Is iPage any good for an e-commerce site?

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Question I have... Is iPage any good for an e-commerce site? Thanks for any comment. Another question I got... I registered Underdog-Movie in the .com a few months back after I found out they were gonna make a movie. I figured I'd make a little type-in rev you know... Well, I got an offer for $500 on Sedo! So I countered at $600, and thought to myself...

Owned it before me..

The next day I got an offer for $1350 via email. ARRRGGHHUUUGGHHH!!!!!.

I told the guy that I had already made a binding counter-offer at Sedo and now I had to wait for their response..

He thanked me kindly and went on his way. About 3-4 hours later, the Sedo dude accepted my offer..

At that point I was wondering... hmmmm could both of those offers be from Disney? Well, I kept the name in my Sedo lineup and it kept getting traffic and revenue for quite a while,.

Until today..


Oh well, I guess I should consider myself lucky for not getting a C&D...

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Ye, but... you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm my answer as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the iPage guys because they can answer your iPage question better...

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You were totally the math. Where else can you turn $8 into $600 legally and without stinking like a casino..

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Aww thats really cool, getting 600 bucks for a that kinda HostGator you are a lucky guy.....

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I think a C & D may have been slightly difficult in this case.....underdog is really a generic term..

Sure, you obviously were up to no good and you admitted it, but seriously, in this case, we were rooting for you because you were the underdog. And if we made a movie about your life..........

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It’s interesting that they were prepared to offer $1,350, I’ll bet that’s because there are so many movies made that are about “Underdogs” and the price was just a little less than a WIPO would have cost them..

All in all, that's not too bad of an investment. Congrats Bri!.

Best wishes,.


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Interesting how many "movie" dot coms are available. Plus, there seem to be plenty of movie sites that use a dash like terror(dash) or even without like


Well, those were available...

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Why don't they just make a .movie extension that's not open for public registration (like .travel)? It would suck for domainers but would easily resolve the movie industry's problem and their nasty movie HostGator names...

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I would prefer they didn't. I just picked up some that I would like to sell to some hapless enduser..

One is generic, but also could be trouble so I want to unload it quick..

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Interesting idea but that could lead to some fierce competition within the industry itself. Just look at IMDB and you will find 6 movies (if you don't count Dodgeball) with the exact title “.


” in their database, five from this decade alone. Which is also one of the reasons Disney would have had such a difficult time proving that they owned any form of exclusivity to the rights of Underdog - Movie.

Best wishes,.


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That sounds like you're using the ACPA test instead of the UDRP - having trademark rights for UDRP doesn't mean to the exclusion of others, but merely that they had TM rights to the term "Underdog-Movie" somehow - a test that I submit they could have easily met. With Briman parking, most panels would find no legitimate usage/interest and, albeit an unpopular position in this crowd, that it was registered in bad faith (Heck - he admitted he registered it because of Disney's movie... I think any panel(ist) would have found the same thing.)..

You got lucky that they didn't try anything aggressive before just buying it..

Just my .02.


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From a business perspective, buying it for $600 is probably 1/10 of what they would spend trying to spank him over it and they get the name much quicker. This looks like a win/win to me. Now if the OP got greedy and asked for $25k, then the cheaper solution is to take the owner to the woodshed...

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But what if he got a C & D and tried to fight in in court? He'd lose, surely, but look at the money that would have to trade hands, legal expenses and all. Assuming that Disney DID buy the domain, they saved themselves money and potentially bad publicity buying this for so cheap. Just a thought...

Comment #12 closed with a bid in the Silent Auction, and it being an ABC show, lo and behold Disney has trademarks on Criminal Minds. It'll be interesting to see what happens with that one. Let's just say that if it was NOT TM-infringing, it was steal of the auction...very nice OVT and OVT w/ ext even...

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"U-S-E" - use..

It all comes down to 3 little letters... park the domain, and see what the panel says... Develop it into something non-related, and all is more likely to be "well".


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Oh no, I agree Allan..

This certainly would have ended with Brian losing the HostGator name had a WIPO been issued..

Not necessarily, this thread could actually be considered an invitation to potentially violate their marks..

Pretty much says it all..

Best wishes,.


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Lucky! Has the sale closed and do you have the $? You might want to edit the HostGator name..

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Well you lucky one....

I have this that Disney has the .net and .org.

Still waiting for a sign from them.....

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You can’t wait for the initial contact, can you?.

Best wishes,.


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Yup, I have the money. I still put "Underdog-Movie in the .com" in my OP just to make sure... then Allan came along and spelled it out for them...

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My mistake - didn't realize you were interested in keeping it private any longer - will correct it.

Wait a second, it wasn't me..

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That's a good observation Kimmy. That's one of the reasons I didn't put the ext next to the name in my OP. I didn't want this thread ending up in results when someone types the HostGator with ext directly into a search engine..

BTW, even though I've speculated that both offers were from Disney, it's entirely possible that the email offer I received was from Disney and the Sedo offer was just another domainer. I should've kept tabs on the whois changes, but I've been very busy lately...

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Disney owns and am waiting to receive offer for my

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Thanks Allan for pointing out the real perp.... KIMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!!!!.

Agree with you 100%. I still feel a little sad though when I think of the $$$$$$$ they could drop on any name they desire...

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There's a piece of software with the Smarty.PHP system that obscures email addresses so that to someone reading the iPage site they look perfectly normal, but to a spam crawler or search bot, they are obfuscated..

I just know that RJ is smart enough to make one for things that fit the pattern of domains. Might not be a bad idea for a global mod as I see this thread/issue over and over and over.....

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Great idea except for the threads made by people who want their names/comments to be found by search engines. Maybe RJ could make it as an optional choice for new posts or threads. That would be an awesome capability..

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments...

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Okay Brian, I think I Unblonded my posts..

Best wishes,.


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Hey kimmy is available....

Make it your personal philosophy site.....

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I own a .com movie HostGator that WB owns the .net of. I think it's always wise to sell these kinds of names for less that the cost of a WIPO..

Congrats on your sale Briman...

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