Is it hard to choose from McDonald's AWESOME Medifast menu?

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Got a quick question: Is it hard to choose from McDonald's AWESOME Medifast menu? Looking forward for any response. Second question.. I had my.

Gastric Bypass Surgery.

On Feb 16. I'm feeling great! I'm so surprised at how well I feel. I have to admit I'm getting really tired of Isopure and protein shakes. I am also amazed at my acute sense of smell. Nothing smells good. My husband, my house, my freshly laundered clothes.

LOL Oh well this too shall pass...I.



I am on week 2 of a 4 week liquid protein diet. I'm already longing for soft foods. I'm tired of Isopure and unjury. I have to keep everything in prespective, the first 4 weeks is just a small amount of time in my life..

I live in a small town so I have to get a lot of my things by mail order. Any suggestions on different types of liquid protein would be greatly appreciated...

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Ye, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm this as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you email the Medifast guys because they can answer your Medifast question better...

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I like a protein shake I get from's double chocolate classic whey, a 5 lb container for under 35.00..

It's the only one that I have really been able to drink without having to force it..

Good Luck...

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I drink pure protein shakes that I currently get at the vitamin shoppe taste create and has 35 grams of protein per can...

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Congrats on your.


I'm a Max Protein Fan (alternate name is Ultimate same company, same taste).


~Michelle "Shelly"..

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I too am so sick of the liquid drinks......i had my.


A couple days after you.......i am sick of sweet things! I have a protein chocolate shake I got at COSTCO and it is 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. I TRY and get two of those down. Flavor wise, very yummy, but I am just sick of sweet stuff. I am so afraid to try the UNJURY......just got my sample pack and I am afraid. I did have a 1/4 of a pureed sweet potato yesterday (more sweetness) but it was actually pretty good......added some seasoning...yummy. I am trying like heck to get the protein in, but man it is hard! Good Luck and please keep in touch with any of your great finds!..

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I have tried a few different proteins. So far I like the unflavored kind from the.


I like the strawberry too but since I tried the Unflavored one the strawberry is a little sweet. I like the vanilla also. haven't tried the chocolate yet but I am not really a big chocolate fan...

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Have you tried the Syntrax Nectars? They are pretty good. They're like a juice instead of a shake and have 23g of whey protein ISOLATE in them. I use Unjury also, but also got tired of them after a while - though I still drink them occasionally. Syntrax will send you a pack of 11 samples for $9.99 (includes shipping) if you call them. Here is what they emailed back to me when I wrote to them:.

"We are currently offering a Variety 'Sampler' containing 11 full serving packets of the following flavors: Apple Ecstasy, Caribbean Cooler, Crystal Sky, Lemon Tea, Roadside Lemonade, Strawberry Kiwi, Twisted Cherry, Chocolate Truffle, Strawberry Mousse, Vanilla Bean Torte and one of the following: Fuzzy Navel or Latte Cappuccino. The price is $21.89. We are offering a coupon discount of $16.90 leaving a total of $4.99 plus $5.00 UPS Shipping. The total you pay is $9.99 and arrives in 2-5 days. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please give us a call at 866-333-7403 x 801. Our hours are Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm Central time. This is a one time, limit one offer."..

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Ooh, that Syntrax offer is AWESOME! Gonna do that this week! Thanks for the info kmickri!..

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No problem :) They say it's a limited time thing but I ordered mine a few months ago and passed the info on to my other groups recently and they're still giving it away at that price, as recently as last week. Enjoy!..

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