Is iPage a good company for web hosting?

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First question I got is Is iPage a good company for web hosting? Looking forward for any response. Second question.. Ok, I don't get it..

What is the deal with these,, 2 and 3 letter HostGator names that makes them so popular? Personally, I wouldn't want one, so I am just curious as to why they seem to be in such high demand..

No offense to those that sell them of course..


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Yes sir! but you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you call the iPage guys because they can answer you better...

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The reason these domains are valueable is because of their rarity. As the HostGator market gets fuller, these domains will go up in value. Take for example 4 letter .com's - they are starting to pickup on auction sites for anything with decent lettering..

Case study: (random domain) - what makes this HostGator valueable? well first and foremost it is a 3 character .com (all of them are registered) They are only available on the reseller market, all of them are in the hands of developers or speculators. They are not as liquid to sell as's but they are gaining in value..

I do strongly believe that a good investment for a new domainer are decent's which can still be had at very reasonable prices on the reseller market. I think even later this year you'll be able to flip a decent profit as that market is clearly heating up..


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Maybe there is some sense of joy among those who own 2 and 3 letter (or character or number) domains..

This said, the demand and rationale for them has many sound basis points. There are only so many of each type per extension. For example, the 2 Letter (LL) combinations only offer 676 combos in each extension. Almost all of these are in some form of end-user's hands, and the remaining left among domainers command a very high price (usually very high $xx,xxx or $xxx,xxx+ for .com)..

Regarding 3-Letter (LLL) domains, the same is true regarding their limited nature. Only 17,576 total possible in each extension. A very large number of these are already in end-user hands and more and more of these fall into end-user hands almost daily. With a fixed supply of possibilities per extension and demand draining the remaining "for-sale" supply, prices continue to grow..

Regarding advantages of short domains:.

1. Easy to brand, recall and type-in. The KFC example above is a good one. There are many companies and organizations that prefer to go by their acronym, as it is much easier to remember, type-in and brand. IBM is the classic example. They do own, but almost everyone knows them as IBM.

Additionally, there is far less chance of a typo occuring with the acronym than with the long business name..

2. New acronym's developed daily. Pick your worst letter combo out there. There are still likely several, if not many, word-strings or business uses that yield that acronym. An owner could further create and brand a combo with their LLL combo or wait until another interested buyer sees the value in that combo and pays end-user pricing to get it. A classic example might be the "Wii." 2 years ago this had some appeal, but suddenly it is a very valuable and common LLL name, as made popular by Nintendo.

3. Built in traffic. Shorter names get wandering and targeted traffic all the time. This can vary significantly from name to name, but traffic is always valuable..

4. Long registration. LL and LLL domains are commonly among the oldest of continuously registered domains out there. If registration age is of any value in.


, then this can only help..

There are many more than just the above. Good question showbiz2, and welcome to the forum. In truth, short domains may not be for everyone, but I'm not aware of anyone who has owned them over the years offering any complaints. Is there speculation involved with short domains...definitely (just like in all domaining), but to my thinking it is some of the soundest of all speculation in domaining..

Thanks again,.


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Google ggh, and go to I know you were just making it up but in actuality it is difficult to find an LLL that means absolutely nothing. That's why they are valuable...

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Random google searches have been bad for my morals in the past, I will just take your word for it...

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Don't worry, this one is safe. Global Golf Handicap, a yarn company, a group home, a digital signature scheme, a health insurance co, a marketing firm, etc..

The first has and the rest would love to have it...

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LL , LLL & some LLLL have value. no doubt.

However unless it's a special CCC, i.e A2Z (which would be incredible), most of the CCC have little or no value imo.

I mean, BFH for example is awesome & lots of people would want including endusers.

However 8Z2 etc I don't get. you may get lucky once in a while.

Also something like 4G (then anything else) is nice!.

Most domains are resold to resellers , so if you can turn a profit, go for it..

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Me neither.

I guess there are some that make sense but not many - Great post Zesty.


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Yeah, so caved.. is born..

Interesting find though: was available but alas, you can no longer buy 2 letter names I guess...

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Not really. KFC was very meaningless 50 years ago. GGH may be the next KFC...

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It does not matter if they mean anything or not. If I collect stamp, it is not because the stamp's.

Design looks good, it is because it is rare...

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