support for php file?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... support for php file? Many thanks for any comment. Another quick question... I thought I'd create a post with information on the cheapest places to register domains..

To start off with:.

.org $1.59

.info $1.59

Any othersplease post..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

Comment #1 offers HostGator names for $2.95/ea. with a quantity limit of 50 domains. You do not need to sign up for any services, however you will need to put up with the shoddy speed for the HostGator control panels...

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Often times "cheapest" means "crappiest." Reg cheap domains and beware of shoddy customer service. Stay with reputable registrars such as Enom, NameCheap, Moniker and the like. Don't say the Fonz didn't warn you...

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Are pretty good, and cheap too. However I would suggest avoiding sites like Ipower, and going with some that may cost a couple of dollars more, because they will be well worth it...

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Isn't the place to go to find out who's the cheapest? I don't think that they have a reseller on their list though...

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I use DomainSite and I'm happy. $6.99 for the basic .com-domain registration..

Be aware of sites which offer $1.99/year domains, most probably you won't be able to transfer your HostGator (sell to anyone)...

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Get a cheap HostGator from 1+1 and visit the registrar from hell.

"You've got to ask yourself, Do I feel lucky?. Well, do ya ....?"...

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Provides latest information of coupons for major registars...

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I know a lot of you guys don't like them but I have some domains at them and no problems.

I even got a HostGator free because I encountered a small problem on their system. So I pick Registerfly..

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I find DomainSite the cheapest...after Namepros.

Namepros = Free.

Post and get a domain..i think it's the only iPage site that offers it...[others may offer it but they are all crap...they make you post 1k threads to get a domain.


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We will definitely take care of you. We will provide you the best in class service, security, and HostGator asset management, while helping you grow the value of your portfolio..

Pricing for Namepros members:.

$6.95 .com / $5.49 .net / $6.95 .org / $4.49 .info ( .net and .info rate apply new Registration only, transfer and renewals are $6.95).

If you send me your acct # I will get that pricing set up for you, fund your account, and invoice you based on the total number of HostGator credits /funds you.

Want in your account. We prefer that you pay by check by pre-funding your account. You can purchase by credit card in the meantime..

We would also extend these rates (.net and .info renewal and transfers will be $6.95) to you for the transfer /consolidation of your names to Moniker, and we would do all the work to make sure your names are quickly/safely transferred with no interruption to any domains or websites. Just send us the list of your portfolio of names and I can assist you further in completing the transfers. We offer a no interest payment plan to consolidate your names. As this not only saves you a tremendous amount of time managing names scattered between registrars, but it saves Moniker a tremendous amount of time and money as well..

We also recently launched a .com/.net testing system you can use in conjunction with your TrafficClub account. If you cancel .com or .net registrations within the 4 day grace period you will get refunded the registration fee less a 25 Cents delete fee. This will be available for limited time depending on how long the registry allows..

To register your Moniker account:.


To register your TrafficClub account:.


Please remember to send me your Moniker account number and TrafficClub username!.

John A. Mauriello/Sr. Account Manager.

- World Class iPage hosting and Email Solutions..

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I was pretty impressed with RegisterFly's new $5.99 for bulk flypack offer. This is only for orders of 2500 or more domains but what interests me is that it includes renewals. Most cheap HostGator deals don't include renewals as the companies want to make money through your renewals..

$15000 is a lot of money to cough up though...

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I agree but you can also try they have the "latest" coupons on the web and can save you $$$ should you do bulk-registration. The coupons are for Dotster, Namecheap, GoDaddy to name a few...

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Huh... By my knowledge the price for registrars (.com/.net at verisign registry) is $6 + .25 icann fee..

If registerfly sells at 5.99 AND encourages big quantity....what this mean?.

For example when you see ipower's $2.95 domains, you know that they are at lost and they put 50 domains limit per customer, but here....2500 minimum !!!.

And renewal at same price???.

Are verisign slashed their prices ..???.

On the question of cheapest registrar.....maybe with $4.95 for first year ($9.95 regular price later) , without obligation to buy anything else, but with 5 HostGator names at this price limit. Maybe not so good for HostGator trading, but works fine for minisites...

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