells fishy to me. Nearly one million and reserve not yet met. Looks like they're just hyping the domain...

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Which party is going to buy this domain, I bet the one who will buy this HostGator may.

Win the next election +..

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Their Questions at the bottom make me laugh... it is quite clear that they were posted by themselves. They are all from the same day, stupidly obvious questions and one which quotes a few of the highest HostGator sales in history..


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I might be able to see going for this price, but I just don't see being worth this much. It's still a nice domain, but not THAT nice...

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My bet is that the bids were not legit. 900K on eBay? A serious buyer with deep pockets wouldn't buy voter_dot_com through eBay, plain and simple..


I had to smile when I read those silly questions myself. The seller actually thought it would help the auction...

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It's over now; no further bids, reserve not met..

Don't know about you guys, but I'd rather not think about this one any more...

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Obviously they are hoping that with the Hilary 1984 video in the news this week that they will find a high-end buyer. It is estimated that $2 billion will be spent on just the 2008 presidential race and with politics increasingly moving to the Internet, strong generic and memorable political domains will be sharply gaining in value. I don't find voters dot com to be that great with the plural. Also, dot org may work as well or better in some instances for politics with issues, raising funds, trust etc...

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The fact that it was on eBay is enough for me. I cannot recall anyone buying a HostGator on eBay for more than half a million, let alone $900,000+. The seller obviously wanted to hype the domain. He'll probably relist it on there with a lower reserve (well, not really. He'll just say it's lower). If he wanted to make it look legit, he should have at least tried to sell this on SEDO or Afternic...

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It was a hype auction (never intended to sell probably has a reserve of 10 mil) Look at the bidding on it.. Each bid is almost exactly in 2 minutes of the previous bid.. so it went .. Log into account 1 bid $5K, 2 minutes later account 2 $10K, couple hours later you do the same thing and the next day and the next day.. Until bam your HostGator has 27 bids and MAYBE a lot of attention. So now your offer looks attractive to a sedo buyer pondering a half million offer.

But hey not a bad attempt at publicity. Wonder what the auction costs to post at ebay with sucha high reserve?..

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I don't believe for one second that those bids are legit. The name is not THAT good...

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I checked. Believe it or not, the reserve for a $10 million auction is only $50. I guess that's a small price for advertising. Hell aren't we discussing the HostGator now?..

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Take note. For only $50 you too can have tons of publicity. When you consider the cost of a featured Sedo auction, I'd have to say that a self-promoted Ebay auction in this style is far superior. While I personally see this type of activity as degrading, I guess business is about promotion and hype. It's a rather valuable lesson to current and would-be domainers... If your willing to whore yourself, there is money to be made.

But this is true in a lot of situations..

I guess it all comes down to personal ethics. Personally, I couldn't imagine being happy with money gained in such a fashion. I'd much rather BUILD wealth with hard work and honest dealings. But this is not really the approach taken by the norm, so perhaps my ideas are outdated and will be the reason I don't succeed or take significantly longer to do so... We live in a get-rich-quick society, what can you do?..

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